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Brandon Knight press conference at noon, Phoenix time today. Probably streaming on

OHAITHEREDEVINBOOKER!  The youngest Sun blew up the Summer League with 31 points on Sunday evening.  Phoenix heads into the Summer League Championship game against San Antonio Monday night at 6PMon TNT!

In other news, the Marvel Cinematic Universe continues to take over the actual filmgoing universe with Ant-Man's number one debut.  Pluto got its close-up from NASA's New Horizons probe.  And Amazon Prime Day turned out to be your neighbor's crappy garage sale unless you were in the market for a Kindle or Fire.

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Life On Planet Orange 1. Phoenix Suns, fans in preparation of the upcoming season, start channeling your inner Rick James voice. He may not be stepping on the floor for Phoenix but you will have the...

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The Summer Suns face the Spurs' version on Monday night for the Summer League Championship. Of course it's the Spurs. Could it be anyone else?

Making matters ever more face-palming is that the Spurs second-year player Kyle Anderson, nicknamed Slo-Mo for his style of play, has won the SL MVP award for averaging more than 22 points and nearly 6 rebounds per game.

The Suns' T.J. Warren was named to the first-team All-NBA Summer League Team as one of the top five performers during the first 6 games. These teams are voted on by the media members still in attendance over the weekend for the mini-playoffs. Warren made the second-team All-NBA Summer League a year ago.

Warren is a master at scoring form anywhere inside 15 feet, making several acrobatic plays to get his shot off no matter how many defenders surround him. Here's highlights of Warren's 31 points on Saturday that fueled the Suns comeback to push the team into the Semi-Finals on Saturday.

Yesterday, against the Pelicans, Warren slightly pulled his hammy in the first quarter and only scored two points in the Suns big win.

Hopefully, he will be healthy in the Finals tonight against the Spurs.

Devin Booker and coach Nate Bjorkgren talked about what went right on Sunday after Phoenix knocked off New Orleans.

Suns fans got what they've been waiting for on Sunday evening, a dazzling shooting performance from first round draft pick Devin Booker.

Booker poured in a summer high of 31 points, knocking off New Orleans 93-87 and catapulting the Suns into a Monday matchup with San Antonio. Winner gets the 2015 NBA Summer League crown. Loser goes home. Winner also goes home.

Booker spoke after the game about getting in the zone as well as some things that he has to work on as the summer progresses.

"I felt really good. It always feels good when you get the win. That's what we're here for, big semifinal game, getting ready for the championship game tomorrow."

"I still missed some shots I could've made. Had a lot of turnovers tonight so there's always something to work on, but like I said we're back at it tomorrow."

Booker talked about how he's able to click with his teammates, particularly when he's tasked with shouldering the bulk of the scoring mode.

"Just get lost in the game. That's some advice I was told in college. You know, we're just playing basketball, the thing I've always played my whole life so, you know, just go out there and have fun with it."

"I'm just out there trying to get the win so whatever my team needs me to do to win, you know i'm trying to do it. I'm getting a little bit more comfortable, got a lot of older guys out there, I was just adjusting to the game flow."

So what of being the go-to guy on offense?

"You know I was in high school, not really in college, whatever the team needs for me to do I feel like i'll do. If I need to score, i'll score for my team, but it's not something I just look forward to doing. I want to work on other things."

As he has throughout Summer League, coach Nate Bjorkgren was complimentary of Booker's shot but placed emphasis on other things the 18 year old does well.

""He absorbs everything. Offensively, defensively, man he's just got a lot of potential there and he's got a lot of toughness in him. I know I've been saying this all week, that people kind of pointed him out to be just a shooter, he's got so much more than that in him. He can pass, he can dribble, he plays D, he talks out there, so he has a nice complete game."

Bjorkgren stressed that when Booker is doing those other things well, it helps his shot find the bottom of the net.

"I think that's how it is for everybody. You have to be engaged on both ends of the floor. You know, our defense has fueled our offense this entire time. You have to have those active hands and be out there talking. We talk about how we want our defense to create our offense and then everything else starts opening up. So that's the plan going into every game."

The defense will be critical if Phoenix is to get a win against San Antonio Monday night. Points have come at a premium against the Spurs who held Atlanta to 68 on Sunday.

"We just talk about having that mental focus and mental toughness and doing what we do. Trust in our defense and keep sharing it and just having that focus. In the regular season you'll have four games in five or six nights and everybody else is going through the same thing. So if you can stay focused on what we're trying to do you can put yourself in a better situation."

The Suns will also face a deep San Antonio bench who scored 38 of the Spurs 75 points against the Hawks.

"Everybody out here is 10 deep. Even if a guy has played 4-5 games, maybe a guy has only played 6-7 minutes a game, everybody out here can play, and is waiting for their time. It's just you got to go out there as a team and be ready."

Next Up - the Championship!

The Summer Suns and San Antonio Spurs tipoff from the Thomas and Mack Center in Las Vegas, Monday at 6pm ET.

Expect Alex Len to get the start after taking a day off last night.

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