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I know this pitiful season hasn't quite finished yet but I figured now's as good a time as any to look back at the top ten plays for the year. Maybe it's just me, but I think we've lacked a little in the entertainment department this season, so I've put in one that wasn't even by a Phoenix Suns player.

Yes, I could have downloaded all the plays and made a sweet video but frankly I can't be bothered and it's too much effort, so I'm just going to do a Vince Carter on that front.

Speaking of which, I deliberately didn't put in any Vince dunks, for everyone's sake. I'll be honest, there was a dunk, maybe two which could have made the list but...

10. Dude dunks himself through the hoop

I'm ashamed that I actually flew all the way over from England and was at this game but missed this happening. What's worse, I actually recorded video on my phone of a few of the dunks before him in the exact same routine, and then turned away. Plus we lost the game to a crappy Bobcats team. But this was a pretty good play and I think it deserves to make the top 10.

9. Lopez dunk on Chandler

By all accounts, RoLo has been dreadful this season, but this dunk was insane. It might be the one good play he ever made all season, but it was a hell of a dunk in a great MLK Day game where we got payback on the Knicks. What a shame that this guy regressed so much...

8. J-Chill steal and dunk

Even though he has an awful outside shot which makes him a bad fit for the Suns, I still believe he can be useful to the team with his hustle and effort. This play shows why. Great layup, great steal, great dunk. Boom.

7. Grant Hill dunk and one on LeBron

It doesn't matter that the Suns got destroyed in this game, Grant Hill dunking on LeBron of all people means this makes the list. There are probably some better Grant plays from the season but my mind is blank right now. I had to put at least one of his in though.

6. Nash behind the back pass to Hill

Forget what I just said about my mind being blank because I just remembered this one (actually I didn't, it was listed as a related clip which jogged my memory.) Grant Hill simply has to be back next season...if there is one.

5. Frye winner vs. Nets

Obviously both Frye winners were going to make the list, this one comes in first. Great shot, but there was still time on the clock, so it's not as good as the other one which we'll get to later. That stretch of games was crucial so this was a huge win. The playoffs weren't actually too far off back then...depressing. Clutch shot though.

4. Warrick dunk on Yi

I think this was the game where we briefly adopted an apostrophe and started calling him Hak'im Warrick, such was the insanity of this dunk. In fact I think this is one of the earlier games where Warrick broke out and had an awesome game which led us to think he might be able to fill Amar'e's void just a little. I don't know, my memory's terrible, and it's worse if the season's a write off. But what an awesome dunk this was.

3. Nash pass while falling out of bounds vs Lakers (epic 3OT game)

In real time, you don't think there's anything special about this play other than a great point guard making a tough pass out of a double team. But when you see it from the courtside Even this year, Nash never ceased to amaze us with some of the things he pulled off.

2. Frye buzzer beater vs. Pacers

Not much to say for this one, amazing shot by Frye and the first time we hit a game winning buzzer beater for as long as I can remember. Awesome.

1. Grant Hill to J-Rich alley oop to force overtime

Not only was this a totally awesome end to a crazy quarter, but the whole thing reminds us of happier times. By happier I mean, we still sucked then, but a) we didn't realise how badly and still clung to hope we'd turn it round and b) it was before Vince Carter arrived and pissed us all off. What we see in this clip is team work, a desire to win, and athleticism...none of which Vince has showed us in his 50 odd games with the team. So yeah, it was a pretty awesome play, best one of the season for me.


So yeah, those are the top 10 plays of an otherwise forgetful season in my opinion. Feel free to disagree or post up better ones. Having actually gone through this now there's a few plays that I've remembered that almost made the list, such as:

this Warrick dunk vs the Jazz

the Nash pass to Gortat through Boozer's legs

the best of Jared Dudley's 10 dunks this season


Phoenix Suns 135, Minnesota Timberwolves 127 OT With both the Suns and Timberwolves now fighting more for ping pong balls than wins, Monday’s matchup between the two teams might come down to...

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Well, three more days and two more games until the Suns will be packing their bags, cleaning out their lockers and goin' fishin'. Yup, the end is near,  just three more days of misery and it will all be over.

I'll be honest with all ya, it's been real hard to watch these past few games. The team has mentally checked out and when that happens the games become less entertaining or rather boring to watch actually. Yet, we still watch them anyway, (sort of) because we love the team and want to support them. That doesn't mean we'll be mentally checked into them, but hey thus is life when your team sucks.

There are reasons to be cheerful though. Yes, things are bad in Planet Orange, but there's always a bright light at the end of the tunnel and I can assure you that that bright light is not a train.

The Reasons

1. Steve Nash wants to stay. "I want to stay..."- Nash. See? Yea, you've heard it before, but it's good to hear it again and again and again...

2. The Suns finally have a Center! I'm calling it right now, Marcin Gortat is the best center the Suns have had for a long, long time and he will only get better. He will make an all-star team. Of course, he's not perfect and has his share of weaknesses,  but read this-

Phoenix Suns center Marcin Gortat embraces improvement
"In the summer, I'm going to work my butt off to be one of the leaders of this team."- Gortat

"He's a hard worker," coach Alvin Gentry said. "The guy loves playing. That's what I like about him. There's been a few times he's run out of gas, but only when he's playing 18 straight minutes. For the most part, he's been pretty damn good."

3. The Suns have some good role players and leaders in Grant Hill, Channing Frye and Jared Dudley. They're keepers. Add Nash and Gortat to that group and you've got a strong five. The FO just needs to surround them with other role players just like them. That means they must be, consistent, hard-working, awesome, and have a passion to win.

And really, that's the best the FO could do this coming summer unless they can pull off a "Gasol like" deal which I doubt they could. It will be a while before this team will find another franchise player and I've accepted that. Still, that isn't bad. The Denver Nuggets are proving right now that you can have a good, strong team made up of only role players as long as they all give it 100% all the time and that the team is well balanced, meaning no glut or logjam of wings, big-men.... I believe it is very possible the Phoenix Suns can be like that next season.

4. No more Vince Carter! YEAAAAA!

5. New uni's maybe?

You see, the future in Planet Orange isn't "that" bad.

Now just in case that light is a train than here's some advice, courtesy of John Doe from Canis Hoopus.

It’s really good to delude yourself into thinking that your most recent lottery pick will be the one to save you. When your GM drafts the wrong guy year after year, you’ll find yourself hopefully able to have some shred of hope (Wes) or you can go the other direction and just laugh at how terrible a player is (Jonny). Either way, you’re invested.

Being this terrible is the only thing capable of making me follow a sport as unwatchable as college basketball. You can pretty much scout prospects from November to March, and move straight on to mock drafts and rooting for the Wizards and Cavs to pick up meaningless late-season wins from there.

Our new GM’s reclamation project kick has been a real joy. The odds were never good that Darko, Beasley, or Randolph would turn it around, but they aren’t zero either. My team’s on a 10 game losing streak, but AR had a 20/10 game and Beasley threw up a 20/11/7. I’m going to focus on the latter fact.

-John Doe


Minnesota Timberwolves

It can be easy to get sidetracked and forget that there's a game tonight. The Suns and T-Wolves tipoff at 7PM AZ Time or 10PM EDT in Phoenix. 

The Wolves have lost 13 in a row including a loss that saw Ty Lawson from the Nuggets make 10 three-pointers. Also, Kevin Love will not play and neither will Darko Milicic.

The Suns won the last meeting just a few days ago, 108-98 in Minny. Love did not play that game either and both Nash and Gortat played only the 1st and 3rd quarters. Both teams have pretty much checked out, so the Suns should be able to win this one on cruise control. Other than that there really isn't much more to say about this game. Suns just need to go out there and take care of business. Playoffs are out of reach, but a win is a win and it goes in the record books nonetheless.


Timberwolves vs Suns coverage

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