Phoenix Suns head coach Alvin Gentry answers questions during media day Monday, Sept. 27, 2010, in Phoenix.  The Suns begin life without Amare Stoudemire this week with a training camp in San Diego. (AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin)

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8 days ago: Phoenix Suns head coach Alvin Gentry answers questions during media day Monday, Sept. 27, 2010, in Phoenix. The Suns begin life without Amare Stoudemire this week with a training camp in San Diego. (AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin)

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The Suns are in San Diego fleeing the triple digit heat and getting in their two-a-days for the next week. Here's the training camp schedule:

Wake up. Get to gym. Go back to hotel and eat lunch and nap. Get to gym. Go back to hotel and play video games and watch TV. Go to sleep.

And you thought your life was boring.

With all that wonderful gym time, the team will be looking to answer a few questions:

1) Is chemistry a random explosion or the result of a carefully planned and managed experiment? 

The Suns credited their "great chemistry" for pretty much everything that went right last season. Rebound the ball well? Zone defense effective against the Lakers?  Locker room harmony and ass-slapping humor? Chemistry. Chemistry. Chemistry.

Can the Suns find that same mix again this year or was last season something special that only comes along every so often. Players cited last year's training camp as the start of the great C and credited things like "hanging out" and "eating together" as catalysts. 

Sounds easy, right? Just put the boys in a room together, throw in some food and lock the door. Bingo!

Not so fast. As Jason Richardson explained a few weeks ago, you can't force C.

"It's not going to be forced, when it's forced that's when things don't happen."

Everyone is betting on the "quality" of the new guys to fit in and find just the right, sweet blend. 

2) Who will emerge from the Chucky Atkins, Matt Janning, Zabian Dowdell 5th guard spot death match?

If this were a real death match I would probably have to go with Chucky just based on experience. Matt's got the farm-boy toughness and Zabian's flame burns just a bit too low for me.

As for their competition for the 5th guard spot (if there even is one, which isn't a given) I would give the edge to Matt. The coaching staff has been impressed with his work ethic and ability to distribute the ball. He's got a funky two-handed follow through on his shot but he made a ton of them in work outs that I watched. Money.

Chucky, at 36 still looks like he can play a bit but his size makes him defensive liability and with the team having so many other options to handle the ball I just don't see it for him.

Zabian does a lot of things well. He's a solid guard who is precise and smart on the floor. His outside shot doesn't seem all that good but he's a good defender at the point guard position. I just don't think he does enough really good to beat out Janning, but we'll see.

3) What happens when you put Robin Lopez, Dwayne Jones and Garret Siler in the paint together?

I think it's safe to say that Robin Lopez has his roster spot secure. Not so much with the other two. Big man coach (and just a big man) Bill Cartwright wasn't all that impressed with Siler when we chatted yesterday. Sure, he's big but as Big Bill pointed out, you still have to be able to play basketball.

Jones on the other hand was complimentary of his competition saying how impressed he was with Siler's quick feet and how it was impossible to go through him when he sets a screen. He uses his size well, according to Dwayne.

It's not inconceivable that the Suns keep both Jone and Siler but I doubt it. My money is on the more skilled and better conditioned Dwayne Jones but if Siler works his ass off (literally like 15 pounds of it) then you never know.

This one's a toss up (although we still think Robin's job is secure).

4) 17 walk in, how many walk out?

Remember a few years ago when Amare's knee broke on the first day of training camp? Or when Boris poked Amare in the eye during training camp? Or when Robin broke his foot during training camp?

Well, Amare's gone so that's one less injury to worry about but there's still Robin and 16 other guys - about half of whom are really important to the team. 

Injuries are part of the game and we should all be rubbing our local rabbit's feet and hoping for nothing serious to befall anyone. Or at least anyone important. 

5) What will surprise us from camp this year?

It's always something. Perhaps it will be a Twitter-video shower scene from Jared Dudley who's battling with Darnell Dockett for the best Twitter athlete in Phoenix sports. Or maybe it will be revealed that Grant Hill and Steve Nash actually are pod people from Cocoon and J-Chill's hair is really fake. 

What do you think will be the most surprising news to come out of Suns training camp this season?

Bonus question: What kind of world are we living in that this got banned from TV?

PHOENIX — At 2:30 p.m. Monday, the Phoenix Suns officially started the 2010-11 season … sort of. The Suns departed for training camp Monday after running through the media day gauntlet of...

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Here’s a sampling of what went down during Phoenix Suns media day 2010:

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Phoenix Suns coach Alvin Gentry, left, and player Steve Nash pose for a photograph during the NBA basketball team's media day Monday, Sept. 27, 2010, in Phoenix. The Suns begin life without Amare Stoudemire this week with a training camp in San Diego. (AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin)

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9 days ago: Phoenix Suns coach Alvin Gentry, left, and player Steve Nash pose for a photograph during the NBA basketball team's media day Monday, Sept. 27, 2010, in Phoenix. The Suns begin life without Amare Stoudemire this week with a training camp in San Diego. (AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin)

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(Photo by Ryan Malone)


"If your goal is only making the playoffs then you're on the wrong team here."

-Jared Dudley (on expectations for this season)

Indeed, Jared. If last year's Suns media day was a touchy, feely sort of thing, with both Steve Nash and Grant Hill signing extensions, then today's vibe slaughtered that to a bloody pulp. Today, after feeling the energy in the gym and talking to most of the squad, this blog guy walked away feeling that the Suns have an air of confidence and excitement about them that is self-inspired. There is no need to read the pundits predictions to put a chip on the shoulder of your 2010-11 Phoenix Suns. Amare? History. The new additions have clearly been embraced, and what I witnessed today was a very confident squad focused on chemistry and W's.

Apologies for some interviews that didn't happen, ie. I never saw Grant Hill in the 2+ hours I was there, Jason Richardson disappeared quickly, as did Robin Lopez. But at this point in the pre-season, the questions and answers end up redundant. Let's play a few games and then see where we're at.

(all photos courtesy of Ryan Malone):


Steve Nash


On the state of the team

We may not have a lot of size but we've got a lot of depth and a lot of guys who are smart players and unselfish players. A lot of versatility. I think we'll miss a little bit of Amare's size and ability but we've got a lot of guys who can play and play a lot of different positions, it's exciting.

About him playing off the ball

Great if I can get some free-bees and open looks it will be part of our versatility.

Season predictions

I don't like to make predictions about players but I expect that we collectively set a standard for ourselves and are gonna try to live up to it every day on and off the practice court. If we do that then whatever happens on the court we can live with .  I'm not going to predict anything but that's what training camp is for, for building that standard and the culture and living up to our expectations.

Does he envision a change of style with the new guys and without Amare?

I think the style changes slightly every year but overall I think it's due to personalities as much as it is abilities. There will be some changes but overall we'll play a similar style.

On Hedo

He's a terrific player. He's a guy that can shoot, hit the glass, make plays so when you have a versatile player like that he can contribute a lot.

On his minutes

It's up to Alvin, I'll play as much as he wants me to play so it's not a concern for me.

On Robin's role

We have a lot of confidence in Robin and he's turned into a terrific center and can become a premier center in this league. He's gotta first of all get himself in the kind of shape to stay healthy. If he does that he'll be a bigger and bigger piece of our team.

On team chemistry

We should have great chemistry. We have great guys, unselfish guys, we have guys that get it, what it takes to be good teammates so I expect our chemistry to be one of our strengths.

On personnel changes

...It's the nature of the business, there are big changes in our business every year, it's just inevitable. It would have been nice to come back in tact but you know we lost a big piece and had to replace people but I think you have to think about who we brought in and realize their strengths and be positive...I think all of us in the locker room feel great about the team we are and the type of players we are...We might be a little different, we might not be as talented, maybe we are. It's up to us to go out there and overcome what deficiencies we may have on the roster...

Reflecting on last season

Last year was a phenomenal year. I think with a bounce here or there we could have won a know woulda-coulda-shoulda. We were right there and every time you win a championship you need some luck and I'm not sure we got the bounces when it counted....

Josh Childress


On Greek Players/Greek Game

The talent level is good, athletically the level isn't high, some of them have to make do with what they're blessed with...They are very physical which is obviously something that we don't really think of over here...

On making the switch back to the NBA

There's definitely a difference. How quickly I'll adjust to it is based on me, but there's definitely a difference in the style of play and talent level and the athletic ability and speed of the game, these things I'll have to adapt to quickly...I think individual accolades are great but if your team isn't winning...You have to try the perfect balance in that, I'm just trying to improve...

On being part of the second unit

I'm excited, it's a good group of guys, a talented hard working group of guys, when you have those three things, it could be trouble (for the other team).

Improving in Greece

I think I did, mentally, my decision making, that's my main improvement, working on that obviously helped me.

On the team's chemistry

It's pretty  much unlike other teams I've played with's great for me, I love this atmosphere, its something I've always hoped for on a professional level. I'm anxious for the season to start...Everybody's on the same page, personality wise you have your characters, but it's fun, I think when you have fun playing it takes your game to another level.

On playing with players having high NBA IQs on this team

Playing with them so far it's been helps a young player like me, I guess I'm not that young but I'm not old, but it helps so much learning from these guys who have done so much with their careers

On whether he'll be taking a leadership role 

Guys like Steve and Grant and JRich you look at those guys and you cant help but follow a little bit, but my main goal is to come out and work as hard as I can and really gel into the system as soon as possible.

On the one or two players he was surprised or impressed by thus far

I'd probably say Gani is one, Earl...I didn't get to see a lot of guys play last year, but I think those two were surprising...

On Gani

He's solid, he's a hard worker, he knows his role, he plays hard, he rebounds he defends, you can't ask for more, he's definitely someone who surprised me.

On helping out on the boards

It's been something over my career Ive tried to do, hit the glass, it's something coach Gentry is expecting of me...

Oh and by the way, Josh Childress confessed to owning 600+ pairs of shoes. "Everybody's got their thing," said Childress.



On the AZ weather

I don't complain at all I love it here, its been great. Its better waking up with shorts and wife-beater than sweats and sweaters, so far it's been good.

On whether coming to the Suns was a fresh start to his career

Of course, my personality I know I maybe had a bad year last year, doesn't mean I have to come here and prove myself, I know what kind of player I am and I know what I can do in a good system.

Here we have a good system, I know we'll get to know each other more and more and they'll use me where I can be helpful for the team...I'm just going to play hard every night and be aggressive, play my game, I expect to have a good year. Of course, it's a new start for me, but its been 10 years so I just didnt have good chemistry last year...whatever I did before...I always put it behind me and look forward...I'm just looking forward to having a good year.

On playing multiple positions

I don't mind how they use me all I have to do is be ready and try to play my game and be helpful, I know I can really help in certain situations because in the past I was a facilitator, I can do that here and make some other guys get open's like I'm in good hands now, in training camp we'll get to know each other...we eliminate those things that can hurt us and try to have a good team together...I want people to think I'm going to come here and be the guy that wants the ball in my hands all the time...Steve is going to be our leader, he's going to run the show no matter what...I can be a a facilitator...hopefully I can help Steve and others get open shots.

Jared Dudley


On who would win a UFC last man standing octagon fight between Suns players

Probably that big guy over there (pointing at Siller)...Nah I would say between um...well myself, i got the strategy.

Best trash talk he's ever heard

...Must have been during a basketball camp with Michael Jordan to O.J.Mayo. Michael hit a fade away jump shot over Mayo and said, 'You may be the number one player in high school but I'm the number one player in the world.'

On health and his efforts to lose weight this Summer

Obviously hanging out with Steve and Grant they give you the knowledge of what to eat and what not to eat, obviously this is a big year, a contract year so that plays into it...Last year I took off a month. This year I only took a week I weigh 223, I got up to 238 last season. 

On what he worked on in the offseason

A lot of 1-2 dribble off the three so when people run me off the the three, the pull up and thats a part of the game that I'm gonna have to expand to last ten year [in the NBA] like I want to, off the dribble off screens like Rip Hamilton. ...I went to Las Vegas, I'm there with my family im not going to go out at night [instead] do some extra cardio at night time...for me to be a player I want to in the NBA is to lose some weight get stronger and expand my game. Players make a bad judgement and want to improve everything, I just concentrate on or two things in the offseason.

On the naysayers/his goals

The beautiful thing about sports is you have opinions, media, you try to prove them wrong, for us this training camp is even bigger than last year because the chemistry factor, you bring in Turkoglu, Josh, and factors so I definitely think if your goal is only making the playoffs then you're on the wrong team here. You set the bar high and see if you get there...For us we're thinking chemistry and once you see where you're at you go from there...

Is the team playing with a bigger chip on their shoulder than last season?

I think that myself I know I'm trying to improve, people like Hedo want to prove doubters wrong, JRich is now moving into a bigger role, and with that comes uncertainty and with that comes questions and a lot of people are challenging themselves...

On the Suns depth

I think it's big, it pays dividends with us, it's crucial with our coach. We play 10 on any given night the bottom 5 can play just as much as the starters, so it gives players like myself-you go out there and play well and you will be's our job to come in and hold the fort down.

How to make up for the loss of Amares 20 and 9 per game

We'll make up with statistics but you dont make up for the fear factor-the weakside help being fearful and having to help, for us It'll be more penetrating and kicks and pick 'n rolls.

Dwayne Jones


Has it been a crazy summer, Dwayne?

Definitely. Being here draft time working out and a couple weeks later getting traded to Toronto and being up in the air with that...I'm definitely glad to be back here, it's where I wanted to be.

About Being that Dirtworker

I think that describes me perfectly, whenever I'm on the floor I have to do whatever it takes to help my team...Whenever I get the opportunity...I can't take any plays off.

Offensive Development

I think I have more confidence in my game. It finally dawned on me with coach Cartwight, 'why do you practice shooting in practice if you arent going to shoot in the game?'...I never really had a scorers mentality. I always deferred, and got off as a rebounder...At times I have to be able to pick and choose my spots. I know that if I get it in the paint I have to finish.

About sticking with one team

I've bounced around, it's my sixth training camp with 6 different teams...It's very important to me now that I have a family to stick in one place...My father always tells me 'you've seen where you don't want to be...When you have that doubt go to your lowest point and understand you don't want to go back there...'

Earl Clark

His Offseason

It was good you know a lot a work in I saw a lot family went back home, visited my mother saw coach Pitino my old teammates. (Pitino had no advice for Earl) 

Things He Worked On

I worked on my shot a lot, staying in better shape, I think I was in pretty good shape already, that's about it.

Where will you be playing

It's all up to coach what position he wants me to play I'll be there. There's no position where I feel comfortable out there, I just play a lot of positions, sometimes its good and sometimes it's your downfall. I just want to have a good all around game and that's what I'm gonna continue to do, work on all aspects and be a complete basketball player.

On pressure to make an impact this season

I don't feel pressure at all, just comin' out here and playing hard...Too much pressure can mess you up, so I just play hard...I can't put myself in the game, all I can do is play hard and answer when they call my name...I know nothing's gonna be handed to me, I learned that all my life, it's something I've been playing for and something I gotta do.

Matt Janning


On Hornacek comparisons

People compare my game to his based on shooting, the hustle, defensive ability and then the white guy...I remember watching him play with the Jazz so I can see where the comparisons come from.

On Making the Team

I'm confident the work I've put in since I've been out here i think everyone's impressed...I know they brought in Zabian, Chucky and myself to compete for that last spot, it's going to be exciting...

Preference between playing 1 or 2

My game was molded around being a two but I have a PG abilities, and at some point in my career there's a possibility I could play primarily at PG, but I think for now they want me to be a 2 man but be a playmaker at that spot, it definitely benefits my chances at making the team and having an extended career.

On playing with Nash

He's actually one player I enjoyed watching because he's so good distributing the ball, he's unselfish, I think of myself as an unselfish player. Watched a lot of him and the Suns when they were on, so it's kind of ironic that I'm here...I've asked him about his workouts and learn about what it took for him to get to where he's at now.

Zabian Dowdell

It's a great opportunity, this is something I've dreampt about, playing in the NBA and now I have the opportunity to do that...I just need to do what I always do, just play my game, I'm a threat on both ends, as long as I go out there and show that.

NBA players he's tried to emulate

I like Jason Kidd, you try to learn small things from the great players, but at the end of the day you have to just go out and prove it.

His improvement over the Years

I've learned to be a lot more patient, I think the mental part of my game has changed the most staying under composure, when things go bad realizing teams are gonna make runs, when guys are hot get him the ball, just small things you learn about playing the game. 


I spotted Dwayne Jones, Earl Clark, Gani Lawal, and the big Siller guy talking. I was trying to get to Lawal for awhile but everytime I saw him he had food in his mouth. Finally I tried an icebreaker to get him isolated, so I walked up and asked the 4 who had the best vertical.

Earl: Vertical? Gani

Dwayne: I had to say Earl, or that guy (pointing to Siller)

Siller: You never know depends on what day.

Earl: What about you? (looking at me)

Me: I can hit the top

Earl: Top of the rim?

Gani: Or top of the backboard? 

Me: Oh, back board, totally.

Earl: Catch a lob then?

Me: You got a ball?

Gani Lawal


On Being the Dirtworker

I can do whatever they need me to. Get rebounds, run the floor, playing with Steve Nash makes things a lot easier. He said you just have your hands ready I'll get it to you.

His thoughts on team chemistry

Everybody gets a long, no clashes, everybody's down to earth and works hard.

On his dreams of playing in the NBA

I started late, 12 or 13, when I started taking it serioulsy the dream started. 

On his chances of cracking the rotation

Oh yeah very realistic, I can be an impact player to this team, so I'm gonna work in that fashion.

His thoughts on running, Suns style

This is the Suns, they ask if I'm in shape, but I'm not in Suns shape.

Lance Blanks

Thoughts on FO dynamics

I'm excited about it because we all compliment each other. What he brings and what I get to learn and vice versa...It's been mostly seamless, I learn something new from Lon probably every day, we haven't stepped on eachother's feet, it's been very positive.

About what he's seen so far from the suns

Almost nothing. I've seen a couple of pickup ballgames just walking through the facility, but I haven't learned a whole lot. I've talked to a few guys but I won't figure out who they are until I think until we start throwin it up putting a clock up with officials and watching them in live action is where I'll get a good feel for who they are. 

I'm looking forward to getting back in the season, learning the team, some of the challenges that come with the start of the season, all that stuff I'm very excited about. it may not look like it but... (laughter)

What he can learn and contribute to the team

On the court I can give a perspective because I'm coming from outside the floor if you will, I've certainly looked at this team over the years and had opinions about style of play, personnel, so I have a perspective, that I might not have been able to offer if I had been here the past 4 or 5 years.

I can offer that and I think just from an organizational standpoint I can give some best practices from my years in my the business and the things I've experienced and build on what has already been established.

Alvin Gentry

Opening Statement

I am excited about the upcoming season. We've added some players  that I think can be a factor in the success that we've had. I'm extremely excited about Hedo Turkoglu, i think he gives us another facilitator, another ball handler...He gives us versatility, he can play 1, 2, 3, and 4 for us. I'm excited about the other guys I think Josh Childress can add that energy to the mix for us, is a slasher, does a great job and probablyis about as good an offensive rebounder in the league, gets his hands on a lot of balls. Hakim Warrick is a guy that we're really excited about, really athletic, knows how to win...very athletic, gets out and runs, a good finisher on the break...

I'll say this now, Amare is a guy who had a tremendous career her. When we went out and signed these guys it wasn't to replace Amare I don't think thats what we were trying to do...We do feel like we'll have a good team.

On Earl Clark

I have watched Earl some during the preseason and I think he's improved his game...the goal for him is to become a lock down defender, i think that's one of the ways of getting on the floor for him. I think his decision making has greatly improved, he's a second year guy, he should be a rookie this year in this league...

On the Rotation

...We'll have to see how everything happens. It's going to be a challenge in the preseason figuring out rotations and how these guys are going to fit together, I think that's going to be a huge factor, but I think this whole team is going to come together and be pretty good.

Phoenix Suns owner Robert Sarver (AP Photo/Matt York)

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Phoenix Suns owner Robert Sarver (AP Photo/Matt York)

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As of today, the 2010 offseason is officially over. Hooray!

Wil and Seth will be interviewing players and coaches all afternoon. Real content from real players in real time!

At that point, BSotS will begin the transition from made-up crap to game previews, gamethreads and post-game reviews. Random talk about roster changes and player predictions will drop from 95% of BSotS content to about 5-10% at most. Soon enough, worries about rebounding, the PF spot, minutes, etc will actually be based on current information rather than wild speculation.

Will we look back on the summer of 2010 with nostalgia? Or heartburn?

Regardless: there's one guy who navigated the team through what could have been utter disaster.

Suns owner, interim President and GM, and all-around foam-finger-waving fan: Robert Sarver

How did he do?

(A look at the pluses and minuses after the jump)

Let's start with the minuses:


  • Ushered a successful front office out the door, fresh off an unexpected Western Conference Finals appearance
  • Allowed a top-10 NBA player to walk away, for nothing but a trade exception
  • Almost didn't even get the trade exception, due to lack of CBA knowledge
  • Decided to navigate the free agent waters, in the wake of Amare's tsunami, by himself - with no prior front office experience and very little CBA knowledge
  • Traded a real asset and fan favorite for a declining player the Raptors were desperate to unload
  • Used 25% of the Amare TPE on a guy with 25-50% of Amare's talent
  • Used another 30% of the TPE on yet another swingman, one who hadn't even played in the NBA since 2008
  • Finished the summer by signing nothing better than roster-fillers for 3rd-string C competition, leaving the Suns extremely light in the rebounding/power positions of PF and C



And now the pluses:


  • Replaced 2 front office members (Kerr and Griffin) with 3 warm bodies (well-respected agent Lon Babby, career FO person Lance Blanks and pro BBall journeyman John Treloar), effectively killing the argument that he is cheap. Maybe dumb, but not cheap.
  • Moved Todd Quinter into a new area of emphasis: scouting current NBA talent for acquisitions
  • Funded more coaching positions for player development: Nenad Trajkovic (full time) and Mercury coach Corey Gaines (training camp). 
  • Positioned the team (with Blanks and Treloar hirings) to take advantage of the new NBDL allocation rules, allowing an NBA team to "own" the rights to 3 season-long allocated players who attended training camp. This new rule seriously enhances the "minor league" potential of the NBDL, adding to the temporary up-and-down assignments of years past
  • Made a fair offer to Amare, guaranteeing only 3 of 5 "max" years with the remaining years being guaranteed if Amare played most of the first 3 (even Amare admitted it was smart and fair offer - he just wanted more guarantees)
  • Traded a player with fading rotation prospects (LB) for one with more talent who just 2 seasons ago started at F for an NBA Finals team
  • Used 2/3 of Amare's TPE to bring in viable, talented replacements
  • Kept 1/3 of Amare's TPE for future acquisitions, in case of injury or golden opportunity
  • Acquired assets, a key component in a potential many-for-one trade for "that" next superstar, when he becomes unexpectedly available (a "Gasol moment"). If Marc Gasol, Al Horford, Josh Smith or someone of that caliber become available, the Suns have the means to acquire them for the first time since 2004.
  • In addition to the assets, the Suns are well below the tax threshold - another key point of flexibility in a potential trade, allowing the Suns to make back 25% more money than they send out without paying 100% tax on it
  • Of the teams who lost star players this summer (Toronto/Bosh, Cleveland/LeBron, Utah/Boozer) or may lose one soon (Denver/Carmelo, New Orleans/Paul), the Suns did a better job at restocking than anyone besides Utah. (and Utah just might shoot themselves in the foot again if they exchange Kirilenko for Doris Meow in the Anthony trade). 
  • Faded back into the background as soon as the new front office was hired
What grade would you give Robert Sarver, for this summer's moves?

  715 votes | Results

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