SB Nation AZ link: Dragic Leads Slovenia To Tourney Win, Takes Home MVP

More for some of you to drool over while the rest of us smile like proud papas and uncles.

Does JJ make your All-Time Suns Greatest Starting 5?(Photo by Scott Cunningham/NBAE via Getty Images)

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Does JJ make your All-Time Suns Greatest Starting 5?(Photo by Scott Cunningham/NBAE via Getty Images)

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Just a fun idea for a lazy Sunday. What's the best starting 5 you can put on the floor for your Suns, made up of all present or former Suns players?

  • Thinking out loud: Would you rather have Barkley at PF or STAT? Nash or KJ or Kidd? (duh). Majerle at the 2 or J-Rich, JJ, or Q?
  • Here's a real challenge: Whose your starting Center? RobLo? Amare? Jake Tsakilidis, Joe Klein, Mark West? (hur hur hur).

What if you slid Amare to center next to Barkley and Marion with Nash and Joe Jonson in the backcourt?

Or what about some of the old-schoolers? Paul Westphal in his prime was a stud. Alvin Adams was a pretty dang efficient and excellent passing undersized C. Don't forget Walter Davis, the greyhound with the velvet touch, at the 2.

And here's a wrinkle to give you more time away from your friends and family in completing this assignment: What former Suns coach would you want to run this squad?

Assume your squad is in its' prime. Here's a little help from Basketball Reference to look up some guys you may have forgotten.

You get how it works. Let's hear it!

Scottie Reynolds Takes Italian Money Over Suns Training Camp

A lot of fans were excited about the potential of Scottie making the Suns roster as the third point guard but he took the guaranteed money offered by an Italian team over the prospect of competing for a job that might not exist.

As a Phoenix Suns blogger, it feels like the offseason is just now starting. That’s quite the contrast from last season when there was a major lull in mid-April, but with the conference finals...

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Goran's Triple-Double In Boris Stankovi? Cup Action

He's looking pretty studly right now...

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