Preface: This is a complete editorial piece. It contains no new information from inside sources and provides no statistical analysis. After reading this editorial, you could argue that its a fanpost and shouldn't start out on the front page, but I exercise my right to disagree and post it here anyway. Appeal to the supreme overlord (Seth) if you want.

Rosterbation: /def/ the act of dreaming up transactions to alter the roster of your favorite, underachieving sports team

(apologies in advance to our young readers. You know that rosterbation is a play on words, so please continue reading at your own peril.)

Rosterbation is a potentially devastating problem. Some say if you rosterbate too much you'll go blind. Others say it can stunt your growth. Frankly, whenever I rosterbate I'm just left with an empty feeling. Sure, there's a moment of elation as I hit the 'post' button, but that only lasts a moment. Talking about it afterward is pretty uncomfortable cuz everyone's got their own opinion on "how" I should have done it, often going to the extreme of "showing" me a better way.

Frankly, all manner of rosterbation ends the same way (with an empty feeling) and you've got nothing to show for it besides a moment of self-aggrandized glory (some call it an epiphany).

Now that New Jersey has broken the seal this week on a trade that included real talent for nothing in return - second-year swingman Terrence Williams and grizzled vet Joe Smith for low draft picks - I assume a flood of rosterbation is going to explode all over our BSotS page.

Alvin Gentry is feeding the flames with repeated comments that the current rotation is unworkable - that the only way to settle on a good, predictable rotation of players is to remove 1 or more from the equation.

Dragic needs more minutes to be most effective, as do Jason Richardson and Grant Hill. Turkoglu too. Josh Childress or Jared Dudley figure to be the odd men out, and that's really a sad proposition. These guys are too talented to ride the pine for an extended period.

Frankly, the Suns need to make a move. They need to trade 2 wings for a PF.

This may be a surprise to you, but the front office knows this. Of course they know it. There's no way they DON'T know this.

One problem is, so does the rest of the league.

Another problem is, talented starting-quality Power Forwards are not generally available ever and certainly aren't traded by their team in December.

A team with a starting-quality big man who is out of their current rotation is not going to trade him right now. Not when its 2 months before the trade deadline and no one has made their best offer yet. Put yourself in their shoes: Why make a reasonable trade now that's good for both teams when you can possibly make a lop-sided trade with a desperate team later and come out on top?

And then there's teams with starting-caliber PFs getting big minutes, but their team is going nowhere. Those aren't getting traded yet either. For the same reason you're holding out hope for the Suns season, so are the other 29 teams in the league. It's too early to jettison a quality big man for salary relief and/or draft picks.

In summation, I fully expect the rosterbation to continue. Everyone needs a vice, you know?

But I caution against actually expecting a real trade to materialize in the next 30-45 days. Not a good one, anyway.


Postscript: Maybe this does belong as a fanpost after all...

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[Note by Seth Pollack, 12/20/10 10:43 AM MST ]

Only one entry received so far....but it's a good one! Still plenty of time left.

It's nothing against our current logo.  We like our logo. We just think after about five years it's time for a change.

So we are opening this up for a contest... a logo design contest. Here's how it works:


  • Design a new logo for Bright Side of the Sun to replace this one
  • Submit your logo via email to arizona at Send in a jpg version
  • You can submit up to three entries. Deadline is December 24th, midnight
  • We will select the top five entries and post them for a vote on BSoS
  • The winner gets their logo on BSoS forever!! (or until the next contest, whichever comes first)
  • The winner also gets two tickets to a Suns game (or equivalent value in merchandise if you don't live in the area)
  • We reserve the right to go all dictator up in here and select the final winner if we don't agree with the vote and if we don't like any of the submissions there could be no winner

Here's the official rules for the contest


We are looking forward to all the great entries from you brilliant peeps! 

We have no preconceived notion about what the new logo should look like but designers should feel free to brain storm in the comments. Obviously, you can't use any trademarked logos like any actual Phoenix Suns graphics. This has to be original work for it to be accepted.

You're fired!! (or at least benched for awhile)

More photos » Christian Petersen - Getty Images

You're fired!! (or at least benched for awhile)

Browse more photos »

The Phoenix Suns had another spirited practice today. They again worked on various end of game situations and also did some zone offense stuff which is probably in response to the Trail Blazers being so effective with the zone against the Suns in their last two games. You wouldn't think the zone would work against this team and neither does Alvin Gentry.

"Offensively, we haven't been real sharp -- no one should be able to play a zone against us and they got away with it in Portland after playing the night before."

Part of that is just not making shots, which happens. But some of it is being prepared and having a more decisive response to the other team's zone defense. Since this is a copy-cat league, other teams will have seen the Blazer zone be effective against the Suns so it was important for Gentry to spend some practice time on it.

Just do it

Overall though, both Nash and Gentry just think the team simply needs to play better on both ends of the floor.

"We've got to be sharper in our execution and then defensively we've got to start the game the way we played the fourth quarter," Gentry said.

"We had a stretch where we were having great first quarters, didn't seem to matter, now we are having not great first quarters. The bottom line is we just have to play better, I don't care, start, finish, we just have to play better (and) more consistently for 48 minutes," Nash also said.

Getting J-Rich going

There's not any concern about Jason's last three games...

"I think he's an elite scorer and I think it's important to make him feel comfortable and allow him opportunities to score," Nash said.

"He's get himself going again. I mean he's not going to go 1-for-11 for the rest of the year. He just had three bad shooting games back-to-back. He'll snap out of it, I'm not worried about that. We still run a lot of plays for him and (get him) a lot of shots and he'll get going again," Gentry said, adding, "It's not just J-Rich, we've just not played very good as a team the last three games. 

Robin almost back

Robin Lopez practiced again today and all signs point to him playing on Wednesday. Watch out, Darko!

"Yeah, sure, he was good again today. We've got one more day to get a good hard practice in and we'll see how he is and what we'll do," Gentry said. As for his role, Alvin would only say, "We'll either start him or we'll bring him off the bench."

Rotational situational alignments

"To be honest with you guys, somewhere along the line we're going to have to shorten the rotation enough so guys are out there where they're playing. We're going to have to try that for four or five games and see how that is and if that's not working we'll try something else," Gentry said about his inconsistent bench.

"What we're doing right now, I don't think we're getting guys enough extended minutes or enough time out there to get into any kind of rhythm. That might something we look at and change a little bit in the next couple of days."

He says that he's not decided yet who that might apply to. It could be Josh Childress who stayed extra late working on his outside shooting -- he's got to space the floor better. Or it could be Hedo Turkoglu.

Hedo has defined inconsistency for the Suns and has yet to find a role on this team. The trade for his big contract might at some point turn out to be a good thing, but right now it's not looking so good. He's shown that he can't start as a power forward and as a ball-handling three off the bench there's only been a few moments where he's really gelled with Dragic. Aside from his late game shooting heroics, Turkoglu hasn't given the team the consistent play they need from him. The flame needs to get turned up in that guy's furnace.

The thing that's most troubling with the bench for Gentry is the lack of consistency. Last year he knew what he was going to get except for nights where guys were especially hot, but there wasn't the roller coaster that there's been this season.

If you were lying on the coach in Alvin Gentry's office, drinking a beer with your feet up, which of these bench players would you tell him to cut out of the rotation.

  1039 votes | Results

PHOENIX — 6-for-28. No, it isn’t the passing stats of Cardinals’ quarterback Derek Anderson. It’s what Jason Richardson shot in his past three games. Yeah, he had a bad...

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