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Tom Ziller's latest attempt to mock the 2012 NBA Draft for SB Nation is up, and ready for your perusal.

We're about a week away from the 2012 NBA Draft ... and no one has any clue what will happen after the No. 1 pick. Let's randomly list 29 names!

He's got some doozies. Kendall Marshall to Toronto? Sullinger still top 10 despite back issues? Perry Jones III to the Bucks?

For Suns fans, he has 4 of the shooting guard prospects all available at #13, with the Suns staying with their rumored preference of Dion Waiters.

Rivers, Lamb and Ross go to the Mavericks, Wolves and Magic, respectively. Oh, and Quincy Miller - my personal sleeper for a great NBA career - goes to the Nuggets. Friggin Nuggets. "I especially look forward to a Wilson Chandler-Quincy Miller-Danilo Gallinari-Corey Brewer-Jordan Hamilton line-up. George Karl, everyone!"

Ross can get up there.

Posted on www.azcentral.com early this morning is a story centered on a series of quotes from the Suns' draft guy, John Treloar. It's not really news, per se, but it's SOMETHING from the Suns front office. Actual quotes about actual prospects. So let's chew on it a bit.

Phoenix Suns eye options to add scoring through the draft | Paul Coro | azcentral.com

While nothing in the article says the Suns are definitely taking a shooting guard with their #13 pick, it certainly seems that they are interested in doing so.

Hit the link to read Treloar's quotes on Dion Waiters (attacks the basket), Austin Rivers (scorer mentality), Jeremy Lamb (great size, tough sophomore year) and Terrence Ross (underrated, but might just be the best of the bunch).

The Suns have been talking about adding a go-to scorer at the wing for 2 years now, ever since the talent exodus after the 2010 playoff run. Waiters and Rivers fit the bill of creating their own offense, though neither is a sure thing. Lamb and Ross are bigger and offer a defensive presence that the Suns also need, but don't often create their own shots at the basket.

Treloar's comments on Terrence Ross are interesting. Yesterday, the latest ESPN mock draft had Beal, Waiters, Rivers and Lamb all gone by the Suns' #13 pick, leaving only Ross for the Suns. While I doubt that 4 shooting guards (including Bradley Beal) will be taken in the first 12 picks of a PF-heavy draft, it's almost certain that at least Ross will be available for the Suns next Thursday.

The question is: if any of the other 4 are available as well, would the Suns take Ross? At this point, I've got to think that the Suns would take any of those other guys ahead of Ross. Beal is not an option. He will be taken in the first 5 picks. But any of the others could drop to 13.

At this point, the Suns need someone who can create offense where its not handed to them on a silver platter. Waiters and Rivers make their own offense and they both have the alpha-male mentality, so they appear to fit the bill best on a team devoid of alpha talent under contract. Neither Lamb nor Ross are alpha males, but they can defend and they can make jump shots. Lamb has a higher upside of the two. He is longer in the arms, and had been successful on a better college team.

But if Terrence Ross were the only one available, I am sure the Suns would be pleased with that too. He may have a lower ceiling than the others, but he also brings the lowest risk. And with his defensive abilities and shooting touch, he could be another Eddie Jones which ain't too shabby.

Sounds to me like Treloar is setting us up for that possibility.

The Thunder have come out, determined not to lose 3 in a row. Westbrook's not shooting like an idiot. Collison-- COLLISON?!?-- is scoring. Hustle, hustle hustle everywhere. Will this be a blowout? Can they keep this pace up for 3 more quarters? What happens when LeBron and DWade get going?

OKC is up 33-19. They've finally shown up for the first quarter of the Finals. Chime in with any Bron hate or love.

Or just sit there and watch it by yourself.

Join the Mel Kiper of ValleyoftheSuns AKA Mike Schmitz and the rest of the gang for this draft preview chat.

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Don't be surprised if the Sixers choose to amnesty Brand to free up $18 million of cap space.

In the last offering, I dissected the Southwest Division, which promises to be one of the most formidable groups from top to bottom next season with the likely resurgence of the Hornets. This next excursion will delve into a division that boasts 8 of the top 20 free agents according to hoopshype.

Extensive BSotS draft coverage continues to provide a look at players the Suns may select with their 13th pick, but this preview series will take a brief glance division by division (6 total) to offer insight on the machinations of the Suns' opponents in preparation of the impending free agency period. In our continuing effort to be your primary provenance for all that is NBA, and especially Phoenix Suns, the subject of this offering will be a look at the Atlantic Division with a slant at how the actions of these teams may affect the maneuverability of the Phoenix Suns.

Special thanks to contributors from SB Nation sister sites that were gracious enough to provide input.

Flounce forward for further free agency factoids...

**Only guaranteed contracts and player options are being computed into cap numbers for the purpose of this analysis. Cap holds, exceptions, etc. haven't been figured into this number to determine an exact value. This is just to get a general idea of where each teams stands relative to the salary cap, which is expected to be in the neighborhood of $61 million. Salary information courtesy of Shamsports.

Boston Celtics (39-27)

Draft Picks: 1st round 21st overall, 1st round 22nd overall, 2nd round 51st overall

Cap Number with Options: ~$36.4 million for 7 players (Pierce, Rondo, Bass, Bradley, Johnson, Moore, and Williams).

Options: Bass (Player Option).

Free Agents: Garnett, Allen, Dooling, Daniels, Pavlovic, Pietrus, and Hollins (Unrestricted). Steisma (Restricted).

Roy Hobbs from Celtics Blog answered the following questions:

It appears that the situation with Garnett is still up in the air (we can empathize re: Nash), but staying a Celtic or retiring seem to be more likely than a new destination. What kind of deal (years/money) is Garnett looking for, and who are the Celtics looking to bring in to influence Garnett's decision to stay (if that is the direction they are taking)?

There are two choices for KG: Come back, or retire. I really can't see him signing with another team, although the Nets, Spurs, and other teams have been rumored to have interest. (Really, who wouldn't want him?) In terms of the contract, there's been a lot of speculation that he's looking for a two year deal, in the $8 to $12 million range. Another thing that we've heard is that KG is willing to take less money, but he doesn't want to make less than players being brought in to do less than he does. In other words, don't expect KG to agree to a sub-MLE deal.

In terms of who the Celtics need to bring in to appease KG, in an ideal world the team would probably sign a center, simply because KG doesn't love playing the position (even if he's arguably better there than PF these days). I think KG will be happy if Danny Ainge brings back the same team as this year. I get the sense that KG would be thrilled if the Celtics re-signed Ray Allen, Brandon Bass, and Jeff Green. That may make the Celtics' best strategy to go over the cap (and possibly luxury tax) to bring everyone back, preferably on deals of no greater than two years.

Ray Allen struggled with injuries and saw his scoring average dip to its lowest total since his rookie year, but still set a career high mark for 3 point field goal percentage. How much do you think he has left in the tank and what do you think he'll be looking for in terms of role and compensation from a new team (assuming he leaves Boston)?

I don't want to presume that Ray leaves Boston, just because I think he can still help the Celtics. He clearly still wants to play, and my guess is that he'll sign somewhere for between $5 and $7 million per year. My sense is that Ray wants the security of a two year deal,and with some of his OCD-like issues, a team would be smart to give it to him, as it will provide Ray some comfort. Ray is probably going to want to start, but I think that in an ideal world he'd embrace the 6th man role. At best, he's going to be the 4th best player in most teams' starting lineup. Off the bench, though, he can be a focal point against the other teams' bench defenders, and he won't be mismatched on defense as much.

Either of Garnett’s two choices (as delineated above) throws a potential monkey wrench into the whimsical fancy that was the formation of the League of Extraordinary Old Gentlemen. If the Suns are looking for one year stop gaps, they may have to rummage elsewhere. The Celtics are at a juncture where they could make a pretty clean break (they only have Pierce’s contract left, and it is only fully guaranteed through next season) or renovate around the core that just reached this year’s Eastern Conference Finals.

I have a hunch it may be an all or nothing situation with respect to returning the players on expiring deals.

New York Knicks (36-30)

Draft Picks: 2nd round 48th overall

Cap Number with Options: ~$64.7 million for 10 players (Anthony, Stoudemire, Chandler, Smith, Balkman, Shumpert, Douglas, Harrellson, Jordan, and Gadzuric)

Options: Smith (Player Option).

Free Agents: Walker, Bibby, Davis, Jeffries, and Novak (Unrestricted). Fields and Lin (Restricted).

Seth from Posting and Toasting answered the following questions:

What is the Knicks interest level in acquiring Steve Nash in a sign and trade deal? Any thoughts on a potential deal?

The only mention I've heard of Nash is something involving an outright signing. I'm sure that's something that interests the Knicks, but unless the union wins their arbitration and Jeremy Lin and Steve Novak get their Bird rights, the Knicks probably won't have more than the veteran's minimum to offer. I'm sure the Knicks are interested in Nash, but it doesn't seem like a likely match.

Where do the Knicks stand with respect to retaining the services of both Fields and Lin?

They're pretty dead-set on signing Lin whether or not he has Bird rights. Grunwald and Woodson have already spoken about him as if he'll certainly be on the team next year. Fields's status is less clear. If the union loses the case, it seems unlikely that the Knicks would be able to match any offers for Fields (and I assume he'll get some). If the union wins and New York has some money to spend, I still don't think it's a sure thing. Woodson didn't turn to Fields too often this past year, and I wouldn't be surprised if Landry would prefer to start over elsewhere. That said, the Knicks are going to have a thin backcourt with Iman Shumpert out, so that might push them to retain Fields if possible. My guess is that he's gone, though.

Those comments regarding the potential acquisition of Nash don’t exude a rapacious tone. It appears that the emergence of Lin last season (as well as D’Antoni’s departure) have palliated the extent to which New York covets Nash’s services. If another suitor has indeed become less amorous, that portends auspiciously for the keep Steve coalition.

Fields is intriguing. He labored through his sophomore season after a promising first year, but the Knicks as a whole were a discontinuous jumble for most of last season and many players had less than banner seasons. I think that Fields can have a very solid career and that a change of scenery, maybe to somewhere slightly less chaotic, might serve him well.

Philadelphia 76ers (35-31)

Draft Picks: 1st round 15th overall, 2nd round 45th overall, 2nd round 54th overall

Cap Number with Options: ~$56 million for 7 players (Brand, Iguodala, T. Young, Williams, Turner, Holiday, and Vucevic).

Options: Brand and Williams (Player Early Termination Option).

Free Agents: Hawes, Brackins, and Battie (Unrestricted). S. Young, Meeks, Allen, and Silas (Restricted).

Jordan Sams from Liberty Ballers answered the following questions:

It would appear that the Sixers will either be wallflowers or participants in free agency depending upon whether they choose to amnesty Brand. Will the team wade into the pool to see what's available before making that decision on July 11th? Do you even know who (gm) will be making that decision?

If I had to put odds on it, I'd say 60/40 the Sixers amnesty Brand, in hopes of acquiring a veteran big man in free agency. A lot of it will depend on the upcoming draft and any potential Andre Iguodala trade.

The Sixers top 4 scorers shot a combined 38% from the field last season. What is the future for these guards and wings with the team, since it would seem to be too many inefficient scorers?

Lou Williams is as good as gone. Jrue Holiday and Evan Turner will likely be back, as they're the future of the team. Jodie Meeks will certainly not be back. I think they'll address the need for an efficient-scoring guard in the draft, where they have three picks.

The 76ers have almost $33 million slotted to Brand and Iguodala and there’s a chance that neither will be back with the team next year. Throw in the speculation that Lou Williams, Spencer Hawes, and Jodie Meeks will be searching to capitalize on the prodigal nature of the free agent market, and it seems inevitable that Philadelphia will be a restructured squad next year.

I hope that for the sake of Sixers’ fans they amnesty Brand and for the sake of Suns’ fans some other team wins the Lou Williams prize in free agency.

Toronto Raptors (23-43)

Draft Picks: 1st round 8th overall, 2nd round 37th overall, 2nd round 56th overall

Cap Number with Options: ~$42 million for 9 players (Calderon, Bargnani, A. Johnson, Kleiza, Derozan, Davis, J. Johnson, Forbes, and Alabi).

Options: Alabi (Team Option).

Free Agents: Gray, Butler, Carter, and Magloire (Unrestricted). Bayless, Anderson, and Uzoh (Restricted).

Adam Francis from Raptors HQ answered the following questions:

Are the Raptors interested in Steve Nash, and if so, do they consider themselves a serious competitor to land him?

Are the Raptors interested in Nash? Without question and yes, I think they consider themselves a serious contender. Sure, there's talk of him wanting to play for a contender, but most contending and pseudo-contending clubs already have elite point guards. The only other teams that have had playoff success with PG needs are ones like Indiana, and it's hard to fathom Nash choosing markets like that over Toronto. New York? Don't see it either. Nash would need to take less money to play there, and it's doubtful the fit would be that great with Melo. Oh, and the team fired Nash's guy, D'Antoni.

What are your thoughts on Bayless as a player and what is Toronto's position on retaining his services?

Jerryd Bayless is an enigma. Here's a recent lottery pick who looked like a bit of a bust, albeit never got much chance to show what he could do before arriving in Toronto. Under Dwane Casey he flourishes...but as a starter and only for a brief time period before injuries shelved him for the season. So indeed, what do the Raptors do with him? He's not a pass-first PG but he's got that coveted ability to get to the rim, and his ability to run a team has improved. But is that enough to put down some serious dough on his future? I think the Raps would like to keep him around and he'd like to stay (I saw him today at pre-draft workouts so he's been sticking around TO this summer), but I think a lot depends on what happens with the draft and Steve Nash.

Any specific prospects on the Raptors' free agent radar?

As for prospects on the Raptors' free-agent radar, there haven't been any names mentioned outside of Nash. That being said, there have been lots of rumours flying about the Dinos' interest in acquiring a proven swingman, especially Rudy Gay and Andre Iguodala.

Toronto has been bombinating this off-season, as they have been mentioned in connection to several players of notoriety. Whereas some teams are best advised to bide their time, I think that the Raptors would love to make impactful moves this off-season. It wouldn’t surprise me to see a big name land in Toronto this summer.

The U of A connection makes me take pause with Bayless. Not because I have been desiderating for his return to the desert, but because I wonder if that association alters the scrutiny Phoenix directs his way.

Brooklyn Nets (22-44)

Draft Picks: 2nd round 57th overall

Cap Number with Options: ~$41 million for 7 players (D. Williams, Wallace, Farmar, Morrow, Petro, Brooks, and J. Williams).

Options: D. Williams, Wallace, and Farmar (Player Options).

Free Agents: Humphries, Stevenson, James, S. Williams, Bogans, and Green (Unrestricted). Lopez, Gaines, and Johnson (Restricted).

NetsDaily from Nets Daily was posed the following questions:

What do you see as the endgame with Williams? Does he appear to be leaning one way or another, maybe you could offer a percentage on him being a Net next season?

What is the extent of the fallout in Brooklyn if Deron leaves (this might be easier to answer after Wallace opts in/out today)? Does Brooklyn have a backup plan to deal with this crushing blow?

I haven’t received responses from Brooklyn yet, but Wallace has chosen to opt out of his contract since I sent the queries. The Nets seemingly have a lot more to lose than gain this summer. Injuries didn’t help their cause last year, but this team was just two games away from the second worst record in basketball and has 4 starters that are free agents and no first round draft pick.

A debacle in free agency could cast a caliginous cloud over the coming season and quell the enthusiasm arising from the relocation to Brooklyn. Deron Williams is going to make some team very happy this summer.

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