"I'm one of two basketball hoops, at the Staples Center. So enter, I'll show what it's like to have the worst rim job ever.

Why can't I work in Phoenix at the Purple Palace, wishin' for Nash's swishin'..."

This is just hilarious and check out her other song on the girls web site www.songsaboutsports.com.

h/t TBJ @ The Score.

 You were once a frosh with studly yearbook hair,


You ate at the Hungry Hound, while your chest was still bare,


You wore a clean white T to conceal the gun show,


You rooted for your squad and set a record for free throws.


 Then you cut off your sleeves as your confidence grew,


You were drafted to the Suns, stupidly traded to the Mavericks, then returned as a free agent and your hair was longer, the blonde was gone (thank God), won two MVP's, led the Suns to 5 playoff appearances, bled for us multiple times, and still give us reason to believe, (even this season-sorry I'm no poet) and..........




special thanks to JM, AKA That Broad.

The Case Against Blowing Up The Suns

In true Scott Howard fashion...

At long last Zabian Dowdell’s dream has come to fruition. After chasing that dream for four years throughout Europe, the D-League, Summer League and finally two 10-day contracts with Phoenix,...

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Gentry Talks Late-Game Failures, Dragic And Dowdell

Alvin Gentry took responsibility for his team being seduced into too many jump shots late in the game. He said he needs to get guys going to the basket more or posting up. Updates on Dragic injury and Dowdell's contract status.

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