Phoenix Suns 97, Chicago Bulls 81 Reeling from a second-half letdown at Brooklyn, the Suns will continue to look for answers on the fly out East. Solutions to the Suns’ road woes (2-17) or their...

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I could break down a play-by-play of the third quarter or second half, but a more succinct synopsis that precludes that necessity would be that the Suns got bent over a stump. Terse. True.

Here's what some of the players had to say about the brutal beatdown via Paul Coro's post game report:

Dragic: "We said at halftime, 'Let's not repeat the same mistakes.' Then somebody pushed the stop button and we stopped playing. Our chemistry and movement of the ball went downhill. We didn't find the rhythm. They're a great team with a lot of weapons, but that's no excuse. We took away our confidence. We missed some good shots. We were thinking, 'Uh-oh, it's happening again' if we miss, and our defense was terrible."

O'Neal: "We've had meetings. We've had pep talks. We've had multiple meetings with the owner. We've had multiple meetings with the coaches. We've had multiple meetings with the players. Are we going to win or lose? It's like living Groundhog Day every day. We're just not a very good team with responding."

And here's a delineation of futility this season per this nifty little chart:


Special thanks to Kris Habbas for doing all the footwork on this table while I take all of the credit.



Last night were the lowest point totals for the Suns in a third quarter (13) and in a fourth quarter (13) this season.

The Suns were outscored 53-26 in the second half. 26 points was the lowest total in a half this season. The franchise record for least points in a half is 25. It was the third worst second half margin this season (-27), the others were at Orlando (-31) and at Detroit (-29).

The Suns shot 5-20 (25%) in the third quarter and 4-18 (22.2%) in the fourth. For the second half the Suns were 9-38 (23.6%).

The Suns had more turnovers (10) than field goals (9) in the second half.

The 20 point loss was still only the fourth worst loss (by point differential) on the road this season.

The Suns are now 2-17 on the road this season.

The Suns have lost 12 games in a row on the road, which is the longest such streak since the 1983-84 season.


So where does last night's savage beating rank in this season of futility and shame?


The Phoenix Coyotes have been the fourth most popular major sports team in Phoenix since they moved from Winnipeg to the warm, sunny desert to promote a game played on ice. Imagine that's the reason it's fourth?

The Arizona Cardinals, despite being bad-to-mediocre for most of the last two decades, still drew big crowds even when they were playing outside in Sun Devil Stadium in 100+ degree heat.

The Arizona Diamondbacks have been up and down during their 14 years in the valley - from a high of winning a Super Bowl to a low of losing 100+ games - but they have at least drawn a consistent TV viewing audience (despite modest crowds) and remain a solid presence in the community and sports pages/sites.

But it was always the Phoenix Suns who dominated the hearts and dreams of valley sports fans for 6 or more months per year. The Van Arsdale brothers, Westphal, Hawkins and other from the 70s still have a warm place in fans' hearts.

The 80s featured Sweet D, drug scandals and eventually a rebirth in the form of Kevin Johnson and Tom Chambers.

Then the 90s gave us Charles Barkley and the Suns' second appearance in an NBA Finals - one of the best and most entertaining Finals ever played.

The 2000s gave us Steve Nash, Amare Stoudemire, Shawn Marion and three Western Conference Finals in six seasons.

But now the Suns are one of the worst teams in the league and game attendance is at an all-time low in the new arena (since 1992).

Across town, the NHL ended it's untimely lockout and now is ready to run through a shortened schedule, starting on January 19. The Coyotes have a smart front office that put together a playoff-caliber team on a shoe-string budget.

Carl Putnam over at SB Nation's Coyotes blog - Five for Howling - gives us 10 reasons it's time to focus on the Coyotes this spring over the struggling Suns.

One of the items on the list:

4. If there is one group of fans who know what it is like when an owner comes hires a player agent as GM it is fans of Phoenix's hockey club. You'll have plenty to talk about with your new found brethren.

Check out his list here, and give them a shout.

While I still love the Suns, I also like to watch quality sports play. And the Coyotes should be able to supply that.

But bring a jacket if you decide to watch them play a game at their arena.

The “what” questions regarding the Phoenix Suns are easy. Alvin Gentry’s club not only doesn’t play 48 minutes of consistent basketball, but it splits that time within each game looking...

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The Suns got off to a good start on the offensive end by shooting 11-20 (55%) from the field and 3-5 (60%) from three point range. A scary moment occurred when Tucker went up for a block and Gerald Wallace, who went to the locker room, hit the floor hard after incidental contact. Dudley led the way with eight points for the Suns, while Morris had a couple of nifty passes during his brief stint. Deron Williams led the way for the Nets (7 points) who stayed close through a 6-0 free throw advantage due to a foul discrepancy between the Suns (6) and the Nets (0). Score: Suns 25, Nets 21.

The Suns got an unexpected contribution in the second quarter from the guy on the side of the milk carton. We hadn't seen much of Shannon (doing anything meaningful) lately, but tonight he showed up and scored 11 in the period. The Suns used an 11-3 run to gain separation from the Nets with Dudley, Brown and Dragic leading the way. All three players were in double figures with Brown scoring 13, Dragic 10 and Dudley (3-3 from three) 11. Williams led Brooklyn with 12, as the Nets continued to stay close behind a 22-6 free throw advantage. Score: Suns 53, Nets 46.

Brooklyn used one 10-0 run and another 18-6 run to not only take the lead in the third quarter, but actually put some distance between themselves and the Suns. Brooklyn was 11-21 from the field, while Phoenix managed just 5-20. Dudley (16 points and 4-4 from three) tried to keep the Suns close, but Phoenix had another one of their patented meltdown quarters and were outscored 28-13. In addition, the Suns were plagued by foul trouble to multiple players. Score: Nets 74, Suns 66.

The Nets stretched the end of the third quarter into a 30-6 run. The route was on. Same old story.

Nets win 99-79.


Player of the Game:

Nobody in particular had a game that stood apart from the others, so I'm going to give a team game ball to the Nets for stultifying the Suns in the second half.


Comments of the Game:

Dudley really has expanded his game.


Robin Lopez has been posting similar per 36 stats to Brook Lopez

He's having a very good year, no doubt. Happens a lot when we get rid of guys... We don't maximize our talent at all, which is why Gentry needs to go.


Tucker is an amazing defender.


(Brown) He has all the tools for being a great defender, he just doesn't have the mentality.


I think it's his (Scola's) un-athleticism that allows him to be as effective as he is.

It seems like his defenders react instinctively and overplay when they realize too late that he hasn't actually moved much at all. Then he lays it in.


That Joe Johnson looks good.

Wish we had him.


Damn Goran, he (Williams) has one leg!

Go at him!!!


Same old story.

Suns cannot play for 48 minutes. Yet again collapsing in the 4th quarter. So depressing. This team has become a joke.


The Good:

Shannon Brown graced us with his presence in the first half after a six game stretch (since his demotion from the starting lineup) where he only managed 5.2 points per game on 30.9% shooting. Brown, who came into the stretch averaging 13.2 points per game, had scored zero points twice since being eschewed to the bench. Coincidentally, Brown showed up big time in the first half (13 points) a game after Suns players suggested people on the team had "quit." Whatever the reason, it was nice to see the Cannon firing.... before he started misfiring in the second half.

Jared Dudley had another superb game. On another night permeated by embarrassing ineptitude, Jared was one of the only players worthy of receiving superlatives. He scored 18 points (4-4 from three point range) to go along with five rebounds and four assists.


The Bad:

The foul and free throw disparity. I'm not usually one to bitch about the officiating (says the guy who's always bitching about the officiating), but it didn't seem like the refs rewarded the Suns for being aggressive on defense the way I've seen that dynamic work at times. The Suns had their share of mental lapses and made unnecessary contact at times, but the whistles disrupted their ability to maintain their defensive intensity throughout the game. Then, the Suns were evidently discomfited by the calls and let it get in their head, showing a lack of equanimity and mental fortitude.


The Ugly:

Brooklyn's court. It was actually an eyesore to the point that it detracted from my ability to enjoy the game. I feel sorry for their fans that have to put up with that sensory abuse on a regular basis. In a dueling pianos dynamic, the Suns wore hideous orange warm-ups that I wouldn't take if you gave them to me...

The second half. I'm growing weary of the Suns being on the receiving end of these savage beatings on an alarmingly routine basis. If I'm going to watch the rest of the games this year with a comfortably numb level of detachment the Suns are going to have to stop trying to act like they care during the pre and postgame comments and interviews. The record isn't just old or broke, it's antediluvian and has been obliterated into smithereens. Memo guys: "giving up" 30-6 runs isn't acceptable. Getting outscored 53-26 in the second half isn't acceptable. Speaking of "giving up", the Suns quit again. Hard.


Final Thoughts:

The Suns have become one of the very worst teams in the NBA.

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