On the day that Jason Richardson was traded to the Orlando Magic, the Suns' perennial top need shifted from Center to Shooting Guard. That day was about 30 months ago. 2.5 NBA seasons ago. A long time.

For years in the mid-2000s, the Suns' only weakness was at the pivot position. The Suns regularly were outrebounded, and tended to lose big games due, in part, to lack of talent in the pivot.

In December of 2010, new Suns President of Basketball Operations made the first bold move of his tenure when he traded SG Jason Richardson, SF Hedo Turkoglu and PF Earl Clark to Orlando for C Marcin Gortat, SG Vince Carter and SG Mikael Pietrus.

With Carter and Pietrus disappointing their Suns stints and set to become free agents the next summer while young-ish Marcin Gortat was under contract for three more seasons, the Suns effectively moved their "biggest hole" from center to shooting guard.

That spring, then head coach Alvin Gentry said the Suns biggest need in the draft and free agency was at shooting guard. Alvin Gentry, spring 2011: "We've got to be little better from the standpoint of being able to have a go-to guy where we don't count on Steve (Nash) to create every play at the end of the game and to make every shot in situations like that."

But the Suns needed size at the power forward position too, and they drafted Markieff Morris when there wasn't a better shooting guard available at the 13th spot.

Last spring, it was all about drafting one of the four best shooting guard prospects in the 2012 draft. But when all four were gone by the 12th pick, the Suns shifted focus to Steve Nash's potential replacement.

Nearly two and a half years after trading Richardson, the Suns still need a shooting guard.

Mock drafts are shifting on a daily basis, but it does look like the Suns could finally fill that position with either Ben McLemore or Victor Oladipo.

Unfortunately, there are needs at a lot more than one position these days. The Suns also need a center of the future (Gortat is a free agent in a year), a power forward of the future (Morris has not shown he is starting quality for a good team) and small forward of the future (SuperCool's spot, along with another Morris), and even have a need at point guard (Marshall's future is questionable at this time).

Yet the Suns should not be swayed by offers to fill multiple positions at once by trading down from 5th overall.

The Suns need to draft the best possible player at 5th overall with one of the following, in THIS order:

  1. Nerlens Noel
  2. Victor Oladipo
  3. Ben McLemore
  4. Alex Len
  5. Otto Porter

That's it. That should be the Suns' big board for 5th position. Anthony Bennett would be 6th on that list, but he is not more talented than Otto Porter so he should not be considered.

All the Suns need is a top-5 list for that first pick. The Suns may have those five in a different order, and that's their prerogative. But it should still be THOSE FIVE GUYS.

If the Suns like up to 8 guys, which has been hinted by McDonough and later re-iterated by Robert Sarver, then trade for another top-10 pick to take a second player from that top-8 too. But don't trade down, and don't leave this draft without one of those 5 guys in your back pocket.

Please, Suns. Don't over think that first selection.


On Thursday, June 27, the Phoenix Suns will participate in the 2013 NBA Draft. Just four days later, the summer free agency period begins in earnest, though no deals can be signed for up to two weeks later.

This is a huge week for the Suns franchise, and lots of fake rumors and not-yet-fizzled trade "negotiations" will be rumored in that time with almost nothing coming to fruition.

So far, the Suns are apparently...

  • trading down in the shallowest draft in years, including an acquisition of Derrick Williams, who is not much better than SuperCoolBeas
  • signing J.R. Smith to play alongside SuperCoolBeas and Derrick Williams to solve the wing problems with really inefficient play. Sounds smart right? lol.
  • looking to draft PG Michael Carter-Williams with the 5th pick (or a traded-down pick)
  • looking to draft PG Pierre Jackson with the #30 pick


1) if you see a rumor, post it here

2) if you get it off twitter, BE CAREFUL. A lot of fake accounts are made this time of year. Already, the JR Smith rumor was proliferated by a fake Stein account. The real account: ESPNSteinLine. The fake account: ESPNStienLine. The same will be done in various ways to every major journalist that breaks stories. BE CAREFUL!

That's it. That's all the rules!

The Suns officially announced the hiring of their assistant coaching staff that includes Mark West, Jerry Sichting, Kenny Gattison and Mike Longabardi. They also added Irving Roland as a player...

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Strengths The problem with many of the 2013 draft prospects in the top-5 isn’t Shabazz Muhammad’s problem. And that’s a compliment. The former UCLA Bruins swingman plays with a...

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If the 2013 NBA Draft this Thursday has even half the amount of action the first ever Bright Side Community Mock Draft had, it would be the wildest draft night of all time. The amount of craziness that ensued as part of this mock draft was...crazy.

But without further ado, let's take a look at the moves every team made:

ATLANTA - stevedavis_


1) Deshawn Stevenson + 18 to Houston for Thomas Robinson

2) Lou Williams + 17 to Portland for Wes Matthews + 21

3) John Jenkins + Mike Scott + 21 to Minnesota for Stiemsma + 26

Draft Picks:

#26: Kelly Olynyk

Overall changes:

Out: Stevenson, Williams, Jenkins, Mike Scott, 17 (Gobert), 18 (Adetokunbo)

In: Thomas Robinson, Wes Matthews, 26 (Olynyk)

BOSTON - arvin123


Garnett + Terry + Courtney Lee to LA Clippers for Deandre Jordan + Butler + Willie Green + 25

Draft Picks:

#16: Gorgui Dieng

#25: Ricky Ledo

BROOKLYN - Richard Bowman


Lopez + Reggie Evans + Marshon Brooks to Denver for McGee + Koufos + Andre Miller + Anthony Randolph + 27

Draft Picks:

#22: Tim Hardaway, Jr.

#27: Lucas Nogueira

CHARLOTTE - sunfromunder

Trades: None
Draft Picks:

#4: Alex Len

CHICAGO - babypa

Trades: None
Draft Picks:

#20: Mason Plumlee

CLEVELAND - Suns Fan For Life


1) Varejao to Portland for Lou Williams + Will Barton + 17 + 40

2) 17 + 19 to Phoenix for Jeremy Lamb

3) Waiters + Gee to Washington for Ariza + 6

Draft Picks:

#1: Otto Porter

#6: CJ McCollum

Overall Changes:

Out: Varejao, Waiters, Gee, 19 (Franklin)

In: Lou Williams, Jeremy Lamb, Will Barton, Ariza, 6 (McCollum), 40, 1 (own draft pick - Porter)

DALLAS - jc79


Marion + Carter + Crowder + rights to Petteri Kaponen + rights to Nick Calathes +13 (Karasev) + $3 million in cash to Milwaukee for John Henson

Draft Picks: None
Overall Changes:

Salary dump (only Henson, Nowitzki, and Jared Cunningham remain on books)

DENVER - BringBackBarkley17


McGee + Koufos + Andre Miller + Anthony Randolph + 27 (Noguiera) to Brooklyn for Lopez + Reggie Evans + Marshon Brooks

Draft Picks: None

DETROIT - nateman48

Trades: (to be executed after June 30)

Brandon Knight, Rodney Stuckey, Jonas Jerebko, Viacheslav Kravtsov, and draft rights to Kentavious Caldwell-Pope (8) to Indiana for Granger, Lance Stephenson, George Hill, and draft rights to Tony Mitchell (23)

Draft Picks:

#8: Caldwell-Pope (traded to Indiana)

HOUSTON - jc79


Thomas Robinson for Deshawn Stevenson + #18

Draft Picks:

#18: Giannis Adetokunbo

INDIANA - khalid.h

Trades: (to be executed after June 30)

Granger, Lance Stephenson, George Hill, and draft rights to Tony Mitchell (23) to Detroit for Brandon Knight, Rodney Stuckey, Jonas Jerebko, Viacheslav Kravtsov, and draft rights to Kentavious Caldwell-Pope

Draft Picks:

#23: Tony Mitchell (traded to Detroit)

LA CLIPPERS - blank_38


Deandre Jordan + Butler + Willie Green + 25 (Ledo) to Boston for Garnett + Terry + Courtney Lee

Draft Picks: None

MILWAUKEE - gallen89


1) John Henson to Dallas for Marion + Carter + Crowder + rights to Petteri Kaponen + rights to Nick Calathes +13 + $3 million in cash

2) Udoh + 13 + 15 to Minnesota for 9 + 21 + 52 + rights to Nemanja Bjelica

Draft Picks:

#9: Anthony Bennett

#21: Tony Snell

Overall Changes:

Out: John Henson, 15 (Adams), Udoh

In: Marion, Carter, Crowder, rights to Petteri Kaponen and Nick Calathes, 9 (Bennett), 21 (Snell), Rights to Nemanja Bjelica



9 (Bennett) + 21 (Snell) + 52 + rights to Nemanja Bjelica to Milwaukee for Udoh + 13 (Karasev) + 15 (Adams)

Draft Picks:

#13: Sergey Karasev

#15: Steven Adams

NEW ORLEANS - hoiberg


Lance Thomas + 12 (Muhammad) to Sacramento for Isaiah Thomas + 6 (McCollum)

Draft Picks:

#12: Shabazz Muhammad

NEW YORK - The Solution

Trades: None
Draft Picks:

#24: Glen Rice Jr.

OKLAHOMA CITY - jack.kremmer22


Nick Collison + Jeremy Lamb + 12 (Muhammad) to Phoenix for Marcin Gortat + 30 (Bullock)

Draft Picks:

#29: Mike Muscala

#30: Reggie Bullock

ORLANDO - Eric Fong


Glen Davis + 2 (Noel) to Phoenix for Channing Frye + 7 (Burke)

Draft Picks:
#7: Trey Burke

PHILADELPHIA - phxpurple

Trades: None
Draft Picks:
#11: Dennis Schroeder

PHOENIX - Richard Parker


1) Marcin Gortat + 30 to Oklahoma City for Nick Collison + Jeremy Lamb + 12

2) Jared Dudley + 12 to Sacramento for John Salmons + 7

3) Channing Frye + 7 to Orlando for Glen Davis + 2

4) Jeremy Lamb to Cleveland for 17 + 19

5) Michael Beasley + 17 + 57 to San Antonio for Danny Green + Nando de Colo

Draft Picks:

#2: Nerlens Noel

#5: Ben McLemore

#19: Jamaal Franklin

Overall Changes:

Out: Gortat, Dudley, Beasley, Frye, 30 (Bullock), 57

In: Salmons, Glen Davis, Nick Collison, Danny Green, de Colo, 2 (Noel), 5 (own pick - McLemore), 19 (Franklin), and 32

PORTLAND - PanameZoo


1) Nolan Smith + 10 + 45 to Utah for 14 + 21

2) Wes Matthews + 21 to Atlanta for Lou Williams + 17

3) Lou Williams + Will Barton + 17 + 40 to Cleveland for Anderson Varejao

Draft Picks:
#14: Cody Zeller

Overall Changes:

Out: Nolan Smith, Matthews, Barton, 10 (Carter-Williams), 40, 45

In: Varejao, 14 (Zeller)

SACRAMENTO - brawadis

1) John Salmons + 7 to Phoenix for Jared Dudley + 12

2) Isaiah Thomas + 12 to New Orleans for Lance Thomas + 6

3) Cousins + Fredette + Thornton + Patterson + 6 to Washington for Beal + Nene + 3

Draft Picks:
#3: Alex Len

Overall Changes:
Out: Salmons, Isaiah Thomas, Cousins, Thornton, Fredette, Patterson, 7 (Burke)
In: Beal, Dudley, Nene, Lance Thomas, 3 (Len)

SAN ANTONIO - y2kctiger

Danny Green + Nando de Colo to Phoenix for Michael Beasley + 17 + 57

Draft Picks:

#17: Rudy Gobert

#28: Allen Crabbe

UTAH - Air Deke

14 (Zeller) + 21 (Snell) to Portland for 10 + 45 + Nolan Smith

Draft Picks:
#10: Michael Carter-Williams

WASHINGTON - blank_38

1) Beal + Nene + 3 (Len) to Sacramento for Demarcus Cousins + Marcus Thornton + Fredette + Patterson + 6

2) Ariza + 6 (McCollum) to Cleveland for Dion Waiters + Alonzo Gee

Draft Picks: None

Overall Changes:
Out: Beal, Nene, Ariza, 3 (Len)
In: Cousins, Thornton, Fredette, Patterson, Waiters, Gee

Teams with no first round picks and made no trades: Golden State, LA Lakers, Memphis, Miami, and Toronto


Team Team GM Selection
1 Cleveland Cavaliers Suns Fan For Life Otto Porter
2 Phoenix Suns Richard Parker Nerlens Noel
3 Sacramento Kings brawadis Alex Len
4 Charlotte Bobcats sunfromunder Victor Oladipo
5 Phoenix Suns Richard Parker Ben McLemore
6 Cleveland Cavaliers Suns Fan For Life CJ McCollum
7 Orlando Magic Eric Fong Trey Burke
8 Detroit Pistons nateman48 Kentavius Caldwell-Pope
9 Milwaukee Bucks gallen89 Anthony Bennett
10 Utah Jazz Air Deke Michael Carter-Williams
11 Philadelphia 76ers phxpurple Dennis Schroeder
12 New Orleans Pelicans hoiberg Shabazz Muhammad
13 Minnesota Timberwolves STUPID KERR Sergey Karasev
14 Portland Trail Blazers PanameZoo Cody Zeller
15 Minnesota Timberwolves STUPID KERR Steven Adams
16 Boston Celtics arvin123 Gorgui Dieng
17 San Antonio Spurs y2kctiger Rudy Gobert
18 Houston Rockets jc79 Giannis Adetokunbo
19 Phoenix Suns Richard Parker Jamaal Franklin
20 Chicago Bulls babypa Mason Plumlee
21 Milwaukee Bucks gallen89 Tony Snell
22 Brooklyn Nets Richard Bowman Tim Hardaway Jr.
23 Indiana Pacers khalid.h Tony Mitchell
24 New York Knicks The Solution Glen Rice Jr.
25 Boston Celtics arvin123 Ricky Ledo
26 Atlanta Hawks stevedavis_ Kelly Olynyk
27 Brooklyn Nets Richard Bowman Lucas Noguiera
28 San Antonio Spurs y2kctiger Allen Crabbe
29 Oklahoma City Thunder jack.kremer22 Mike Muscala
30 Oklahoma City Thunder jack.kremer22 Reggie Bullock

So there you have it...what did you all think of the whole mock draft/armchair GM/rosterbation party experience?

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