Tied at 58 apiece with nine minutes remaining in the third quarter, the injury-depleted  Suns were hanging tough with a Bobcat team that swept them last season. From that point, however, it was all...

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UNTITLED (AP Photo/Chuck Burton)

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UNTITLED (AP Photo/Chuck Burton)

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Trade Steve Nash? No. Do not.

The Nashless Suns were destroyed tonight by the Charlotte Bobcats.The 5-8 Bobcats. The Bobcats averaging 93.1 per game, 28th in the league. These Bobcats scored 123 points, and played like a playoff contender against a Suns squad that has either lost focus, energy, or simply isn't the same team without Mr. Steve Nash.

Per Paul Coro's tweet:  As mad as he's been this yr, Gentry rips Suns D & effort after 123-105 loss to CHA. "We sucked...We didn't guard. We don't have any excuse."

Indeed. There is no excuse for this defensive effort. It was ugly and awful and ridiculous and a bunch of other adjectives. Nevertheless, the Suns are 6-7. With the lack of size and youthful talent, our favorite squad needs to bring it every single night. Wins over the Lakers in LA and Denver at home are illustrations that this team can be and is good when they're rolling on all cylinders. But without a cylinder or two, they are a below average NBA team. Fact. So let's get down to the heart of it.:

  • There has been some murmuring about Jared Dudley's awful play. He made nothing from the field like the last night and night before. Is he pressing due to the contract? Or is he attempting to learn a new game due to his loss of weight and new diet? Probably both. As the team continues to adjust, so does he. Two dribble and pop, or sit at the arc and wait? Drive to the hoop or pass? Good questions for a guy who's trying to improve at every facet of the game.
  • Hedo with a -20 and 4 turnovers. He also had 18 points and 5 rebounds. Obviously the negative numbers won out tonight. Still, I'm not going to criticize this guy. He's a hero one night and a goat the next. Hedo can play. He will play more good games than bad. What else do you want?
  • Frye:  Plays 40 minutes with a 11/6/ line. Not bad for a guy who was purported to be soft with the big boys. He's improving and playing much better D these days. He's accepting his role and you can't disrespect that.
  • Dragon:  17/10 with no turnovers. Not bad at all. yet he also allowed D.J. Augustin 16/5/6.
  • JRich: Blew his load against the Lakers and hasn't been the same since. 3-11 tonight and allowed Stephen Jackson to go turbo.
  • How does Boris Diaw go for 26?
  • The Cats outscored the Suns 64-42 in the paint.
  • The Cats launched 13 more shots than the Suns and made 16 more from the field.
  • Charlotte was 9-19 from beyond the arc. The Suns 5-21.
  • The Bobcats bench outscore the Suns pine 41-23.


The Phoenix Suns have shown that they can play with the best in the league. Taking the Lakes in LA means something. Blowing it on the road against the Heat and the next night against the Magic doesn't support my statement. But the Magic game was a throw away. I hoped for something better against "Mr. What Should I Do?"

Nevertheless, any educated or barely educated fan knew coming into this season that the Suns were going to need to find themselves. Fact. They continue the journey every night. If you like excitement, well the Suns are full of it because you never know what you are going to get from one night to the next. However, it's pretty clear to me that having Steve Nash playing always improves your chances of grabbing a W.

  • Grant Hill hit for 23. 
  • Hedo hit for 18, off of 7-14 shooting.
  • Goran 17/10/4
  • Earl Clark played, and that's always something to make us smile, yes?

it is the same old story for our Phoenix Suns. Play defense, make stops at key moments, shoot the three, get everyone involved. If those things don't happen, it will be tough to win a game. 

I better not hear any panic, and if I see a panic button, I will not be happy. It is a long season and this squad is going to find itself. AND THEY WILL NOT TRADE STEVE NASH.



Suns Fall, Lose Big to Bobcats-SB Nation

Even without Steve Nash, the Suns needed to win this game. Charlotte dominated and did not allow Phoenix an opportunity to catch up after taking an early lead.

Paul Coro:  Suns Remain Winless on Road Trip

The Suns' 123-105 loss Saturday night at Charlotte was their third consecutive blowout defeat but the first to a losing team.

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Best Wishes to Steve Nash and His Groin.

Go Suns

Steve Nash will again be looking dapper on the sidelines as he watches his team for the second consecutive game with a strained groin. (Photo by Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images)

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Steve Nash will again be looking dapper on the sidelines as he watches his team for the second consecutive game with a strained groin. (Photo by Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images)

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It's all been said before. The Suns have had one of the toughest schedules in the entire league in the early going and are still a respectable 6-6. While it's not quite the 14-3 start we were surprised with last season, it shows that this team can win against some solid teams. It also has showed that the current squad has the ability to completely fold and get blown out against good teams.

The Suns are still a work in progress. With Steve Nash definitely out for tonight and possibly the next, the Suns will turn to third-year guard Goran Dragic, who floundered a bit in his first start of the season. The good thing about tonight's game is that we're not exactly facing the most intimidating of inside presences. The Bobcats are starting our old beloved/hated point forward Boris Diaw and Nazr Mohammed. Again, not the most intimidating frontcourt. However, as with any team, if you don't play defense, even Shelden Williams can look like a legitimate force. (If you recall in the game against the Nuggets, he was looking like the go to guy on offense in the early on until the Suns realized that he was Shelden Williams, and subsequently started defending him.)

The bottom line is this: the Bobcats, while not exactly an Eastern Conference powerhouse, were still a playoff team. They haven't made many changes to their lineup, so what you saw last year is likely what you'll get this season. They currently sit at 13th in the conference with a record of 4-8, but they also just recently put up a fight against a Heat team that we were destroyed by. All positive thinking for the Bobcats aside, they are still a team with a .333 winning percentage that has only beaten last year's bottom dwellers. The Suns know this and adequately should come out and take care of business.

With Nash out for the next couple games, the Suns will be handing the starting PG position over to Dragic. Also, as has been for the last few games, with Lopez out with his sprained PCL and MCL, Channing Frye will be getting the nod. The rest of the starting lineup remains, as far as we know, intact. As far as the Bobcats go, I believe their lineup will be that which it has been all season.

Starting Lineups, Matchups, And Other Things Of That Nature

PG: Goran Dragic / D.J. Augustin

SG: Jason Richardson / Stephen Jackson

SF: Grant Hill / Gerald Wallace

PF: Hedo Turkoglu / Boris Diaw

C: Channing Frye / Nazr Mohammed

Of the starting matchups, the one I'm most interested to see is that of Hedo vs. Boris. Both are point forwards, not known for their defensive prowess, and are wary of entering the paint. Of course, I'm looking forward to see how Dragic bounces back from his disastrous first quarter in Orlando against a much lesser competition in Augustin, but Hedo is really the guy we need to get going.

As has been the case almost all year (and likely will be, barring any sort of trades), the Suns bench largely outweighs that of the Bobcats. Dudley, Warrick and Childress against Gerald Henderson, Eduardo Najera and Tyrus Thomas? No contest. I predict a huge night for the bench, who, for whatever reason, just was unable to get it going against the Magic. Aside from Earl Clark. Which was weird in and of itself.

Speaking of Clark, the disappointing second year lottery pick had a bit to say of his surprisingly efficient performance in Orlando. "Hopefully, I can build on it and keep doing positive things like this. I tried to be aggressive, not think too much and focus on the defensive end," said Clark.

I'm not banking on another big night from the kid, but if he's going to turn a corner, it's going to be now. With the Suns having declined his $2.03 million option for next season, it's time for Earl to prove himself in the limited chances he's given with the depth of this Phoenix team. Whether that's to prove to the Suns that he really can play or to showcase his talents for the rest of the league, Clark knows that opportunities like this don't come around often.

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