The Suns had a 96 percent chance of staying at No. 13 for the June 25 draft.

The odds were exceedingly slim. After finishing with a 39-43 record during the 2014-15 season, the Phoenix Suns were the second-best lottery team in the running for the top pick in the 2015 NBA...

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Suns fans will feel comfortable on draft night as the Suns held their position in the draft at #13 overall. This is the fifth time in the last nine seasons of lottery participation that the Suns have picked 13th or 14th.

Perhaps the biggest news of the lottery for the Suns came with the Lakers holding on to their own first-round pick this year, which the Suns traded to the Sixers in the Brandon Knight trade. The worst case scenario of that pick was it going to the Sixers this season and now that fear can be gone. Now that the pick will stay with the Lakers we can safely assume that they are going to spend a lot of money this offseason, which should translate to a higher draft pick.

The worst news of the night was that the Heat did not give up their first round pick to the Sixers, which pushes the two first rounders the Suns will eventually get from Miami in the Goran Dragic trade a year back. The pick intended for the Sixers still has protections on it for another year, which means that the Suns could wind up not having their own first-round pick with protections from Miami until 2019. The Suns could possibly not get those Miami picks until 2019 and 2021.

The Suns recent history of picking in this range may have some fans upset, but this is a very good draft in terms of what the Suns are looking for and where they are picking. There are very good fits for what the Suns need in the middle of the first round with size, shooting, rebounding, and defense all available. Some prospects even do a little bit of all of that.

You can learn more about these prospects from some of our earlier posts on them. We will also have a best fits column later this week and keep an eye out for more draft coverage leading up to June 25.

Things to consider:

If the Suns are the FIRST envelope opened, that's good and bad

  • Good: That means OKC jumped into the top 3, dropping Miami down to 11th, which gives their pick away this year to Philadelphia and commits their 2017 pick (top 7 protected) to the Suns
  • Bad: The Suns drop to 14th

If the Jazz are the SECOND envelope opened, REJOICE!

  • That means the Suns jumped into the Top 3 AND Miami drops to 11, which means the Suns will get a top player in 2015 and will have a potential Top 10 pick in 2017 as well!

If the Suns are the SECOND envelope opened, shrug your shoulders

  • The Suns have a 96+% chance of staying at 13, which means they really should be staying at 13

If 'Heat' is pulled out of the envelope for the TENTH pick

  • Say goodbye to the first Heat pick till 2018 at the earliest. By picking 10th, the Heat keep their pick this year and owe 2016 to Philly, which means they have to keep their 2017 pick and give their 2018 to the Suns instead

If 'Lakers' is pulled out of the envelope for the SIXTH or SEVENTH overall pick, AND you haven't seen the Suns pulled yet

  • Worst possible outcome. That means the Suns just traded the 6th or 7th pick for Brandon Knight

If 'Lakers' comes up for the SIXTH or SEVENTH overall pick, AND you have already seen the 'Suns' pulled at first or second

  • Worst possible outcome. That means the Suns just traded the 6th or 7th pick for Brandon Knight.
  • Throw something at your TV
  • Switch allegiances to the Bakersfield Jam

If 'Lakers' comes up for the SIXTH or SEVENTH overall pick, BUT you have NOT seen the 'Suns' pulled yet

  • Smile, dammit! The Suns won the lotto! Who cares about the Lakers pick if the Suns are Top 3!
  • Only a masochist (or is it realist?) would assume the Suns could both win the lotto AND have gotten the Laker pick this season
  • Rejoice!

If you're still waiting for the 'Suns' to come up after the Lakers

  • Call this the best day of the year

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