Blake has no time for your "gravity laws".

Hey guys, some times we like to share ideas and trade questions with bloggers who follow other teams. It's fun. It's a nice way to get some cool information from the people who know there teams best. This one only happened because one of the greatest bloggers ever, Steve from Clips Nation, reached out and started the process which went something like this:

He asked me questions. I answered. I asked him questions. He answered.

So, here's my answers to his questions about the Suns which he shared with Clippers fans at Clips Nation. You can read those here if you are so inclined.

More importantly, you can read Steve's answers to my questions after the jump. So jump...then read. That's how we do things around here.

Can you describe the feeling of sticking with the Clippers through all the bad years only to have things change so fast this year?

Honestly? I'm more or less holding my breath. Everyone who knows that I'm a Clipper fan says "You must be happy" and I smile and nod and say that I'm happy. But the season's only half over. I'm enjoying the wins -- wins are always more fun than losses -- but I'm not going into a touchdown dance here. The west is deep, and who knows what's going to happen, and people sometimes get injured -- I mean, let's face it, I've been a Clippers fan for over 20 years, I've pretty much seen it all.

As recently as 2006, the Clippers were clearly better than the Lakers and more importantly the Clippers had the brighter future. Then Brand tore his Achilles, someone in Memphis decided that Kwame Brown was a good trade for Pau Gasol, and well, things went back to how they always were. So right now, I'm cautiously optimistic and very nervous. Ask me how I feel when the playoffs start.

Having said that, it's great fun having players like Blake Griffin and Chris Paul to root for. There's no downside there.

With Billups out, is the two guard the biggest hole on the roster and will it prevent the Clips from going all the way?

Yes and yes. Except that two guard is probably not the only thing that's going to keep the Clippers from going all the way. Have you seen Miami and Oklahoma City? Those are reasons 1 and 1(a) that the Clippers aren't going all the way. Two guard issues is a bit further down the list.

Randy Foye is actually an adequate replacement for Billups in the lineup. There's a drop off to Foye to be sure, but it's not as steep as you might think. And while the Clippers will miss Billups' on court leadership, they still have Chris Paul, so it's not as if the team is rudderless out there. Billups will rejoin the team soon and should continue to be a locker room presence down the stretch and into the playoffs so that's good.

Having said that, the Clippers are clearly trying to upgrade on the wing. They've been mentioned as a possible destination for Ray Allen (though I'm not sure the Celtics are going to accept a package of Eric Bledsoe and expiring contracts, which is pretty much all LA has to offer).

They may not be able to land a big name before the trade deadline, but that's the spot (really, a wing that can play both the two and some three would be ideal) where they'll be focusing their attention.

WTH were the Clippers doing when they "fired" Clipper Darrell?

Well, if you really want to know my feelings on the subject, I wrote about a thousand words on it Thursday. The Clippers clearly didn't handle the situation well, but is it really surprising that a team would ask an individual to stop misusing their name and logo and stop misrepresenting his relationship with the team?

Seems like the Clippers asked Darrell to clear some of his appearances and other activities with them, some feelings got hurt, and suddenly #FreeClipperDarrell was trending on twitter.

It's really a non-story in the end -- but it does give everyone a chance to talk about what a scumbag Donald Sterling is, which is always fun.

By the way, what's happening with Robert Sarver's wife's handbag?

Touché, Steve, Touché.

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Get 'em, Robin!

It wasn't pretty but it got the job done. Here's some of my quick thoughts recorded forever on the YouTube along with postgame video from Steve Nash and Grant Hill.

Apologies for the way the video looks. Chalk that up to user error. With all this equipment and stuff I'm like one of those monkeys trying to play a drum and dance at the same time and doing neither well.

Postgame quotes from Gentry, Nash, Hill and Rubio after the jump for those who want to read instead of watch.

  • "He was great. Grant is so tough and gives you so much energy and passion and leadership, let alone his formidable skill on both ends of the court. He was great and we needed every bit of him tonight," Nash said about Hill.
  • "It was rebounding and it was trying to play without fouling. I think that you have to adapt. When officials are calling it close, you can't be as physical. We have to do a better job in the first half of reading how the officials are calling the game. Once we did adjust and adapt we came out and had good energy," Hill said.
  • "We had depth off the bench. I thought Shannon (Brown) was great, I thought Robin (Lopez) was big. That's how we have to play. Play hard, play together, use our depth and fight for 48 minutes," Hill said.
  • "I thought we played well, we did a really good job. I was probably most proud of the way we handled the rebound. They still ended up with 16 (offensive) rebounds and a couple of them just took bad bounces and we couldn't get our hands on (them)," Gentry said
  • "The starters played well. Grant (Hill) was really exceptional. The bench played well. Shannon Brown did a good job for us. Sebastian (Telfair) did a good job. Markieff did a good job defensively and staying in front of guys," Gentry said.
  • "He's one of the best players ever and you always try to be close to them. He knows how to play, he's smart and like I said, he's one of the best ever. He knows how to control the game and he passes very well, which option he has to find for the team and he just runs it and does it," Rubio said about Nash.
  • "It was great to play against him and see first hand what type of player he is. He definitely lives up to billing. Very, very good player, clever, and plays with a great energy," Nash said about Rubio.

And for you UA Wildcat / Derrick Williams fans, we caught up with him before the game too:

Derrick Williams Talks Arizona Wildcats And His Impact On The Program - SB Nation Arizona
Maybe everything would have worked out in a few seasons, but few players can impact a program in two years the way the once-unranked lanky kid out of La Mirada High School did. He gave everything he had to Sean Miller and his teammates and it paid off for all parties involved.

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Robin Lopez played strong defense tonight. And also, there's a lot of hair in this picture.

The Phoenix Suns had a great shooting night, all five starters scored in double figures including a season-high 20 from Grant Hill, and Steve Nash dished 17 assists to go with his 13 points as the Suns started the second half of their season with an impressive 104-95 win over the Minnesota Timberwolves, their ninth in a row over Minnesota.

Kevin Love returned from missing last night's game due to illness to lead the Wolves with 23 points and 10 rebounds and Nikola Pekovic went for 14 and 9 as the Wolves dropped their second in a row on the final game of their back to back to back west coast swing.

As much as a mid-season game can be a "must win", this was for the Suns. They had a few players rise to the challenge, most notably Hill and Shannon Brown, and dominated the Wolves in the second half, outscoring the Wolves by 14.

Read on for more of the happy details!

Shannon Brown got minutes tonight rather than Michael Redd as the Suns tried to better match up with the young, athletic Wolves, and Brown played well, scoring 12 points on 6-11 shooting. Early foul trouble for Channing Frye and Markieff Morris allowed Hakim Warrick to see some action as well. He threw down a ferocious slam late in the first half but did little else in his 8 minutes of action.

Poor 3-point shooting from the Wolves might have been the result of playing their third night in a row as they hit only 1-13, helping the Suns cause tremendously. The Wolves also seemed to run out of gas a bit in the second half which, coupled with some tenacious defense from the Suns, led to them scoring only 44 second half points.

The Suns, meanwhile, connected on 53% of their FGs and 38% of their 3s in an efficient offensive performance that was marred only by 16 TOs. Nash spread the ball around in a masterful effort as he and five of his teammates each took at least 10 shots but none more than his 13.

Game Notes

  • Nikola Pekovic is a huge, powerful player at 6'11 and 290, and he has some good footwork for a big man. The Wolves have found another solid piece for their emerging team. But that didn't stop Grant Hill from stuffing Pekovic for a jump ball late in the 4th.
  • Eddie Johnson really dislikes Martell Webster's hair, spending a good chunk of the first half mocking it. EJ was on top of his game tonight and when he said to Tom Leander, "this is why I don't like you", he didn't sound like was kidding.
  • Robin Lopez scored 0 points on 1 FGA but made a nice contribution with 6 rebounds, 2 blocks and solid overall play in his 13 minutes of action.
  • Ricky Rubio had only 2 assists, scoring 13 points on 3-7 from the field as Nash showed that the comparisons between Rubio and him are entirely premature.
  • Kevin Love needed 25 FGAs to get his 23 points, and committed 4 TOs. He showed his usual hustle and grit but he looked like his illness was lingering as he was an inefficient player tonight.
  • Michael Beasley and Derrick Williams, two former #2 overall draft picks who are capable of offensive outbursts, combined for only 9 points on 3-15 shooting.

Final - 3.1.2012 1 2 3 4 Total
Minnesota Timberwolves 23 28 23 21 95
Phoenix Suns 22 24 31 27 104

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PHOENIX — The Phoenix Suns’ shooting was red hot. Their defense strengthened as Thursday’s game against the Minnesota Timberwolves wore on. They even dominated the boards for the...

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