Just saying hey to all my boyz and girlz at the Bright Side. This is the slow time for basketball but really just for a few more weeks and then players will be getting back to town for some pre-camp workouts.

In the meantime, I've taken my talents to covering, baseballMMA fighting and of course I am still chilling with the Mercury and WNBA.

In case you missed it, in the last Mercury home game one of our players got knocked out cold and so Diana Taurasi retaliated a few minutes later with an elbow that broke a girl's nose. Don't mess with the Taurasi.

What have you been up to this summer? Anyone go anywhere interesting on vacation? Run into anyone famous? Drink too much and post embarrassing pictures on the internet (sharing required)?

The Phoenix Suns are back in a familiar spot, according to the ESPN Western Conference Summer Forecast at least. Yes, this esteemed panel of 93 voters associated with basketball at ESPN in some way...

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Would you do it?(AP Photo/Jim Prisching)

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Would you do it?(AP Photo/Jim Prisching)

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The Phoenix Suns franchise has been very successful at winning games. Yet there are no WORLD CHAMPS titles hanging from the rafters of U.S. Airways Arena. So here's my scenario:

You're in Bob Sarver's shoes. You have his money and there's all sorts of FA talent and amazing deals being offered to you for future picks and some of your youngsters. Bank accounts and rational thinking be damned, do you spend the money, pick up the best team imaginable for a certain title for your faithful Phoenix Suns fans and mortgage the next ten years ?

More specifically, do you go all out to be the Bulls of 1996 knowing for a decade you will be the 76ers of 1973?

Let's Hear It.

As the Suns Owner, Would You Sacrifice the Next Ten Years for a Championship Today?
Yes, It's Time to Hang a Banner From U.S. Airways Arena, Consequqneces be Damned
520 votes
Nope, I Couldn't Handle Ten Years in Hell
435 votes

955 votes | Poll has closed

As you may have noticed, we here at ValleyoftheSuns have taken this offseason to transform our corner of the web from essentially a one-page blog to a multi-page web site. That transformation began...

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Steve Kerr on Bill Simmons podcast

Only an hour long, but very interesting.

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