In another surprise move, the Phoenix Suns on Thursday traded reserve point guard Goran Dragic to the Houston Rockets in exchange for Aaron Brooks, according to multiple sources. The Arizona...

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Didn't see this coming and honestly not sure how I feel about it. Goran Dragic has not had a good season for sure but I still believe in his upside and while Aaron Brooks can score the ball, he's a horrible defender. Brooks is also a restricted free agent so he will need to be paid next year while Dragic had a team option on his contract for 2011-12.

Dragic is certainly a favorite of mine. I like his game and his make up but there's no doubt he took a big step back this season. The front office people that believed in him and brought him to the Suns are gone and over the past few weeks there were signs that the coaching staff was losing some faith in him. I still think he'll turn out fine and am not sure the Suns won't end up regretting this.

The price for Brooks was not only Dragic but the Suns first round pick. If the Suns make the playoffs, Houston gets the Phoenix 2011 pick. If the Suns don't make the playoffs the Rockets get the Orlando pick acquired in the trade in December.

What do you all think? Did the Suns give up on Dragic too soon or is Brooks a guy you can get behind for the future thanks to his speed and scoring ability?

The Suns were also reportedly involved in a possible deal for Paul Millsap that would have cost Robin Lopez and Mickael Pietrus. Not sure how solid that is or what happened. Stay tuned for more on that.

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A bit more on Brooks...


Rockets guard Brooks suspended for walking off court | NBA Basketball | - Houston Chronicle
Frustrated for weeks about his diminished role, Rockets guard Aaron Brooks will have no role at all tonight against the Denver Nuggets. The Rockets suspended Brooks for one game for leaving the court in the fourth quarter of Saturday’s win over the Memphis Grizzlies at Toyota Center, general manager Daryl Morey said.

Do you like the Dragic for Brooks trade?

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Here we are folks, one of the most exciting days of the NBA season. The NBA Trade Deadline is today at 3 p.m. ET (1 p.m. local) and the Phoenix Suns are not a likely mover. All signs points to a quiet day but that doesn't mean we won't be surprised by a move from Robert Sarver's front office. Again.

As I wrote a few days ago, what the Suns have  that other teams might want is wings. Yummy, juicy, good-shooting wings. The Boston Celtics and Chicago Bulls both would desperately love to get their hands on guys like Mickael Pietrus or Jared Dudley and even Grant Hill (as if!), so it's not surprising their names have come up.

The Boston Herald reported the other day the Celtics were poking around and trying to get a nice spicy wing to help their championship run but they have next to nothing to offer unless they are willing to take on Josh Childress' contract which they don't seem to want to do. The Suns would do a deal with the Celtics for Pietrus or perhaps even Dudley if it included Glenn Davis but the C's don't want to move him. 

Nate Robinson and a late first round pick is what they are reportedly offering. That's not going to get anything done. At least it better not. The Bulls have even less to offer now that they moved James Johnson to the Raptors for Miami's draft pick (also worth little this year).

Chicago does has space under the cap (about $3m) so in theory they can take on Childress (mostly) but I am not sure why they would and the Suns certainly shouldn't be desperate enough to bribe a team with cap space to take him like the Clippers did when they swapped Baron Davis for Mo Williams and threw in what will be a lottery pick to entice the Cavs to take on an extra $12m in salary (Davis vs Williams).

For the record, I think Josh Childress is a good player and will end up helping the Suns. He's stuck right now because of the log jam which isn't his fault. It would be a mistake to sell low on him. He's working hard on his outside shooting and should be a factor in years to come. 

The only thing to pass as rumor today is this tweet from Andrian Wojnarowski from Yahoo! that teams like Dudley. To which I respond, duh.

Twitter / @Adrian Wojnarowski: Dudley is a popular player ...
Dudley is a popular player in Phoenix, beloved by organization. Several GM's are dubious Suns would part with him. Need an excellent offer.

So that's where things stand. A few dogs are sniffing around the couple of assets that would be appealing to teams trying to make a run at a ring but the Suns price will be high and the buyers don't have much to offer. That all should lead to a quiet day.

On the Vince Carter front there is zero whisper of news and that's not surprising.

The Suns don't want to take on long term deal which would be the price of moving him. Remember, he's owed either $18m next year or a $4m buy out before the CBA expires. For a team to want that kind of expiring contract means they have to have contracts to move to match the salary which means the Suns are taking back contracts which they don't want to do. Again, that all leads to nothing happening.

Now, several Suns fans have suggested the Suns SHOULD do something. Should they?

Gerald Wallace

Gerald Wallace is reportedly on the blocks from Charlotte who wants to move the $10.5m he's owed next year with a player option for 2012-13 for the same amount. The Bobcats likely want an expiring contract plus some kind of kicker like picks or a young player on a rookie deal. The Suns don't have anything to match that.

The best Phoenix could do would be to offer Carter's expiring (w/ $4m buy out) for Wallace and also take on DeSagana Diop who is out for a year with an Achilles injury. He's owed $6.9m next year and a player option for $7.3m in 2012-13. Do the Suns really want to take on $14.2m in Diop salary for the right to try and figure out how to play with Gerald Wallace...another wing? Not likely. And no, the Bobcats aren't taking back Warrick or Childress in return. Why would they? 

A couple of  power forwards have moved and we all know the Suns want one of those. In fact, Alvin Gentry himself said the other day the only thing on his wish list is a low post player who they can throw the ball to that demands a double team. Guess how many of those are out there? But first, guess how many of those the Suns have? Same answer.

(btw, don't think Gortat's inability to score against smaller players in the post off switches won't go unnoticed around the league. Teams, especially late in games, will switch those pick and rolls and force Nash to hit tough shots or throw the ball to Gortat who they don't trust. That's why Frye's ability to post up guards is so won the game last night.)

Troy Murphy and Carl Landry are two interesting power forwards who have already moved. Did the Suns miss out?

No, the price for both was too high for guys who are both on expiring contracts. The Warriors gave up a young prospect in Brandon Wright for Murphy and the Hornets gave up dynamic young scoring guard, Marcus Thorton who the Kings now control with restricted free agency moving forward.

The only guy the Suns possibly could have offered of comparable quality would have been Pietrus. Is renting Landry or Murphy worth the price of Pietrus who has a player option for next year and said he wants to come back?

Not sure about that...not to mention Murphy's salary is $12m so it also took a matching expiring contract of considerable size to get that done and the Suns don't have that.

So, hang on to your shorts and watch the fireworks but don't expect the Suns to make a move.


Not surprisingly, there is zero indication that Nash is going anywhere. Move along.


For all your NBA trade deadline updates for the rest of the league, be sure to open a browser tab for this stream.

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Some links...

This comes as absolutely no surprise...

Suns’ Dudley won’t be dealt « | Hang Time Blog
A team source tells TNT’s David Aldridge that the Phoenix Suns will not trade forward Jared Dudley before today’s deadline. Several teams gave been trying to get Dudley, including the Celtics and Rockets.

These are two fun reads that aren't about trades (I know, right!)

Vince Carter, the Suns and the Cost of Adjustment -
The most prudent solution for Gentry and his team may be to do nothing. Perhaps it’s a bit fatalistic to simply accept Carter in his lesser form, but the Suns lack any clearly superior options. Good coaches alter their schemes to fit their personnel, but better ones can correctly identify which players are worthy of that kind of investment. Carter was once talented enough to make his team adjust to his game, but the Suns have little motivation to accommodate a fading star on his way out.


It's not perfect, but 'Melo, Amar'e still can make it work |
In a way, the Knicks' offense was pretty ugly. The Knicks scored more points per possession on Wednesday than they averaged before the trade. And they did it against a top-five defensive team without having practiced together, and with their point guard not really knowing the plays. That's pretty scary when you think about it. "I think it's pretty obvious," D'Antoni said afterward, "that we're going to be pretty potent offensively."

Should the Suns make a move before the deadline?

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PHOENIX — The Phoenix Suns’ bench played such a stellar second quarter that it rivaled any of their efforts from a year ago. After Atlanta opened the quarter with a bucket to tie the game, they...

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And so it's begun! The Suns start their 2nd half season surge with an 8-point win against the Hawks. This was a nice win overall, don't really have any complaints. The Suns beat a good team to go one game over .500 and that's all that matters.

They did their thing. They came out playing no defense, than they go on a tear(thanks to the bench) to build an 18pt lead which had them feeling really confident. In fact so confident that they decided to let the Hawks back in on purpose just to make the game more interesting for the viewers(how nice of them). Atlanta managed to tie the game 92-92 by a three from Josh Smith. That's when Nash looked at Frye and told him, "This is all part of the plan". Frye looked back at him and said, "I know" with a grin as he went on to score 6 points and block a shot to get the Suns back up by 8. Nash then sealed the deal with free-throws. Your typical Suns game. I mean nothing really out of the ordinary happened besides Dudz dunking, Warrick bombing and the bench playing ridiculously well the 2nd quarter. Yup, it was the usual, but hey that's what we ordered right? Well, as long as it gets us a win. 

Highlights after the jump!

Besides Nash doing his thing- 13 points, 10 assist and poor shot clock management; the Phoenix Suns bench and Channing Frye really stepped up tonight.

Channing Frye

I said Frye would have a big game and he didn't disappoint. 20 points on 8-14 shooting including 4-8 from downtown. He was clutch as always scoring 6 huge points under 2 minutes left in the game. He came up big tonight and that's what we need. Really, we do need that. Frye is the key to this team's success(besides Nash). Remember how if J-Rich scored 20 or more points we'd usually win? Well, if Frye plays well and hits his threes we usually win. Simple as that. Everyone give it up for Channing Frye!

The Bench

Marcin Gortat- 13 points, 12 rebounds. Had his eye pocked in the 4rth quarter. Although it didn't hold him back it looked bad. Hope he's ok.

Mickael Pietrus- 11 points on his typical 3-10 shooting.

Hakim Warrick- 10 points including an awesome 3 point make that came at the last second as the shot clock winded down.

Goran Dragic- Contributed 4 assist and was the coordinator of a 28-16 2nd quarter for the Suns. Unfortunately he faded back to Goran Tragic in the 2nd half.

Jared Freaking Studley- 2 steals and 17 points on 6-9 shooting including 4-5 from three. Seriously, maybe he should be our starter instead of that guy with a beard who just happens to look like Vince Carter?

Together they combined for 50 points. They did well for the most part... Lets give it up for our bench!



It was a good win that got us back over .500 and it feels good to start our playoff surge that way. I just want to say that I really like Channing Frye. He doesn't get enough credit around here. He's a perfect fit for this team and I hope he's here for a long time. Of course you all know how I feel about Jared Dudley, but do you know that I think he should be a starter? Well, now ya do. I hope you enjoyed this game as much as me. It was a pleasure to right this recap for you. I love wins!


Peachtree Hoops

Hawks vs Suns boxscore

[Note by Seth Pollack, 02/23/11 10:40 PM MST ]

Phoenix Suns Close Out Atlanta Hawks In Final Game Before Trade Deadline, 105-97 - SB Nation Arizona

"I just thought we didn't do a very good job with our decisions at the start of the fourth quarter.We didn't do a good job executing and as I said, we get the ball right into the post, we got to be able to complete those. We stuck Grant (Hill) down there and he did a good job, we stuck Channing (Frye) down there and Channing came through for us," Gentry said.



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