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We should not be surprised by Steve Nash's creative work off the basketball court -- directing and producing film, charitable work, and his success as an ad-man.

Nash plays the most creative position in the most creative (major American) pro sport and is generally considered the most creative player of his generation. 

Last night, Nash's latest creation aired on ESPN's 30-for-30 series.

"Into the Wind" (which isn't about the proper direction to face when near a sweaty Shaq) ran for a long 60 minutes on Tuesday and will surely repeat 3 or 20,000 times.

Here's a link to my full review of the show:

Reviewing 'Into The Wind', Steve Nash's Telling Of The Terry Fox Story - SB Nation Arizona
I get the appeal of the story and certainly have all the sympathy in the world for Fox and his valiant achievement, but I am hard-pressed to think that story gets green-lit if anyone other than Steve Nash is involved.

As you can probably guess, I am not a fan.

I get the impression that the story itself constrained Nash and limited his natural creativity. It was the Terry Porter of cinematic endeavors.

Creativity is a combination of seeing things that don't yet exist and turning them into a reality.

When Nash is being brilliant on the court with the ball in his hands, it's a combination of seeing possibilities before anyone else and then having the skill to execute his impromptu plan.

You see those same traits at work in his fantastic short videos and commercials. Here's another classic example:

He even says it in this commercial, "It's such a creative outlet to try and encompass all those moving parts."

He's talking about the game but what he says applies to anything Steve puts his attention to. 

I've spent time around Nash but don't claim to know him and I am not sure many people do. Steve is always polite and easy-going. He can be funny and charming at times but there always seems to be a wall between him and the world. Maybe the other side of that wall is just a mirror image of the side he displays publicly, but I suspect not.

These non-basketball creative endeavors are a small window through that wall but so far they've only provided a sliver of view. Nothing he's done has been at all introspective. Unlike the greatest artists he's yet to put himself into his work.

Humility and selflessness on the court makes Steve Nash one of the best distributors to ever run a basketball team but at times he's displayed a darker, edgier side to his game as well. That's the movie I want to see Steve Nash make.

PHOENIX — The secret ingredient for the 2009-10 Phoenix Suns was chemistry. The question now remains whether the 2010-11 squad can match that togetherness on the court and off it to become the...

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SB Nation Pacific Division Preview

The SB Nation Blogs Continue Their Previews With the Pacific Division.

Phoenix Suns head coach Alvin Gentry answers questions during media day Monday, Sept. 27, 2010, in Phoenix.  The Suns begin life without Amare Stoudemire this week with a training camp in San Diego. (AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin)

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8 days ago: Phoenix Suns head coach Alvin Gentry answers questions during media day Monday, Sept. 27, 2010, in Phoenix. The Suns begin life without Amare Stoudemire this week with a training camp in San Diego. (AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin)

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The Suns are in San Diego fleeing the triple digit heat and getting in their two-a-days for the next week. Here's the training camp schedule:

Wake up. Get to gym. Go back to hotel and eat lunch and nap. Get to gym. Go back to hotel and play video games and watch TV. Go to sleep.

And you thought your life was boring.

With all that wonderful gym time, the team will be looking to answer a few questions:

1) Is chemistry a random explosion or the result of a carefully planned and managed experiment? 

The Suns credited their "great chemistry" for pretty much everything that went right last season. Rebound the ball well? Zone defense effective against the Lakers?  Locker room harmony and ass-slapping humor? Chemistry. Chemistry. Chemistry.

Can the Suns find that same mix again this year or was last season something special that only comes along every so often. Players cited last year's training camp as the start of the great C and credited things like "hanging out" and "eating together" as catalysts. 

Sounds easy, right? Just put the boys in a room together, throw in some food and lock the door. Bingo!

Not so fast. As Jason Richardson explained a few weeks ago, you can't force C.

"It's not going to be forced, when it's forced that's when things don't happen."

Everyone is betting on the "quality" of the new guys to fit in and find just the right, sweet blend. 

2) Who will emerge from the Chucky Atkins, Matt Janning, Zabian Dowdell 5th guard spot death match?

If this were a real death match I would probably have to go with Chucky just based on experience. Matt's got the farm-boy toughness and Zabian's flame burns just a bit too low for me.

As for their competition for the 5th guard spot (if there even is one, which isn't a given) I would give the edge to Matt. The coaching staff has been impressed with his work ethic and ability to distribute the ball. He's got a funky two-handed follow through on his shot but he made a ton of them in work outs that I watched. Money.

Chucky, at 36 still looks like he can play a bit but his size makes him defensive liability and with the team having so many other options to handle the ball I just don't see it for him.

Zabian does a lot of things well. He's a solid guard who is precise and smart on the floor. His outside shot doesn't seem all that good but he's a good defender at the point guard position. I just don't think he does enough really good to beat out Janning, but we'll see.

3) What happens when you put Robin Lopez, Dwayne Jones and Garret Siler in the paint together?

I think it's safe to say that Robin Lopez has his roster spot secure. Not so much with the other two. Big man coach (and just a big man) Bill Cartwright wasn't all that impressed with Siler when we chatted yesterday. Sure, he's big but as Big Bill pointed out, you still have to be able to play basketball.

Jones on the other hand was complimentary of his competition saying how impressed he was with Siler's quick feet and how it was impossible to go through him when he sets a screen. He uses his size well, according to Dwayne.

It's not inconceivable that the Suns keep both Jone and Siler but I doubt it. My money is on the more skilled and better conditioned Dwayne Jones but if Siler works his ass off (literally like 15 pounds of it) then you never know.

This one's a toss up (although we still think Robin's job is secure).

4) 17 walk in, how many walk out?

Remember a few years ago when Amare's knee broke on the first day of training camp? Or when Boris poked Amare in the eye during training camp? Or when Robin broke his foot during training camp?

Well, Amare's gone so that's one less injury to worry about but there's still Robin and 16 other guys - about half of whom are really important to the team. 

Injuries are part of the game and we should all be rubbing our local rabbit's feet and hoping for nothing serious to befall anyone. Or at least anyone important. 

5) What will surprise us from camp this year?

It's always something. Perhaps it will be a Twitter-video shower scene from Jared Dudley who's battling with Darnell Dockett for the best Twitter athlete in Phoenix sports. Or maybe it will be revealed that Grant Hill and Steve Nash actually are pod people from Cocoon and J-Chill's hair is really fake. 

What do you think will be the most surprising news to come out of Suns training camp this season?

Bonus question: What kind of world are we living in that this got banned from TV?

PHOENIX — At 2:30 p.m. Monday, the Phoenix Suns officially started the 2010-11 season … sort of. The Suns departed for training camp Monday after running through the media day gauntlet of...

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