Lose those love handles, Garrett! (AP Photo/Jim Urquhart)

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Lose those love handles, Garrett! (AP Photo/Jim Urquhart)

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The epic battles for fifth guard and third center have been decided, and the two players brought in by the new Phoenix Suns regime are the ones who survived.

Dwayne Jones, first signed by Kerr last spring from the D-League, and Zabian Dowdell, first brought to summer league by the same Kerr, have been released.


PHOENIX - The Phoenix Suns have waived guard Zabian Dowdell and forward/center Dwayne Jones.

Dowdell appeared in five preseason games for the Suns, averaging 5.4 points and 1.6 assists, while Jones saw action in three exhibition contests for Phoenix and averaged 2.0 points and 3.3 rebounds.

The Suns' roster now stands at 14.

Now the big question is: how will the Suns use the D-League this year?

It looks like Siler and Janning will make the team, unless some great value becomes available in the next few days. Every other NBA team is cutting players too, and some active big man or useful wing who is okay with a few minutes of court time a month might be more interesting than these two.

I doubt it though (unless Dampier suddenly decides to play in the NBA again). Expect Siler and Janning in suits all season. Or in the D-League on the Suns' dime.

New GM Lance Blanks signed Garret Siler last month to what Siler told friends was a better contract offer than a couple of other teams had on the table. Most certainly, that included no guaranteed money beyond training camp, so the only incentive could have been a second-year non-guaranteed team option (like they gave Janning) or slightly more than minimum if he made the final roster. I think it's the former. 

Janning, as you've read previously, was signed by Lon Babby (after Blanks was hired, but before he returned from Basketball Without Borders in Africa) to a two-year non-guaranteed deal.

Looks like both guy will stick on the 2010-2011 roster.

What I don't quite understand is how the D-League fits into this picture. The Suns' previous regime was never very good at using the D-League for any more than a couple games here and there.

Dragic and Lopez, despite gathering splinters on the bench, never got a whiff of Albuquerque (the affiliate at the time) during the 2008-2009 season. A year later, Earl Clark spent too little time down there, while Taylor Griffin barely spent more than that. The argument was that players learn more about being an NBA player by participating in real NBA practices than they ever would against lesser competition.

Conversely, and I hope I'm remembering this correctly, OKC had Serge Ibaka on their D-League team his entire rookie season and then BJ Mullens spent all of last season down there.

The Suns' new Director of Player Personnel, John Treloar, was the Cav's D-League coach for a few years. And Lance Blanks (as the Cavs' Assistant GM) was in charge of their D-League team.

Will the new Suns regime be more like OKC? Or will they subscribe to Kerr/Griffin's beliefs?

We are about to find out.

PHOENIX — The Phoenix Suns will eventually shoot the ball. Or at least that’s the mantra they keep repeating after surviving another poor shooting performance to defeat the even more inept...

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PHOENIX - OCTOBER 19:  Steve Nash #13 of the Phoenix Suns drives the ball past Monta Ellis #8 of the Golden State Warriors  (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

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PHOENIX - OCTOBER 19: Steve Nash #13 of the Phoenix Suns drives the ball past Monta Ellis #8 of the Golden State Warriors (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

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I was hoping to see a team resembling the one that played the Lakers tough in May. My last in-person game experience was Game 4.

Tonight's game was nothing like that. 70% of the rotation players return, but this was truly not the same team. 70% of the arena was filled with people, but this was truly not the same atmosphere.

As far as the atmosphere is concerned, that's totally understandable. Preseason is preseason, and the Warriors are not exactly rivals.

But the team being completely different? That was unexpected. I can only think of 2 plays all night that made me feel like "home". Nash hit a running 3 on a first-half break (his patented two-footed jump shot at the arc on the run) and Dudley hit an open 3 to a roaring crowd when the Suns really needed it at the beginning of the 4th quarter.

What made Dudley's 3 feel so good was that the crowd was on its feet and cheering coming out of the break, and for some unexplained reason kept cheering all the way through the offensive possession and right into Dudley's 3 at the crescendo. Right out of the playoffs. Sure, the noise might have been piped in a bit but the crowd was standing and cheering throughout.

Other than that, everything about this game felt different.


The Pick and Roll

Nash ran pick-and-roll on nearly every play, but I'm pretty certain it was 5 minutes left in the FOURTH before Nash was able to cleanly feed the roll man heading to the basket. Every other time, either he was smothered or the roll man was triple-teamed (or so it appeared) and he instead kicked it to an open guy at the 3-pt line. If this continues all season, with no easy pocket passes on the roll, Nash will wear down faster than usual.

But at least there was always a waiting 3-pt shooter close. Maybe this is the new scheme. I don't remember Nash having an open 3-pt shooter on the near wing every time he ran the p-n-r with Amare. Maybe he did, but Nash didn't need that outlet last year nearly as much as he did tonight.

And there were certainly no high pick-n-rolls starting out past the 3-pt line with the roller having a head of steam toward the basket before a defender could body him up. Lopez doesn't have the speed and Warrick doesn't have the sand to withstand a hit and finish the shot.


3-Point Shooting

Yet another part of the game that looked nothing like last season.

Nash kept kicking out to the open 3, but the shooters only made 20% of them. You can see why Nash ended up with only a handful of credited assists all game.

Oh, the 3-pt shots themselves were familiar alright. Guys spaced around the arc, able to step into the shot and take it with no one in the shooter's face because the defense was still packed in on the pick-n-roll. Nash still gets the respect here, folks. Just because there's no Amare, the defense still HAS to respect the roll man and pack in a bit. No one wants to give up dunk after dunk.

So the 3s were open. Wide open. Yet the part that looked nothing like last season was this: everyone kept missing them (5 for 24 on the night, after starting 1-for-9 and 2-for-18). It was getting ridiculous. Channing was frustrated.

I'm thinking that the guys are pressing out there, which never works when it comes to making shots. You need to be in a rhythm, and you can't stop and think about it. Just take the shot with confidence.

This will come around, I'm certain. Channing's shot looks just as clean as last year, as do JRich's and Duds'. They're just clanking right now.



Finally, another thing that looked nothing like last season. The Suns were aggressive all night. Golden State missed some open shots too, but had a much tougher time running plays. By the end of the game, it was just Ellis and Curry juking and jiving and creating shots off misdirection and craziness. Sure that sounds like old GS, but it was clear they were TRYING to run plays, but the defense kept forcing them out of it.

Hedo looked good on defense until a bad stretch in the 4th. He was active early and at one point switched onto 3 different players on the same possession without letting any of them drive past or get an open shot. He's a smart guy. Don't worry about him unless his shot never comes around. 

Robin Lopez is a defensive beast, and Channing Frye can block some shots. You read about Lopez on Seth's game notes, but I don't think he mentioned Frye's shot blocks saving the game for the Suns when it got tight. Frye was very effective.

The whole team looked pretty good and active on defense. Quite a departure from the passive days of yesteryear.


However, don't get discouraged

The Suns are different and certainly still a bit unsure of themselves, but they are still really talented and unique - a perfect combination for a quality regular season.

The Suns CAN score inside, just not on thunderous pick-n-roll dunks. Robin can finish a line-drive hook like nobody's business, and Childress can slash and Warrick can slash. The Suns WILL make 40% of their 3s (those shots really are open), which will make everything easier. And the defense can be pretty good when it's focused.

And Dragic can do all kinds of nifty things (10 pts, 4 rb, 4 ast, 1 stl on short minutes this night). He even took, and made, a one-handed running floater in the lane like a lot of the other PGs are doing these days to keep the defense off-balance. If he makes this floater consistently, he becomes so much more dangerous than before. Go, Goran!

JRich, Hill, Childress and Duds, who I didn't really mention here, played solid effective games and will make the wing positions (the 2 and 3 spots) an area of strength this season. These guys are a great combination of offense, defense and smarts.

With Goran and Steve at the 1, and Lopez and Frye at the 5, the Suns are set at four spots.

Success at the 4 (PF) is still TBD, but as long as Hedo and Warrick play balls-out and make their shots, they will be okay too.

PHOENIX — Phoenix Suns guard Josh Childress fractured the tip of his right index finger Tuesday night going up for a dunk in Tuesday’s preseason win over the Golden State...

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Aaaarrrr!!!!!  (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

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Aaaarrrr!!!!! (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

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See, a regular season-type game (at least as far as the rotations go). Suns played well on both ends but continue to struggle making shots. I still think that will come and refuse to be worried. Instead I be happy.

The good news is they defended well and in the first half anyway did a good job on the glass. The second unit had some strong moments bringing energy and hustle but also looked out of sync at times. Work in progress.

All in all, good decent game.

Game notes follow. Alex will have the recap later tonight.

1st Qtr

  • Nice help D by Grant on a dive from Beidrins
  • Sick reverse on a Nash lob...not so much power but touch looking away from the hoop
  • Beidrins sky'd over Lopez to grab an OReb. Robin's got to get a body on his man and not let the happen
  • I Hate Ellis' body language on the court. Too much pouting.
  • Suns trapping and double teaming and the Warriors are taking advantage with good ball movement. Coach Smart said the reason they have so many turnovers so far is they are being too unselfish
  • Got to admire Curry scrapping the paint with Robin for a loose ball. Not very bright, but still...
  • Another Biedrins OReb streaking in past Robin. Got to stay closer to him. Look for him.
  • Keith Smart talked about being a better defensive and rebounding team but still wanting to push tempo. Said he couldn't slow down Ellis and Curry even if he wanted to. The Lee/Beins combo is pretty effective on the glass.
  • Fyre and Warrick subs in for Robin and Hedo. 2:17 to go. Dudley in for Hill at next stop
  • Suns got Frye two quick shots to try and get him going. Didn't work.
  • I think Gentry just told Nash to "be a damned man" and take a charge. I couldn't have heard that right (but I did)...yikes
  • 21-19 Suns
2nd Qtr
  • Wow, no idea how Goran threaded that bounce pass between the legs of a running defender to hit an open Dudley for a shot. That had to just have been luck.
  • Like the way this second unit is sharing and moving the ball
  • Monta Ellis just gave up a fast break look at the basket to pass to Dorell Wright. That's new
  • Trying to work Josh in the post...not feeling that 
  • Goran is feeling the hell out of his mid-range pull-up J
  • Warrick trying to post up as well...not so good
  • Now, Robin sealing his man who was fronting him and then getting plenty of room to catch the lob -- that's muy beuno
  • Starters all back in with 5:45 to go in the half. Just like regular season
  • Spacing is all off running that break. Both Robin and Hedo both running the middle to the rim. That's not going to work. Steve still made it work by finding Jason open in the corner
  • Still getting open looks. Still missing them.
  • JRich posting up Steph Curry -- that's money
  • Robin with a nice post up as well. Simple stuff. Backed his man down, up-fake and then a little 5 foot hook. 
  • Nice hustle by Hedo to try and save the ball after a JRich block.
  • Better job by Robin going up with two hands and keeping Beins on his back
  • Beindrins, Wright and Lee on the floor together...interesting
  • When Robin gets an OReb in the paint he always goes up strong with it. Often draws a foul
  • Nice steal by JRich. He continues to play well
  • 46-38 Suns
  • Suns continue to shoot light off, 37.5% from 2 and 18.2% from 3.
3rd Qtr
  • Curry picks up 4th foul on charge drawn by Hill
  • Watching Hedo closely now...he's a very economical player. Not a lot of excess motion
  • Robin picks up only his 2nd foul and he got his money's worth leveling Ellis in the lane
  • Nash, by the way, looks great. 13 points on 6-12 
  • Monta Ellis is damn quick...up close he's even quicker
  • Aaron Miles is a damn pesky little player. I have no idea who he is though
  • Not an impressive stint by the second unit to close the quarter. Gave up too many rebounds and couldn't get any kind of offensive flow
  • Love watching Goran's speed dribble. He's fast and strong with the ball. LB was quick and smooth but Dragic is fast and in control. Did a great job pushing all the way into the lane and kicking to an open Frye...who missed at the buzzer
4th Qtr
  • Much better job to start the 4th. Feeding off the energy from the crowd which was feed artificially by the music, etc
  • Suns start with 11-2 run - all 2nd unit energy getting it done. Nice
  • Channing playing solid D in the paint here
  • Both sides equally frustrated with officials. That's a good sign, right?
  • Nice Dragic / Warrick pick and roll. Hakim picked up the charge but still well played. 
  • Josh looks like he hurt or perhaps re-injured a taped finger on a dunk attempt. He was fouled and made one of the FTs
  • Warrick going 1 on 3 in the post = not going to work. Ever.
  • Nash back in for the final 6 minutes, just like a real game. Dragic played well on both ends
  • Hedo and Warrick on the floor together with Nash and Dudley and Frye
  • Hedo's picked up some cheap fouls...as in some calls that could have been called non-fouls. It's not as if they are calling it close but he's getting the ticky-tacky ones
  • Calls certainly inconsistent but Nash got away with not getting called for a T. "What the F#$K!" he screamed at the ref
  • Nice to see Frye hit a big three
  • Suns up 87-85 with 1:06. Good end of game, crunch time practice (even though it shouldn't be this close)
  • Good defense by the Warriors to collapse on Nash and force Frye to take the crunch shot. He missed. On the other end, GSW ended up with a contested Curry three that missed. Warriors get rebound but miss again. Frye gets it and is fouled.  89-85 with 22 seconds
  • Good job by Frye to hit four FTs to close out the game

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