Time: 7 p.m. MST TV: FSAZ PHOENIX — A .500 basketball team by definition is inconsistent enough to both win and lose half its games. That has been the Phoenix Suns’ season in a nutshell,...

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Not sure why I'm doing it, maybe I am bored at work, but there is a huge interview with da Hammer on Gazeta.pl. I will translate some the most interesting parts for you guys, as there is more to The Hammer then you know ;) 

On being recognized in Phoenix:

He met with the journalist in an appartment building where he lives. The elevator guy looks at Gortat for a while and goes: 

-Don't you play for the Suns


-... and what's your name?

- Grant Hill!


On double-doubles and January Hammertime

"I don't think it will end, I'm not a fluke. I just see in what kind of cage I was kept in Orlando. Now I'm in Phoenix, I'm 26 and in my prime, maybe it was meant to be - be the sub for the best center in the league for 3 years, get clobbered every day by the toughest guy on earth, and then when I still feel great physically be able to show my game.

Orlando was a cell or a good school?

There was a lot of players in the NBA who signed big contracts early in their career, were thrown into deep water and drowned. I experienced a lot of things in Orlando - there were games where I played 20-30 minutes deep in the play-offs, I played in the Finals. In the early seasons I have learned a great deal, I had a great coach who taught me the defensive mentality and on-court discipline. That shaped me as a player and helps me now, also, because I didn't play much I have huge hunger to play. I had a few great games in Phoenix but it is still not even close to being enough. I will murder and kill (wow, exact words) until I get bored (laughs). It's not gonna be soon, because I was sitting and watching for almost 4 years. It's payback time now...

Why such discipline? Why are you so stubborn?

After my parents I guess. They always told me it will be a problem down the road. But on the other hand - when I have a goal, I will do 100% to reach it, even of the road is long. My mom told me I will get bored by sports, but each day I walked 20 minutes each way for my soccer training. I'm a hardworker after my parents too. I like to be tortured in training, again and again. My coach in Cologne (Germany) taught me that. He always told me that hard work got him where his at. It's important that I started playing Basketball very late and I had this hunger all the time. Other players at 18 were already tired and bored, because it was their 5-6 year of training and I couldn't wait to practise, I often came to the facility 1,5 hours before the actual training. In Germany I was also given a whole lot of theoretical knowledge and I wanted to know more and more. After all these years donkey work is just a habit...

You have always dreamed of the NBA? When you were 20 did you think you will once play there?

No. Not at all. I remember watching the 2005 Finals at 4 at night and thinking - there is no chance I will play there. I always said it was my dream, but along the way I was never really sure it would happen. A year later I took part in a camp for tall guys where I handled players like Johan Petro, Mile Ilic, other guys in higher regard than me. That's when NBA scouts started talking about my physical abilities. It got me going, but I had my doubts when the Magic sent me back to Europe after another Summer League.

Is this streak (end of January) a new chapter of your career? How much is Nash helping?

Absolutely, a lot of people discovered that Marcin Gortat can impact the number of games his team wins. His not a star, but a player that has to be taken into account on offence and defence. Nash is at least 50% of Gortat. But not everyone playing with Steve earns double-doubles (there you go, finally a little head-butt for Lopez)... I think that unlike Lopez, without Steve I would get a few second chance points, some tip-ins, some garbage points. Still, without Nash I would be a completely different player on this team.I don't get many balls with my back to the basket in this offense because it slows us down and we want to run and pass as much as possible.

So PHX is the best place you could have gone to?

Absolutely. Before the transfer we talked with my agent about different options, he mentioned the Rockets a lot, who were asking about me even after I went to PHX. In the coming years they might achieve greater succes than us, because they have a much younger team and our vets - Nash, Hill, Carter - are moving towards the end of their careers. Sooner or later we might hit bottom and start rebuilding. But I am extremely happy to be here. Steve is here and we run a lot. I love it.

What happens when you start playing worse?

That's a major question. Bad games will come because it's part of the job, but the key is how you react to it, dig yourself out of the hole. The journalists will surely write that the truth about Gortat came out, that all in all he is mediocre at best, that he had a lucky streak. But it's like driving the car really. The fact that you had a collision doesn't mean you forgot how to drive.

And the future? 2-5-7 years from now?

I completely stopped thinking about this. I think one game at a time. Now, I want to improve my shot blocking, cause I slipped in that department lately. I want to remain shooting at a good percantage, rebound and add some more blocks. My agent is probably thinking about the new contract, but I don't.

An NBA transfer

The funny part is that until the final moment - nothing changes for you and the team. The coach gives you scouting report for the next game, eventhough he already knows that probably you will be playing for someone else. When they told me about the trade the day we played Dallas - I was ecstatic. I really dreamed about this, but I couldn't scream it out loud. I didn't really care that much for Championships. It's no fun when you sit on the bench and watch other players run the floor that you know are not better then you are. They drop 20 points and I sit and cheer for the guys on the floor. That sucked.

Otis Smith told me about the trade and thanked me for a mutually beneficial few years. I was so emotional... I only asked who is going the other way, hoping it was Lopez and that I would start right away and get all his minutes.

His new number
Of course I didn't want the 4! I asked about 13, if I could buy it from Steve. I told him I will buy it for 50.000 bucks and he told me to forget about it (laughs). Then I wanted 7, because it was Beckham's number in ManU and they told me it's hanging from the ceiling thanks to Kevin Johnson. Then I thought about 8 - oen of my mentors in Germany, Zoran Kukic wore that one, But Channing wouldn't trade. So I picked nr 4 in memory of Obradovic. Now I believe it was a bad choice... I will probably change it to 57 - the number I was drafted with - for next season. Nobody plays with a 57.
How was the new locker room?

Weird, cause I thought I knew who was who, who was the star, who was the mean guy... Also, one has to understand that I came here to take away someone's hard work and minutes. And I had to change my approach - I really wanted to bust out of that Orlando cage. I became buddies with Goran and Channing real fast. Now, I love the atmosphere, the guys.

After one of the games you started talking critically about Suns defence. Spoko about defence in Orlando, said you could help other players understand a few things. Wasn't that a little too early, a little out of line?

I don't think so. I wasn't talking about specific guys. After a while one of the guys from the coaching staff told me that it was a good thing somebody finally vocalized the team's problems, just told me that it's a shame it was me, cause I was knew and it probably won't sit well with some of the teammates. But I don't like beating around the bush. When I go to the locker room after a game we got destroyed by a bad team on our home court what am I supposed to say? Good effort but we lacked a little energy? Maybe some guys can talk like that. I can't. We were terrible and I said it straight up. When I play bad, I always say honestly that I got killed by the other guy.

Start in PHX and his biggest advantages

I didn't take advantage of my opportunity at first, I got a lot of minutes but I didn't play well. So I kind of took a step back, concentrated on my game and what I can do better. I think my biggest ascet is being athletic and my physical abilities. There is a lot of centers in the NBA who are as good as me at either speed, stamina, coordination or hops, but not neccessarily many with all these combined.

PnR with Nash

I play PnR pretty well because I started playing basketball quite late and I had a lot of holes in my technique. So that was one of the easiest plays if you were really consistent and focused. It started in Germany. It's 50/50 between the PG and the guy who sets the screen. The screen has to be very tough and the pass has to be well timed. But it takes two to tango. Screens are not easy as well. I have to block the othe teams guard and try to stop them by any means neccessary. And most of them play dirty - some hold my leg with their arms to stop me from rotating towards the basket. Some try to hit me in the jewels. Timing and finding a lane to the basket is more important than speed. We do it quite well with Nash but I am not even half way to being perfect at it. 

Stamina issues

That's new. I didn't play that much in Orlando so I am adjusting. But I try to do a lot of stretching before the game... And adrenaline is helping, I get gassed soemtimes but I always try to give 110%.

If you could play like the end of this month for a whole season you could be an All Star next year (typical Polish question - we always want more and more and more...)

It's way to early for that, I don't even think about it. Sure, I would love to play in the All Star Game, but well... maybe 2-3 years from now, when I am getting closer to the end of my contract to get some attention... :)

[sorry for spelling, and also, I didn't go word for word, so I might have freestyled a bit once or twice...]


PHOENIX — The Phoenix Suns’ defense has been so good of late that only the Miami Heat have allowed a lower shooting percentage over their last 10 games entering Sunday. So maybe that’s why the...

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The Phoenix Suns cheerleaders perform in "Star Wars" themed outfits before the NBA game against the Sacramento Kings at US Airways Center  (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

When you fail to show up for a game, it's really difficult to win it.

The Phoenix Suns proved that tonight, allowing the worst team in the Western Conference to come in and dominate the second half with their big men. I'm only kicking myself that I didn't actually predict this loss earlier in the preview. I stopped short, mentioning that Carl Landry (20 and 10) and Jason Thompson (8 and 7) were Suns killers. I wanted to say Samuel Dalembert (18, 15 and 3 blocks) too, but I had too much faith in Marcin Gortat and Robin Lopez to keep him in check. And I wanted to say Donte Green because I remember a big game from him a year ago, but his career numbers against the Suns weren't that hot.

The Suns came out flat. Then they went on a big run in the first quarter, turning a 10-point deficit into a 10-point lead in a matter of a few minutes. Apparently, the Suns thought the game was over at that point.

Carl Landry had other ideas.

Carl Landry was the difference in this game. In the first half, he missed all 7 of his shots but pulled down 7 rebounds to offset that. In the second half, Landry blew up for 20 points and 3 more rebounds. His energy and extra effort single-handedly re-inspired the Kings in the second half.

This coincided with the Suns shooting nothing but jump shots. The Suns took a 10-point first half lead - and kept it till the last second - because they'd worked Landry, Dalembert AND Thompson into 3 fouls apiece. Despite the Suns losing the rebounding battle, I was confident at halftime.

Yet, Landry wasn't forced to commit any more fouls, and Dalembert only incurred 2 more. Dalembert knows how to stay aggressive despite foul trouble, which is not the same as Frye with 5 fouls. Dalembert finished with 18 points (including a critical drive on the dribble FROM THE 3-POINT LINE RIGHT TO THE BASKET), 15 big rebounds and 3 blocks. Frye? Oh yeah, he wasn't in the game tonight. Frye collected 5 fouls of his own and turned into a mouse.

The lowly Kings, sporting the league's 26th ranked offense, scored any time they wanted including 8 of their last 9 possessions (the only "stop" being the breakaway where Gortat tipped away an ill-advised alley-oop).

News flash to the Phoenix Suns: That's not going to get it done.

Don't blame this game on Steve Nash. Thanks to his 22 and 18, he's got EIGHT games this season with at least 20 points and 15 assists. The entire rest of the NBA has THREE. And he's not in the All-Star game. Riiiight.

To a lesser extent, lay the second-least amount of blame on Marcin Gortat. He had 20 points and 12 rebounds - the only Sun who put up a fight on the boards. Yet, he contributed to the Suns giving up 18 offensive rebounds. Overall, the Kings outrebounded the Suns 51-36 tonight. Ugly.

Way to make it harder on yourselves, guys. Woo-hoo.

[Note by Seth Pollack, 02/13/11 9:51 PM MST ]

Phoenix Suns Fall To Sacramento Kings, 113-108 - SB Nation Arizona
Suns centers Marcin Gortat and Channing Frye noted that the Kings were attacking the glass with four and five players while the Suns were left with only one or two battling in the paint. 


 Game Notes

1st Qtr

  • Some of that good defense on display as Tyreke Evans blows by Vince for a lay up and the hits a pull up J in his face. Pietrus please.
  • Hill on ‘Reke now. That didn't take long.
  • Robin aggressively takes a hook shot and misses. 10-4, Kings. Aggression is always better when it results in 2 points.
  • 17-7, Kings. Time out, Suns. The force is strong with this one (Tyreke, that is)
  • Robin misses again in the paint. Carter cleans up the mess. Somehow, that seems like it should be the other way around.
  • Gortat and Dudley in for Vince and Robin. 19-10, Kings. Let's see what happens next here.
  • Great weakside block from Frye after JT beats Gortat with some nice moves in the paint.
  • Suns on 8-0 run since subs came in. Defense much improved.
  • 3rd foul on Dalembert already
  • Somehow, Beno Udrih can't stop Nash. Probably b/c he's a horrible defender but also b/c it's Nash.
  • 12-0 run now.
  • Garret Siler watching Gorilla light saber duel on video screen during time out. Can't blame him, it was awesome
  • Grant Hill chatting w/ Evans during FTs. Probably asking him about his diet.
  • Really like what I see from Jason Thompson. Wish there were a way to get that guy into a Suns uniform. He does wear #34 though, so that's a problem.
  • 27-19 now. 17-0 run....ended by Casspi.
  • This Suns run btw also coincides w/ Dalembert going out w/ his 3rd foul. That's kind of pertinent information IMHO
  • Can we all just agree that having the ball in the Pietrus' hands at the end of the clock isn't going to end well?
  • Quick 4-0 run for Kings off 5-on-4 w/ Gortat fallen at one end and then Frye inbounds right to Kings player.
  • Dowdell in. 32-27
  • Evans plows in, takes the hit, finishes. He's looking sharp tonight. 11 points.
  • 32-30, Suns

2nd Qtr

  • Kings 7-1 in OReb
  • The scouting report on Dowdell has to be "beg him to shoot as often as possible"
  • Dowdell hits Warrick in the head w/ the pass, picks up the ball, gets confused, travels
  • Dowdell takes charge on the other end because he's a baller like that
  • Every time Evans gives up the ball he looks unhappy that he did
  • Gortat posts up JT and scores. That's pretty cool
  • JT posts up Gortat and doesn't score. That's pretty cool.
  • That MP block on Evans was cool too.
  • Cool
  • Nash and Hill back in. 42-37 so Z's bench held even.
  • Massive Gortat Missed Dunk!!!
  • Very cool
  • Grant's turned down at least two wide open threes so far. He's not having his best game overall.
  • Vince and Robin back in. 48-45, Suns. 2:28
  • Suns got crossed up on that rotation as Robin ended up on Landry. Lopez backed off but Landry still attacked and drew the foul
  • Robin Lopez with the ball on the break. Dunk! Bench was thrilled...and probably relieved he didn't blow it.
  • 57-50 but they are reviewing Kings three at end of shot clock

3rd Qtr

  • Kings only shooting 41% but 11-2 in OReb. Suns shooting 51%. This could go either way from here. Either Suns clean up their mess and run away with it or Kings take heart at only being down 7 and make a game of it. I have no idea which will happen. If I did, I would be in Vegas right now.
  • Grant still looking a bit off tonight, missed a wide open mid-range J that's normally money
  • Dalembert with the slow speed drive and finish
  • 4th foul on JT after Beno and Casspi run the ugliest lob play ever
  • Grant hit that one curling off the screen. He rose up and had about 3 seconds in the air to focus and make sure he made it. Hang time.
  • After Lopez play they did a quick audio sounder of Chewbacca.
  • 63-57. This game feels like it's on autopilot
  • Landry steals an OReb from two Suns players
  • Sweet spin move by Robin. Missed the shot
  • Gortat back in. 63-59
  • There's an impressively small contingent of Kings fans here.
  • There are none
  • Gortat gets schooled by Dalembert who goes right over his back from an OReb and put back. No box out at all.
  • Carl Landry has no regard for common decency. When your defender backs off you, he wants you to take a jump shot, not drive into his chest and get an and 1. Stop it
  • Again, Landry? Stop it, please....
  • 12 points Landry. Enough already, I really don't want to have to write about the Suns losing to the Kings (again)
  • 71-71 btw
  • 73-73 btw
  • 41-25 rebounding. That's without Cousins.
  • Dudley dunk! That's two on the season!!!
  • Don't laugh, he has two more than you do, sucker!
  • 81-78

4th Qtr

  • Big stretch for the bench. Rhyme time!
  • Dalembert has impressed me with his offense in this game. I don't remember him having that much game.
  • Wow, great chase down block from MP on Evans fast break
  • Turnover, Zabian. 82-81 Kings
  • Another nice steal from Z and then another nice pass ahead from Dudley for a fast break for Warrick (fouled on the dunk attempt, missed both FTAs)
  • Z had Hak open for a lob but missed it. Then threw the entry pass which Landry stole. 84-83
  • Z is 2-7 shooting w/ 3 turnovers.
  • 88-83, Kings, 7:43. Nash back in?
  • Yup
  • Nash's charm forces Kings to bobble rebound out of bounds. He's awesome.
  • Suns look tight and lost. Kings look like they feel they might actually win. They could be right.
  • 5th foul on Frye
  • Donte Greene w/ the three. Dudley can't possibly close out fast enough on that guy - too tall
  • 3-0 run by Kings since Nash back in. Bring back Z?
  • Kidding.
  • 5-0 run now. Not kidding so much
  • Huge three from Hill. 86-93, 5:30
  • Kings throw the ball away. Nash was on the court when it happened therefore he caused it.
  • Beno fouls Nash behind the arc. Go Nash!
  • Suns crowd totally blows MVP chants for Steven and collectively slaps self in back of head.
  • Landry w/ the put back of course
  • 95-91, 4:39. Kings
  • Great Flop, Gortat! Gorflop!!
  • Where are the Suns going to get some offense from? Carter is benched. Got to be Nash/Gortat pick and roll
  • Landry posts up Frye and gets a big hoop. Would be nice to have him on our team.
  • 97-91, Kings. 3:30
  • Nash goes into Nash mode and hits a Nash shot. 97-93
  • Udrih takes a dumb, contested three early in the clock...and makes it. 100-95
  • Donte Greene posts up Dudley and scores. Suns not getting stops.
  • Greene drives and draws the and 1. 105-97, 1:42
  • Another big three from Grant. Still down 100-105, 1 min
  • Dalembert drives on Gortat from the three point line and scores
  • 102-107, 37 sec
  • It's been all isolations by the Kings late and all by guys not named Evans (or Cousins)
  • Nash fouled taking a three. Missed the first one. 104-109, 27 sec.
  • That was funny....you know what I'm talking about (Tyreke's DUMB lob attempt)

Star Wars Night! Luke Skywalker (Nash) needs to keep feeding the ball to Chewbacca (Lopez), C3PO (Frye) and JarJar Binks (Gortat) (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

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