It's pushing 90+ degrees here in the valley of sun stroke and skin cancer. It is early May, and there's good news and bad news. Obviously the good news for we Suns fans was watching the Spurs get dropped in the first round. The Lakers appear headed for a similar upset, meanwhile I gotta admit I've become a Grizz fan. The Bad News is that we are all on the outside looking in on the postseason. It's not much fun is it?

And to all the mothers out there, and all of you have at one point had a mother:  Happy Mother's Day to y'all from your friends at BSOTS!!

Suns Attending Mass Draft Workout: SB 

The 2011 NBA Draft is around the corner, and it's time to start delving into the talent pool. Who will the Sacramento Kings and Golden State Warriors choose in this year's lottery? Stay tuned to find out. Includes list of attendees

Lakers Self Destructing? Lakers End of a Dynasty? OMG What do We Do? SB-T Ziller.

A season without a title does not end a dynasty; the San Antonio Spurs never won back-to-back banners, for instance, but dominated the NBA for a time (2003-2007). The Lakers' dynasty will survive insomuch as it isn't dead solely for this defeat (assuming the defeat comes to pass); if we've killed the Lakers, we'll have known it. This isn't it.

Wartime Golf Rules in the U.K. John Bois, SB (Totally not NBA Related But Kind of Weird)

A player whose stroke is affected by the simultaneous explosion of a bomb may play another ball from the same place. Penalty, one stroke.

Big Decisions for Magic: Earl Clark Finds New Life With Magic. Orlando Sentinel:

"His potential as a defensive player and as a defensive impact guy is unlimited," Van Gundy said, "if he can get down some better team defensive principles and focus and if he can truly understand that his route to being a special player in this league lies at the defensive end."

Marcin Gortat In His Own Words. AZ Central

In this vid, Gortat Talks Gortat

Lebron Utters the "R" Word After Loss. SB Nation 

For the second time this year, an NBA mega-star has been caught on camera using speech that could easily be deemed offensive or hateful. First it was Kobe Bryant, who mouthed "fa***t" at a referee during an especially heated moment in April.

*Ed Note: Will the apology be similar's to KG's? "Er, um, well you know I know a lot of retarded people, have many in my family, close friends and all that who are retarded and um...F it, I donated a $1mil to some retard organization."

Rajon Rondo Dislocates His Elbow, Thus Leading to LeBron's Gaffe

Rajon Rondo injures elbow in tie-up with Dwyane Wade -- Boston Celtics vs. Miami Heat Game 3 (via nbavideosnow)

Today could be Phil Jackson's last game as an NBA head coach. With his Lakers down 3-0, and loud chatter that he is set to retire after the season, the end is near for the man who has coached a whopping 11 NBA championship teams. In the Eastern Conference semifinals, the Bulls will try to extend their 2-1 lead over the Hawks in Atlanta. After a slow start to the playoffs that saw the Bulls struggle in games against the Pacers and lose game 1 to Atlanta, they look to be rounding into form now.


Today's games:

Lakers at Mavericks, 12:30PM PDT, ABC. Mavericks lead series 3-0.

Bulls at Hawks, 5:00PM PDT, TNT. Bulls lead series 2-1.

Happy Mothers Day! Listen to what Mr. T has to say.

The Grizzlies meet the Thunder in Memphis today in a pivotal game 3, tied 1-1, and the late game features the Celtics trying to get up off the mat down 2-0 to the Heat. Can the Grizzlies continue their magical playoff ride? Will the Celtics respond to their desperate situation better than the Lakers did last night?


Today's games:

Oklahoma City at Memphis, 2PM PDT, ESPN. Series tied 1-1.

Miami at Boston, 5:15PM PDT, ABC. Heat lead series 2-0.

It’s impossible to project the kind of financial flexibility the Phoenix Suns will possess this offseason and beyond before the new collective bargaining agreement is set. So many options could...

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After an inexplicable day off right as action had reached dramatic points in the series, playoff games return today as the Bulls and Hawks vie for the lead in their series, tied 1-1. But, we all know the game that has us Suns fans ready to celebrate more than last night's Cinco de Mayo festivities did. The Mavericks can take full command of their series at home against the Lakers, up 2-0 and with the Lakers missing the suspended Ron Artest. One could call Artest's cheap shot on JJ Barea "Horry-esque", but Artest has a long enough rap sheet that his punkish behavior doesn't need to be compared to anyone else's. It stands on its own.


If the prospect of Josh Smith on the Suns gives you that special feeling, I suggest you read this. Warning: It might act as a cold shower.

The Lakers and their fans can take solace in the fact that it is possible for a team to come back from losing their first two games at home to win the series and go on to make the Finals. OK, that might not have provided much comfort to Lakers fans, but it sure made me feel good.

Tonight's games:

Bulls at Hawks, 4PM PDT, ESPN. Series tied 1-1.

Lakers at Mavericks, 6:30PM PDT, ESPN. Mavericks lead series 2-0.

Vamos! (Since we had no Cinco de Mayo games, Seis de Mayo will have to do.)

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