Forget the gimmicky, harsh-looking alternate jerseys. The Phoenix Suns, among others, are bringing back some classics this coming season, according to The Suns will run out their 1990s...

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After making the process as painful as possible for the Phoenix Suns in the Eric Gordon saga, the New Orleans Hornets are suddenly the team who wants to play ball. The Hornets would like to add young center Robin Lopez to their team, but the Suns have rights to match any offer made to Lopez.

The Hornets have two options: overpay dramatically for Lopez, or negotiate a sign-and-trade with the Phoenix Suns for his rights. Otherwise, if the Hornets agree to a reasonable contract with Lopez, the Suns will just match it and keep the young center.

According to reporters, including Paul Coro, the Suns and Hornets have yet to reach an agreeable deal.

I can imagine the exchange...


"Yeah, hey there, Lon. It's Dell."

"Dell who?"

"Umm, uhh, Dell Demps, with the New Orleans Hornets."

"Ohhh, riiiight, you mean the Dell Demps that wouldn't return my phone calls about Eric Gordon a couple weeks ago, when I wanted to explore a sign-and-trade?"

"Uhh, yeah. You know, there was a good reas--"

"You mean the Dell Demps that waited until the very last possible second to match my offer sheet?"

"Yeah, that's--"

"You mean the Dell Demps that waited three more days to complete Gordon's physical and free up my cap space?"

"Well, about that--"

"F you, Dell."

"Hey now, let's not get overly emotional over this. I want to talk to you about Robin Lopez--"

"You mean the Robin Lopez I would have included in a sign-and-trade for Eric Gordon?"

"Ya but--"

"F u, Dell."

"Hey you can't say that! I wear sunglasses inside, for gawd sakes. I'm cool! I'm so cool I don't even need to talk face-to-face with my star player while he's under my control, even when that star player is doing everything he can in public to get attention. People don't talk to me like--"

"F u, Dell."

"Stop saying that! You know I worked for supercool R.C. Buford right?"

"I don't give fly fig about R.C. Buford. Okay, what do you want, Dell?"

"I want Robin Lopez. And I want him for cheap, so I want you to trade him to me for a 2017 second-round pick that's top-59 protected."

click...dial tone...

"Hello? Is anyone there?"

The Phoenix Suns made it clear early this offseason that they’d make the re-signing of Robin Lopez some level of a priority, but Yahoo!’s Adrian Wojnarowski is reporting that the team and...

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It's nearly impossible to satisfy the conversational needs of all people at all times. We here at BSotS work hard on our feature stories knowing full well that they aren't the only story in town. We love giving you real analysis and insight instead of just popping a headline with little content as it happens. Plus, we also work hard at our real-life, bill-paying jobs so we can't ever hope to keep up on the news (or non-news) as fast as paid reporters can.

As a result, there's been a lot of what some would call "highjacking" and others would call "timely" comments in a thread that are completely off-topic to the thread itself, often linking to some news or another story. Yes, it's interesting to some that Michael Beasley told a reporter he thinks of himself as an all-star. And it's interesting to some that the Suns signed a 13th-man who's been playing overseas for several years.

I understand it's tough when you want to talk about one of those things, rather than Telfair or Marshall, and there's not an article on BSotS about it. So, you just post an off-topic comment right in a thread on something else.


Thanks to the suggestions of several members last night, I hatched a "Pick and Pop" thread in the fanposts section. It's in the fanposts section because that way it's less likely to scroll off the page within a day or two. Here's your place to talk about ANYTHING that's not covered in front-page stories that day. The name is bland - I'd love to get some suggestions on what to call it. It will be a weekly (or as needed, depending on depth of comments) post for all things anyone wants to discuss.

Awesome right?

If you feel like commenting, please do NOT comment here. Go to the Pick And Pop fanpost instead!

This article is simply a Howdy Do! intro for Pick And Pop - Open NBA/Suns Thread - Week of July 23.

Click on over and we'll see you there!

After playing just 17 games for Toronto during the 2006-07 season before bouncing around Europe these past five seasons, it would have been easy for P.J. Tucker to think his shot at NBA glory had...

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