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Phoenix Suns Visit Boston Celtics 5:30 PM AZ Time

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31 - 27


Won 4



Gyi0063243014_mediumI hate these guys. They're mean, green fighting machines and they're good, really good. They currently hold the #1 seed in the Eastern Conference and the 2nd best record overall at 43-15. Yet, the record that scares me the most is 25-5 at home. The lucky teams were the Lakers, Thunder, Mavericks, Hornets and Rockets. Their biggest defeats suffered at home were to the Rockets 108-102 and the Lakers 92-86. Yup, only 6 points. Dallas and the Thunder won by 5 while the Hornets won by 2. As for the Suns. They're 1-10 on the road when they score fewer than100 points. Knowing how the Celtics play defensively, this game is scary.

Get the picture? No? Well, I guess what I'm really trying to say is that a win tonight would be improbable, unlikely, just ain't gana happen. Especially, considering the beat-down these Suns gave them on their official and seasonal, "Turn-around" date, January 28th. 11-3 since then, by the way. I know the Celtics remember that night and I'm sure you also remember that night very well besides the fact that it's become a Phoenix Suns holiday(should be). In short, Suns whooped Celtics, Celtics cried, KG threw a tantrum and hit Channing Frye in his "no, no special place", Suns win 88-71. In fact, I've got the video right here. Just hit the jump.


Yea, they're punks. Well, at least KG. I hope this footage with the mention of Bruce Bowen and the awful commentary and opinions of Mark Jackson have got you pumped up for this game because we'll need all the energy we can get. Yes, we fans need energy too. It's not always easy rooting for a basketball team, especially one that wins a game by one fraction of a second after giving up a 7-point lead in the last minute of the 4rth quarter. It can be exhausting. I don't know about you, but most Suns games I watch give me a lot of rush and anxiety that usually result in crashes, heart-break and in some cases, hangovers and I don't even drink!

Lets talk a bit more about these Celtics. They're very good, they play great defense( which we already know). Perkins got traded, Troy Murphy got signed, Ray Allen can shoot, Rajon Rondo can't, they've won their last two games, and KG is a punk, but did you know that Rondo is averaging 12.1apg? WHOOPDY FREAKIN DOO!

Seriously though, the Celtics are a Championship team. We know what they've done, what they'll do and what they can and usually do do and you know what that is. It's going to take a very, very good night from the Suns and a bit of an off night for the Celtics if Phoenix is to win this game. If you don't remember how the Suns won their last game against these guys, just check out the box score link below(January 28th). For those rebels that don't want to click the link, Gortat played like a monster and the Celtics shot 34% from the field court.

Now, I know I've said a win is unlikely, which it is, but did you know that the Suns have won 3 straight vs the Celtics? Did you know that they and the Magic are the only teams to have a winning record against them since 2007? 4-3 in fact(for the Suns). I bet you didn't. See, there is hope. The Suns are also on a 4 game winning steak, so you got that whole momentum thing going on; hope it caries over. They also have Steve Nash, Grant Hill, Channing Frye and Jared Dudley. In other words, they're awesome and they'll fight to the bitter end, so enjoy the game guys!

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Suns vs Celtics coverage


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Vince Carter isn't healthy. He's hurting out there and on most nights isn't producing. Should we sit him and give those minutes to healthier players?

  515 votes | Results

Boston Celtics 115, Phoenix Suns 103 When the Boston Celtics sauntered into US Airways Center back on Jan. 28, the Suns’ season seemed to be circling the drain. Phoenix had lost three in a row...

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The NBA just experienced a wild trade season with a flurry of deals around one common theme: trading a player before he hits free agency when you risk losing him for nothing. Perhaps that’s a...

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NBA Power Rankings: Hawks Are Fools' Gold, But Suns' Defense Might Be Serious

Speaking of defensive improvement, the Suns are up to No. 24 after pulling up the rear early this season. Can it get any better? Phoenix is in position to make the playoffs with a solid run to end the season; the defense has to be passable, at least, to get it done.

Game Notes: Suns at Nets: The Suns spoil Deron Williams’ home debut despite their best efforts to lose. - Russ Bengtson

An interesting game blog by Russ Bengtson on Slam Online.. good read if you didn't see the game, or if you want to relive it through this dude's eyes.

"As Suns coach Alvin Gentry spoke quietly to the media afterward, I wrote down "LOSER QUOTES" in my notebook, because that’s exactly what they sounded like — "We’ve got to do a much better job down the stretch executing," and "Hopefully we’ll learn from this and grow from it." I didn’t go to the other side to hear what Avery said."

Phoenix Suns-Houston Rockets Trade Recap: Aaron Brooks Will Give Suns More Value - David Barbour, Bleacher Report

The reason for the prediction that Brooks is the more likely candidate to shoot better for the rest of the season is simple. His shooting performances in his 34 games with the Rockets before being traded to the Suns were very uncharacteristic of him and unlike his shooting in any other season.

Early assessment of Brooks: He can help - Randy Hill,

With Vince Carter (who did play during crunch time in New Jersey) typically riding the pine late in games and Jared Dudley working for long stretches, Brooks can come in handy playing alongside Nash. Right, he's a relative gnome compared to most point guards, and having both of these guys in the game creates ugly defensive mismatches.

Phoenix Suns bench steps up in win over New Jersey Nets - Paul Coro

"They were going pretty good," Gentry said. "Maybe I should've let them finish out or at least until it's a close, close game."

Suns' Channing Frye hits game-winner for 2nd straight day to beat New Jersey Nets - Paul Coro

You never would expect Steve Nash, a veteran of 14 years, to foul a shooter with 2.7 seconds remaining and his team leading by three points

You never would expect Grant Hill, a veteran of 15 years, to be late on an inbounds pass and get a five-second violation when his team has a shot to win the game with 2.7 seconds to go.

But maybe you would expect Channing Frye to hit a game-winning shot in overtime. After all, he has done it two days in a row now.

Suns Saved By The Bell, Defeat Nets 104-103 In Overtime Battle - Cory Williams, SBNationAZ

Kris Humphries nearly stole the win away from the Suns with tip-in at the buzzer, but the referees ruled that the ball was still on the tips of his fingers when the red light went off.

Breaking down Channing Frye’s game-winners - Mike Schmitz, Valley of the Suns

"An awesome breakdown - as it suggests" - Captain Obvious

Phoenix Suns 104, New Jersey Nets 103 — Groundhog’s Day - Michael Schwartz, Valley of the Suns

"This is extremely humbling," Frye said. "They did a good job with holding me all night, not leaving me. … To be honest I’m not really nervous about the last second shot."

We got some Suns mention from one of our favorite SBNation dudes - Tom Ziller

Steve Nash Surprisingly Horrible In Late Clock Situations - Seth Pollack, SBNationAZ

Seth immortalizes the obvious in digital Ink. 

Grant Hill on the Dan Patrick Show this morning -

Phoenix Suns swingman Grant Hill joined the show to talk about his season and more.

Dan asked Hill if he likes his new role as a defender instead of a consistent scorer.
"I embrace it," Hill said. "I do like the challenge. It’s weird. As my career has evolved … now it’s trying to be a lock-down defender."

"No, thank you, Robin Lopez. I would not like one of your dunks to be dunked upon my head. I appreciate the offer, though. Maybe next time." Kris Humphries, probably

Let's let them know what we think

Speaking of nicknames, check out these Frye nicknames Grant and Steve have come up with...


Steve Admits his mistake,


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What should the new official nickname be for Channing Frye?

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