Time: 7 p.m. MST TV: FSAZ PHOENIX — Marcin Gortat punctuated one of his poignant quotes after Wednesday’s defensive shellacking at the hands of the Philadelphia 76ers by remarking that...

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Frustrated with the ever-changing defensive schemes and the team's ability to stay up with the calls, the Suns will revert back to last season's simplified defensive system.

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Frustrated with the ever-changing defensive schemes and the team's ability to stay up with the calls, the Suns will revert back to last season's simplified defensive system.

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Last season, according to several people in the Suns organization, the team simplified the defensive schemes primarily to help Amare Stoudemire. One of Amare's issues over the years has been thinking too much and not reacting quickly enough on the defensive end of the floor. While it often appeared to the observer that he was a disinterested defender, the reality was that he simply didn't have the ability to read and react to various scenarios as they were unfolding at NBA speed.

The solution was to take all the various options for defending the screen and roll, which is the fundamental core of most NBA offenses, and boil it down to one, or maybe at times two, options.

If you remember from last season, every time the opposing team ran a pick and roll the big man would hedge out and stop the ball which gives the guard time to get around the screen and recover. If the screener rolled to the basket, the rest of the team understood how to rotate from the weak side and pick up that guy. The quick recovery from the hedge by the big man would then complete the sequence. 

There are essentially five basic ways* you can cover a screen and roll and the Suns picked one that worked best for the mobility of their big man and covered up for the lack of defensive ability from the point guard position.

It's an effective way to play defense but it's also limiting. Good teams with the right personnel could attack that scheme since they knew exactly how the Suns were going to play them. 

It made sense then that this season the coaching staff wanted to raise the defensive bar and mix up coverages. Great defensive teams have the ability to mix things up and the Suns wanted to go from being a decent defensive team last year to being a great defensive team this year. Don't laugh, that was the preseason goal

Instead of playing the screen and roll the same way, all the time, they wanted to be able to adjust coverages throughout the game and use different approaches on different players. A color-coded system was put in place to call out the defensive play. "Red" means one coverage, "Blue" another, and so forth. 

Then came the season which started rather promising on the defensive end but now has reverted back to last season's simplified concepts due the team's failure to cope with the complexity. This comes after a combination of the Robin Lopez injury after just ten games, the lack of defensive ability by some of the new players, the time it takes to learn the more complex schemes when playing with a lot of new guys, and the constant tweaking that progressively added more option like the strong-side zone the Suns tried out a few weeks ago.

"We're going back to what we did last year. We've got one way we play and that's the way we'll play...We know exactly where everyone should be in that situation and we're going to demand that they be there," Coach Gentry explained today after a lengthy practice session.

In that quote you see another advantage of playing the more simplified systems -- accountability. Channing Frye talked about this as well.

"For us, just being on the same page defensively, knowing exactly what everybody is supposed to do and where they're supposed to be, now we can hold people accountable. It is not like, 'I didn't know we were doing that this game or blah, blah, blah.'"

Grant Hill agreed that the change in plans makes things pretty straight forward, "I know I have to 'black' on screen and roll and I have to box out." 

That's the game plan you can look to see but as Grant also said, game plan isn't everything.

"It's really a mind-set. We can change schemes all day. We can do this, we can do that, but if we don't change our mind-set it's all for nothing. I thought today was about changing our mind-set."

The mind-set change Grant is talking about means slightly different things to different players. For a smart, experienced vet like Hill it's just about being focused and mentally prepared for the defensive part of the game. 

"We've just got to be more consistent," Hill said. "We've got to concentrate. We've got to take a little bit more pride. It's got to be personal. It's got to hurt when somebody scores on you or when somebody scores on us."

But as Channing Frye (and other players at various times) points out, it's not just about playing hard. Frye explained that you can tell someone to run hard down the hall and around the corner but if they don't know exactly where they are going they are going to hesitate. The key as he sees it, is to get everyone on the same page which frees them up to give max physical effort and not run around like "chickens with their heads cut off."

That's the direction the Suns are going in now and they had an almost three-hour long practice today focused entirely on the defensive details to try and get it right.

"We didn't play well and it starts with me and I take that responsibility," Gentry said about the overall team record, but he's still optimistic that the pieces are in place to get better. 

"We're not as bad a defensive team as our stats say and we've got to make sure that we're playing that way and putting ourselves in a position to win games."

Other Notes


"I didn't need to study (the game film). I mean we played terrible, that's the bottom line. We gave up 123 points, it didn't need to be studied or anything. Obviously, we have to get much better than we played...In our case, we have a lot of work that we've got to get done and continue to do and that's why we spent a lot of time out here today and we'll continue to do that."

"I think it's just a matter of everyone taking a look at themselves, including the coaches. Everybody's responsible, it starts with me and we'll make sure the accountability is there."

"It's not a punishment thing. I don't believe in punishment. We do have to do what's necessary to get us ready to play. In the past we've been a team that's been able to get our work done in an hour, hour and half, and we've been successful doing it that way."

"You work until you get your job done. That's all."


"It's not too late to get back into this playoff race and overall we just want to play better and play harder."

Today's practice was tough, detailed oriented and "great for us". 

"Nobody likes being embarrassed and nobody on this team like losing so we don't care how long we have to be out here if it's going to make us better and help us win we're going to do what's right."

"Any time you lose, you figure 'hey that's not working' so you've got to change it up. I understand that. I've been on teams that have been trying to figure out their identify defensively and I think our team likes this. We understand it and it's about effort and if we can get people moving and playing with some effort we're going to be great."


"Are we going to be the best defensive team in the league tomorrow? No. But it's something that we talked about as players and we've got to commit to it and we've got to stay patient."

"We've shown it at times. We've shown we can do it in stretches. Maybe short stretches, but we've shown we can do it. "


* Five Ways To Cover The Screen And Roll

1. Hedge and rotate

The big man who was guarding the screener jumps out and stops the ball handler from turning the corner. Ideally the ball handler will pick up his dribble. This requires full commitment and quick action by the big as they have to leave their own man and focus on stopping the ball. When the screener rolls to the basket the weak side help has to come over and prevent an easy pass and finish. When that pass is cut off, the players rotate back to their original assignments.

In this coverage the primary responsibilities are on the big man and the help defenders behind the play. This takes pressure off the guard (typically Steve Nash).

2. Show and recover

Here the big man quickly stunts out and tries to slow the ball handler just long enough for the guard but never gives up responsibility for the roll man either. This often leaves the defender in limbo as he ends up not showing hard enough to stop the ball but is still out of position to defend his man as he rolls to the basket.

3. Switch

Teams like Denver and Portland and Atlanta switch almost every screen and roll. This leaves a big man on the guard and the guard defending the screener. The Suns almost never do this.

4. Chase over screen, sag off

Here the guard follows the ball handler over the screen while the big man sags off and tries to both cut off dribble penetration and also stay in the passing lane to prevent a pass to the roll man. The Spurs do this really well with Tim Duncan. At least they used to.

5. Go under screen

Here the big man stays with the screener and essentially takes him out of the play while the guard goes under the screen. This helps deny dribble penetration and stops the screen man from rolling free to the basket. This gives the guard a wide open jump shot as he's left unguarded for a period of time. This works well against guards that can't shoot from outside or are just having a bad shooting night. 

The Suns used this as a secondary option last season and probably will continue to do so again when the match-ups call for it. 

He might be balding but he's no shrinking violet.

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He might be balding but he's no shrinking violet.

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One thing we can say for sure about Marcin Gortat, he's not afraid to speak his mind. After Wednesday night's drubbing at the hands of the Philadelphia 76ers, Gortat ripped into his new team for one of the worst defensive performances we've seen out of the NBA's worst defensive team. 

When a player, especially a player who's new to the team, speaks up like this, it can go two ways. The rest of the team can see his words as a wake-up call and react in a positive way. Or he can create division in the locker room with guys pointing fingers and resenting the "new guy" for speaking out of school. We'll see what happens next.

Take it away, Marcin:

"I came from a team where everybody was competing and trying to do what the coach told you. We just totally changed our rotations and what we said before the game. We were not playing hard enough and we have a lot of work in front of us."

Straight forward enough start to things. He puts the blame on the team for not following the game plan and states the obvious about having a lot of work to do. But then he goes further.

"I think we need to be in the gym everyday for three hours, learn the rotations and everything from the beginning. There are so many things we are doing bad and I can't find an explanation."

Now Marcin is suggesting that the way the Suns go about their business is part of the problem and here he gets into potentially dangerous territory.

"I'm trying to get some rebounds and stops, but unfortunately there is not too many opportunities to rebound because the 76ers are scoring 120-something points. It is just frustrating. It is frustrating as hell; I'm not going to lie. It is a reality check for me, going from a team who is winning to a team who is losing and we are the worst defensive team in the league."

So the lack of defensive rebounding is a result of giving up too many points, which has a certain logic to it except the 76ers still had 12 offensive rebounds and 18 second chance points. The comment about going from a winning team to a losing team is refreshingly candid, but potentially decisive. It's not like the Suns are the 76ers, who haven't had playoff success in years.

"We have to be more serious about everything we do. When you pass through that door up front over there, this is time when you pack it in and are getting ready for the game or the practice. We got to read the scouting report, which guy likes to do what and learn it. It's a lot of work."

And now he specifically calls out his teammates for lack of preparation and attacks the very culture of the Phoenix Suns. This isn't a team used to wearing their game face all the time. This is a team who wants to play loose and have a positive, upbeat attitude. 

Good stuff from Marcin. Should be interesting to see where this goes from here.


Here's a little diddy about the offensive side of things which has some issues as well.


Phoenix Suns Offensive System Depends On One Man, Channing Frye - Desert Dirt - SB Nation Arizona
That, my friends, is why Channing Frye is the key to the entire Suns offense. He's the guy that starts the engine.


Oh, and...

Happy New Year!

Was Gortat right to say what he said?

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PHOENIX — The Phoenix Suns have played some awful defensive games over the years, but Wednesday’s 123-110 loss to the Philadelphia 76ers does not have many rivals in futility. This was a Sixers...

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This is on you, Alvin. Get it right.  (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

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This is on you, Alvin. Get it right. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

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I'm gonna call a mulligan on this one, folks. I got nothing positive to say about this game, hardly even about this team.

Somehow, the Suns make other teams look good on a nightly basis. And the more defensive players the Suns add to the roster, the worse their defense gets.

Dragic, Pietrus, Childress, Dudley, Hill, Lopez and Gortat. Even Carter and Frye, to an extent. The only defensive black holes are Nash (who has proven he can be "hidden" in a good scheme) and Warrick. Two. That's it. Two guys who have never been good, individually, at defense. And yet, they are getting worse?

Oh, and I'm not sure this has EVER happened before: Suns had 11 defensive rebounds. Sixers had 12 offensive rebounds. Sixers pulled down more of their own missed shots than the Suns did, despite the disadvantage inherent in positioning each Suns player closer to the basket when the shot goes up.


Wil Cantrell will be adding locker room quotes and nuggets from the game.

[Note by Wil Cantrell, 12/29/10 10:30 PM MST ]

Not a very nice locker room scene as you would expect. Gentry was over 15 minutes late to the post game, and virtually all the players I spoke to were frustrated and spoke in very low tones. None was as animated as Marcin Gortat. He was pissed.

Obviously defense is the magic word. The guys though are at a loss. They practice well, they show up at the games and everything goes sideways.

Check it out:

Marcin Gortat

Gentry Post Game

Vince Carter

Jared Dudley

Steve Nash

Grant Hill




  • Vince already a fan favorite. misses first shot a turnaround fadeaway that no one on this planet could make
  • Nash very active 
  • Carter battles for first hoop. Crowd goes wild.
  • Nash behind the back to Lopez-nice touch from Lopez from 15 ft or less.
  • ANother Nash to Lopez for the dunk
  • Elton Brand afraid to dunk the ball or what? 
  • Douchie 76ers fan behind me. Would you be so boisterous if you were a fan of one of the worst NBA teams on the planet?
  • Nash talking to Carter during Ft's....Carter nodding a whol elot. Hope the chemistry works. 
  • Carter sets nice pick leading to Nash 3
  • Amazing how quick Grant gets out on the break.
  • Suns not playing too bad on offense, but they still arent defending anything.
  • Vince brings the house down with ally oop from Grant Hill
  • Marcin Gortat is very big. 
  • Ref screaming at Gentry and vice versa. I can hear the ref from halfway up
  • Suns cheerleaders video about working on the glutes...This dancer's on the jumbo tron doing these lunges. It's not fair.
  • Hill Dudz and Pietrus in the game at the same time. 
  • Goran Dragic dribbling exhibition as the 1st ends....His confidence is gone, he's so lost.


  • Carter back in with Dudz, Gortat, Pietrus, Dragon 
  • Dragon 3 fouls...10.30 left in 2nd
  • Nash returning so early does not bode well.
  • How many  and 1's have their been?
  • Sixers not afraid to attack suns D. Who is afraid?
  • The Suns dancers should be illegal. And as dancers they arent even very good. Guess I'm a heterosexual.
  • Suns allowing sixers to shoot over 60%. with 6 and change left in the 2nd. 
  • Holliday gets by Nash and Gortat backs up WTF?
  • Nash to Gortat on O looks promising
  • Some of these offensive possessions are painful to watch
  • Suns D has no clue what they are doing. Rotations all screwed Up. They meet like a college team during a a break in the action to figure out the rotations. Yeah it'll take time.
  • Tweet machine blowing up that WarMachine and Chill are out of the rotation..>Here's WM with a monster jam. Suns
  • Pietrus leaves his man to help on Nocioni for no reason, leaving Turner wide open for the J....Bad and unecessary
  • 5 76ers in double figures at the half....blah blah blah.


  • Vince 2 straight hoops
  • trying to post up VC, nothings falling for him. Suns D slightly tightening up
  • An actual sequence of scrappy suns D, Hill goes to the floor, Suns regain the ball.
  • Please tell me this isnt goin going to be a Suns/Sixers nail bighter-at home.
  • Steve Nash has played 29 out of a possible 32 minutes
  • These officials are really having a hard time...Both teams are pissed.
  • Warrick with a fallaway brick that ends up in Philly fast break and one.
  • Suns down 6 after sixers offensive rebound and putback. the rebound bounced twice before anyone picked it up.
  • Dragic now forcing everything, trying to be more aggressive. Sam result, no points.


  • Warrick has earl Clrk disease...Stop shooting jumpers
  • Dragic clank
  • Offesnsive rebound after offensive rebound
  • This team has a lot of talent, but they just aren't good right now. Leads to frustration based on expectations. But man you gotta defend your home court...>Gentry mentioned one of the most disappointing things of this season thus far is how they've played at home. I'd say this is ridiculous, but...The Suns arent that good. Plain and Simple.
  • Suns down 9 cant score, cant defend.
  • Confusion/Chemistry? effort? What is it? Sarver courtside to witness this atrocity.
  • Nash T, desperately trying to get tossed.
  • 114-107 2 mts left.  Turner 3 ices this 117-107 1.42 left.

Suns a Defensive SIeve...SB Nation


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