The third night of NBA playoff action saw the Bulls and Heat both take 2-0 leads in their respective series.


First round game 2 - Chicago Bulls vs Indiana Pacers: 96-90


Chicago 17 27 23 29  96


Indiana 18 29 20 23   90




  • Points: D.Rose (CHI) 36, D.Granger (IND) 19
  • Rebounds: C.Boozer (CHI) 16, T.Hansbrough/J.McRoberts (IND) 6
  • Assists: D.Rose (CHI) 6, M.Dunleavy/D.Granger (IND) 4


The Indiana Pacers pushed the Chicago Bulls to the limit in game 1, ensuring that the number 1 team in the East didn't have an easy ride and game 2 was no different. Despite the loss of Darren Collinson to a 2nd quarter injury, the Pacers pulled together to keep the game close going into the final quarter before Kyle Korver did his best John Paxson/Steve Kerr/Average-white-guy-who-can-shoot-when-needed-to impression for the second game in a row and canned a three with just over a minute to go to give the Bulls a 5 point lead and ultimately, the win.


  • Over at Blog-a-Bull, Bulls fans have pretty much adopted the same demeanour as their leader, Rose, and aren't getting carried away with their 2-0 lead.
  • At Indy Cornrows, the fans are happy that their team hasn't embarrassed them and has actually put on a good showing.


First round game 2 - Miami Heat vs Philadelphia 76ers: 94-73

Miami 19 30 26 19 94

Philly  13 18 21 21 73



  • Points: L.James (MIA) 29, T.Young (PHI) 18
  • Rebounds: C.Bosh (MIA) 11, A.Iguodala (PHI) 7
  • Assists: L.James (MIA) 6, A.Iguodala (PHI) 7

Yawn... this Heat team can be pretty boring when they're this good. They pounce on teams early and make the game a cake walk for themselves. For Philly, they really need Iguodala to play well for them to have a chance of even taking a game in this series. Until that happens, the main point of interest to follow is how far back Lebron will push his headband in order to disguise his hugely receding hairline. We can see it Lebron, we can see it.


Over at Peninsula is mightier, Heat fans are use to performances of extreme comfort such as game 2 and it shows.

Who said 76ers fans can be brutal? On Liberty Ballers the game recap actually includes a 'Good-Bad' list. Only one player makes the list. He's joined by a soft drink and a phrase. You heard me.


Dallas - Portland, NYK - Boston and Atlanta – Orlando tonight...I hate the play-offs without the Suns in it.

Great set of games last night! We saw upsets, beastly performances from elite players like Chris Paul and Kevin Durant, and Amare lead his new team to the brink of a game 1 upset at Boston, only to have to ball given to the "clutch" Carmelo Anthony down the stretch as the Knicks lost.

Will tonight's games be as entertaining? On the surface, probably not, unless Jrue Holiday and Danny Granger excite you. Nevertheless, Derrick Rose is always worth watching, as are the Heat for the chance that they might lose.

On the slate for tonight:

Philadelphia at Miami, TNT, 4PM PDT. Heat lead series 1-0.

Indiana at Chicago, TNT, 6:30PM PDT. Bulls lead series 1-0.

You know what to do.


PHOENIX — For the past seven seasons Steve Nash has been the sun, moon and stars of the Phoenix Suns franchise, as Lon Babby so often likes to say about him, and this year was certainly no...

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Let's look at what they're saying around the rest of SB Nation about the early NBA playoff action, on those blogs fortunate enough to have teams in the playoffs this year. Since the Suns aren't in it, seeing our rivals lose is the next best thing, right?

Memphis Grizzlies at San Antonio Spurs, Game 1 (best of 7 series)

1 2 3 4 Total
MEM 27 18 25 31 101
SA 22 21 31 24 98

Points: Z. Randolph ( MEM) 25, T. Parker (SA) 20
Rebounds: Z. Randolph (MEM) 14, T. Duncan (SA) 13
Assists: M. Conley (MEM) 10, T. Parker (SA) 5

Zach Randolph and Marc Gasol combined for 49 points as Memphis upset the top seed in the West, who were missing the injured Manu Ginobili. Shane Battier made a clutch 3-pointer to give the Grizzlies a 3 point lead with 23.9 seconds remaining. Richard Jefferson then missed an open 3 as time expired to seal the deal. How come Jefferson never misses open 3s down the stretch when he plays the Suns?

Spurs fans at Pounding the Rock don't seem overly concerned. "Spurs Lose to Grizzlies, and All is Well"

Grizzlies fans are, uh, wildly celebrating into the night? "Photo Finish: Grizzlies 101, Spurs 98"

Jump it for the rest of the summaries.

New Orleans Hornets at Los Angeles Lakers, Game 1 (best of 7 series)

1 2 3 4 Total
26 29
36 109
24 23 25

Points: C. Paul (NOH) 33, K. Bryant (LAL) 34
Rebounds: C. Paul (NOH) 7, R. Artest (LAL) 11
Assists: C. Paul (NOH) 14, P. Gasol (LAL) 6

Chris Paul beasted for 33 points, 14 assists and 7 rebounds. Wow! Jarrett Jack and Aaron Gray combined to chip in 27 points off the bench as the Hornets took game 1 from the defending champs. Pau Gasol was held to 8 points on 2-8 shooting from the field, and Kobe's 34 points were not enough to prevent the upset.

Lakers fans over at Silver Screen and Roll are crossing their arms and pouting. "We Are Not Amused."

Hornets fans are ready to erect a Chris Paul statue in the French Quarter. "The Chris Paul Show."


New York Knicks at Boston Celtics, Game 1 (best of 7 series)

1 2 3 4 Total
24 15
23 28

Points: R. Allen (BOS) 24, A. Stoudemire (NYK) 28
Rebounds: K. Garnett (BOS) 13, A. Stoudemire (NYK) 11
Assists: R. Rondo (BOS) 9, C. Billups, C. Anthony (NYK) 4

Ray Allen hit the game-winning 3-pointer with 12 seconds left. The Knicks gave Carmelo Anthony the ball to try to tie or win down by 2, and Melo chucked up an ill-advised, contested, long-distance 3-point attempt that missed as the Celtics held serve in game 1. It was bittersweet to see Amare Stoudemire go for 28 and 11. Can't help but think of what he could've done on a team where the point guard is assisting him more than the 4 Billups provided. Steve Nash gets 4 assists in his sleep.

Celtics fans are hoping to avoid a heart attack. Game 1, Round 1: Where This is Gonna be Fun.

Knicks fans are left wondering about the trade for Melo, and bitching about the refs. Postgame Thread: Celtics 87, Knicks 85


Denver Nuggets at Oklahoma City Thunder, Game 1 (best of 7 series)

1 2 3 4 Total
24 35
27 22

Points: K. Durant (OKC) 41, Nene (DEN) 22
Rebounds: K. Durant (OKC) 9, Nene, Wilson Chandler (DEN) 8
Assists: R. Westbrook (OKC) 7, R. Felton (DEN) 8

Kevin Durant showed that he is one of the league's best players by scoring 41 points and pulling down 9 rebounds to beat a formidable Nuggets team. The Nuggets were ready to go, and Nene had an active, impressive game, but Durant and Russell Westbrook combined for 72 points, and I'm not sure how that can be beaten.

Thunder fans at Loud City are not loud at all. "Denver Nuggets vs. OKC Thunder, NBA Quarter-Finals Game One GAME THREAD"

The take at Denver Stiffs: "Nuggets at Thunder Recap: Free Throws, Strategy Doom Denver"

Overall, a fun day of action! The Lakers and Spurs played all year for their home-court advantage, and now it's gone.

The Spurs already lost, the Lakers are in a dogfight. This could end up as a very enjoyable day for us Suns fans if we get to see our hated rivals go down. And then we get to see the apostrophe'd one's playoff debut with the Knicks, which might not be quite so enjoyable.

On the slate for tonight:

New York at Boston, TNT, 4PM PDT (which matches Arizona time)

Denver at Oklahoma City, TNT, 6:30PM PDT

This is an open thread for all your playoff-related thoughts.



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