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Look at that hair!

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The Suns have a known PF/C problem. They need someone who can play defense and guard mobile bigs out to the 3-pt line. Lopez and Frye (don't laugh, it's true) can guard the paint enough to get by. As far as our other PFs... Warrick does not have a defensive reputation. Neither does Turkoglu (though he doesn't hurt a defense either). And Clark and Lawal are not seasoned enough to play big minutes this year.

You know I've been drooling over Josh Smith lately.

But today I had another idea.  Cheaper, less talented, but easier to acquire: Cleveland's Anderson Varejao

He's a 6'11" mobile big man known for his ability to play defense, though he has trouble scoring.  Kind of a more-mobile version of Lopez with a lower offensive ceiling.  However, his defense makes up for it.

Cleveland, on the other hand, has not signed a single free agent, and may - with the talent they have - want to shoot for a high lottery pick instead. Varejao's defense and effort would hinder that goal more than help. With Andy, Cavs likely get a pick in the 8-13 range.  Without Andy, the Cavs can dump away and...the sky's the limit. And next year's draft is top heavy: there's a guy projected #1 who reminds many of a LeBron type (Harrison Barnes).

And here's the big kicker, for Suns fans: salary-wise, we can get him for the remaining part of the Amare trade exception. Would Cleveland take the salary savings and a future #1?

HOWEVER, that would give the Suns 11 - eleven! - players who deserve 20+ minutes a night. Too deep, I believe, not to give away someone later and that always leaves a bad taste in our mouths.

So it might be better to swing JRich at them. JRich with Earl Clark. We would have to take back another 6-7 mil in salaries to make it work. One could be Delonte West (who could be waived for all but 500K of his 4mil expiring deal), the other could be Boobie Gibson. Little Boobie can hit 3s and not much else, but we may need to take him back to swing JRich over that way. But even with this trade, Suns still have 11 players in the rotation. They would STILL have the Amare exception though, in case of injury, and plenty of room under the lux tax to pick someone up later (ie. Gortat from Orlando, if Lopez goes down; or a SG if we need depth there due to injury).

Either way, the Suns would net an elite defender and rebounder (higher rebound rate than ANYONE currently on the Suns) who is 6'11" and moves well.

And finally: the Suns would have the best hair in the NBA, between Lopez, Chill and Varejao.

What would you do?

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Welcome to my first Daily Links post.  

I went searching for some reports on the Suns' GM search and found nothing. This is surprising to me, but Childress and Turkoglu dropped out of thin air so I guess the Suns' GM announcement will do the same.  The only reason Demps hit the rumor mill was a source close to him, not the Suns.  Sarver does not seem to suffer leakers in his new front office.

But I did find some good nuggets of info, anyway.  

Will the Suns really miss the playoffs?  Update on Suns PF options, and is there one more really good PF option out there for the Suns?  What's left the FA market?

Kobe Bryant, Lakers still poised to be class of West and NBA - Ian Thomsen - SI.com

Here's an early look at the top of the Western Conference, focusing on teams that can win 50 games or more next season. This list does not include the Phoenix Suns, who won 54 games last season and reached the Western Conference finals. My view is that adding Hedo Turkoglu and Josh Childress will not be enough to make up for the loss of Amar'e Stoudemire. (my view is that Ian Thomsen is playing par for the course. He's always discounted the Suns)


How the Suns can use Hedo Turkoglu on offense| Valley of the Suns

Hedo Turkoglu may not be a prototypical power forward but what he brings to the Phoenix Suns outweighs his lack of power forward skills.


SLAM ONLINE | " A Few Words With A Smith 

Interview with Josh Smith, who is excited about the upcoming Hawks season. He also mentions the potential of bringing in Shaq to add a low post presence. And we all know what that means to the Suns' potential options, right?


2010-2011 NBA Season Preview: Eastern Conference - Gack Sports

Here's one interpretation of Cleveland's chances next year, and it's pretty bad. They have not signed a single player this offseason. Next year's projected top pick is Harrison Barnes, reported to be a LeBron type player. Might Cleveland want to dump players to start over next summer? Anderson Varejao would be very, very good in a Suns uni.


Free Agency: Who's Left? - Basketball News & NBA Rumors - 

Man, there are SLIM PICKINS left on the free agent market. I mean really, it's bad when Jarron Collins is rated (here) as the second-best Center left available. And remember, Cleveland has not yet signed anybody this offseason... Oh, and check out the Lou sighting.


NBA Rookie Rankings: Summer league wrap - ESPN

Our own Gani Lawal ranked as the 13th best rookie in summer league, but Thorpe is not as high on Gani's immediate transition to the NBA.


Matt Barnes signs 2-year deal with Lakers - BostonHerald.com

Barnes to LA. I smiled when I saw this. I love what Matt Barnes brings, but I'm also thinking that the Lakers will win at least 2 fewer games next season with him in the rotation. Suns and Magic fans know what I mean.

PHOENIX — The biggest question regarding Hedo Turkoglu’s fit with the Phoenix Suns is clear-cut: Can he play the power forward position effectively? Yes that is a valid worry considering...

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We are entering the period of the basketball season where things are going to get really, really slow. The Suns do have the outstanding GM question and there's a chance of more trades, but until training camp starts in September, there's not much to blabber about.

And since apparently some of you people would jump off a cliff if this site went dark for two months, we have some interesting things planned.

Baseball! We are going to spend a lot of time examining the NL West race and discussing how the D-backs can position themselves for a 2011 comeback season!!!

Just kidding. If you want to talk about that, AZ Snakepit is there for you.

We've got some basketball- and Suns-related stuff in the hopper. But first, let's do something we have done in awhile, but is always fun.


There are a lot more people that read this site than comment on it, so please stop hiding behind your screen and introduce yourself in the comments below and answer the following questions:

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4. Favorite movie of the past year or so (time limit precludes 300 people saying Star Wars)

PHOENIX — A year ago Hedo Turkoglu was the prize of the free agent market, a player who left Portland fans steaming for jilting them at the altar and Toronto fans rejoicing upon his...

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