PHOENIX, AZ - APRIL 13:  Steve Nash #13 of the Phoenix Suns puts up a shot against the San Antonio Spurs during the NBA game at US Airways Center on April 13, 2011 in Phoenix, Arizona.  (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

For those of you who thought you'd just transition into MLB mode this Summer, think again. We here at BSOTS are out to provide TOTAL Suns/NBA coverage, EVEN IN THE OFFSEASON! 

That's right, y'all. Look for NBA Playoff coverage, game threads, Suns Season in Review, and special appearances from the BSOTS All-Stars you know quite well including, but not limited to:

The Ray of East Bay

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If anyone has any specific issues or questions they'd like to see addressed, feel free to post below.

CBA Notes (thanks to Alex L and Mr. Coon):

  • Teams can make trades under the existing CBA as soon as their season is done - players and draft picks alike - until June 30.
  • Many believe a lot of teams will try to remake their rosters before end of June, because otherwise they might only have a week after the lockout to understand the new CBA and sign/trade free agents before training camp starts.
  • For many teams, that could be disaster (remember it cost the Suns Antonio McDyess back when he was Amare before Amare, and got us a knee-jerk signing of Googs instead). So, June could be crazy followed by the black hole of July+.

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AZ Central Bickley: Nash Should Show Defiance Towards Sarver

But what if Nash had called BS somewhere before the end of the previous season? What if he and Grant Hill - unquestioned leaders of the team and men with impeccable credentials - weren't so diplomatic, tactful and concerned with being good employees? What if they weren't so respectful of authority?

who is a Bickley fan, raise your hand!

SB Seth: Suns and Steve Nash Take Notes from Al Green, but Should They?

Nash himself has been increasingly clear on the subject over the past few days. Every time he spoke this week his answers became more and more certain. After the final game on Wednesday, he was as definitive as he's ever been on wanting to return.

AZ Central: Suns Clean Out Lockers

Who Are You Rooting for In The Playoffs?

  472 votes | Results

PHOENIX — For the second straight year the Phoenix Suns enter a pivotal offseason that’s likely to reverberate throughout the next decade. Last year’s much-ballyhooed Summer of 2010...

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This is the only picture of Gani Lawal in a Suns' uniform and this is from a preseason game. He tore his ACL in January 2011.

The other day I spent a few minutes talking to Suns rookie Gani Lawal in the locker room before a game. Gani, you will recall, was drafted 46th by the Suns last summer. The 6-9 forward tore his ACL and partially tore the MCL in his right knee and missed the second half of the season. The injury occurred on the practice court in early January and as is typically the case, they waited a few weeks before cutting him open to repair the damage. 

Gani was in a great mood when we spoke. He ran on the treadmill that day for the first time and seemed really jazzed about that. He said his knee is about a month ahead of schedule and he'll be staying in Phoenix to work on his rehab until the lock out which is expected to start on July 1.

Gani said he expects to be 100 percent by July or early August and is dying to play. He's bulked up a bit and looks ripped (shoulders and arms). His plan for next season is to bang in the paint, rebound, run the floor and bring energy -- same plan as before.

He is going to enroll in some classes at Georgia Tech in July to work on finishing his degree in business/finance. While he expects it will take at least another year to reach that goal, he's committed to it. Good for him.

Gani only saw two minutes of floor time all season before hurting his knee.

Here's a picture of Gani from Sun's media day before last case you forgot what he looked like.


It's over for the Suns, and we don't know when we'll see them in action again. It's gonna be a long, long summer for us; by the time we actually see them play again we might well have forgotten how much we love it.

The 2009/10 season, as we all know, ended with a loss to the Lakers in the WCF in which the Suns were thisclose to going to overtime with the series tied in game 5. 

What happened since then? Let's take a brief magical history tour and find out.

It was definitely a summer of uncertainty, but everything was gonna be sweet and dandy as long as our newfound genius Steve Kerr was still pulling the strings. Unfortunately, for reasons that will probably remain unknown forever, Uncle Steve bailed on us. One theory is that he bailed because of the inevitability of the next unfortunate event: Amare Stoudemire deciding to abandon the desert for his pursuit of (guaranteed, multi-) million dollar happiness. Many hearts of Suns fans were broken. Others were kind of tired of his bullshit by that time. Sarver was starting to look like a real boogeyman of an asshole owner.

In came three new faces. Hedo, the wild and crazy European party animal; Chilly, the fro-licious export from Greece (WTF?!); and Warrick, who seems like he should be really interesting but he isn't. I can't think of a song for him.

The season began and had dramatic ups and downs, but we still loved our Suns. At times it looked they were about to pull things together, other times they just looked like shitbags. All the while, our heroes Steve Nash and BAMF Hill played their asses almost completely off. Sometimes they got help, other times they didn't

Then the Orlando shake-up. In came three NEW amigos. With Gortat it was love at first sight. Pietrus played kind of crazy and had a terrible nickname. And then there was Vince, which resulted in the founding of the CTLVCOF. Things didn't go so great for a while after that. The low-point came in an embarrassing, nationally-televised blowout at home to the Knicks, which ruined the weekend of pretty much every Suns fan. 

Things got slightly better after that, but it never got great. The injury bug hit, and the SS Suns sank into the ocean. Things aren't looking so good these days; you don't need a weatherman to tell you that. And what of our embattled hero, Steve Nash? Is help on the way, or will he be left holding the bag? The braintrust is once again going to try and usher in a new era on the fly, without condemning the team to perennial lottery land. A message to them: Please get the hell out of the way if you can't change with the times

We'll try and stay positive here in Suns land. 2010/11 is done, we have to look ahead now. It could be a tough road ahead, but on the other hand, everything could end up being just fine. What the hell do we know?

Well that's all I got for now. It's gonna be a looooong summer, so let the rosterbation begin!

Happy hunting.

PHOENIX — Before the Suns took to the floor for a final time this season on Wednesday night, head coach Alvin Gentry joked that he’s been an interim coach before, he’s just never been one three...

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