The Phoenix Suns released their complete 2010-2011 schedule Tuesday and the team will once again face a tough start to the season. The Suns open the season on the road for the fifth consecutive...

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The Phoenix Suns released their complete 2010-11 schedule Tuesday and the team will once again face a tough start to the season. The Suns open the year on the road for the fifth consecutive season,...

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Let's look at the schedule in parts.

Key factors that I took into consideration:

  1. It's unlikely the Suns will win a lot of games in a row, even if they are all winnable
  2. It's unlikely the Suns will lose a lot of games in a row, even if they are all against tough opponents
  3. Home-and-aways, within a week or so of each other, are almost always split. It's a matter of pride not to lose twice to the same team in a short time span, no matter how good or bad the opponent
  4. Lots of consecutive road games against quality opponents are usually a .500 run
  5. Lots of consecutive home games against easy opponents are almost never total winning streaks, though you can expect to win most of them
  6. There are some tough stretches, and some easy stretches. Careful not to over/under-estimate the team during any one stretch

Update: Suns get 25 national TV games (including NBA-TV) - 12 home games, 13 on the road

Update #2: Suns only play 16 back-to-backs, down from 20 last season. A boon for Steve and Grant.

Okay, away we go, after the jump!

Here is my analysis:

Schedule Analysis

Click on the link for details.

Also, here it is (hope it formats ok). I broke the schedule down by runs of tough/easy games, and road/away-heavy portions as well.

Streak Overall
Tue 26
 @ Portland    7:00pm    
 Thu 28  @ Utah    7:30pm    
 Fri 29  vs LA Lakers    7:30pm    
November Opponent Time    
 Wed 03  vs San Antonio    7:00pm    
 Fri 05  vs Memphis    7:00pm 3-2 3-2
 Sun 07  @ Atlanta    3:00pm    
 Mon 08  @ Memphis    6:00pm    
 Fri 12  vs Sacramento    7:00pm    
 Sun 14  @ LA Lakers    7:30pm    
 Mon 15  vs Denver    7:00pm    
 Wed 17  @ Miami    5:00pm    
 Thu 18  @ Orlando    6:00pm    
 Sat 20  @ Charlotte    5:00pm    
 Mon 22  @ Houston    6:30pm 5-4 8-6
 Wed 24  vs Chicago    7:00pm    
 Fri 26  vs LA Clippers    7:00pm    
 Sun 28  @ Denver    6:00pm    
December Opponent Time    
 Thu 02  @ Golden State    8:30pm    
 Fri 03  vs Indiana    7:00pm    
 Sun 05  vs Washington    6:00pm    
 Tue 07  @ Portland    8:00pm    
 Wed 08  vs Memphis    7:00pm    
 Fri 10  vs Portland    7:00pm    
 Wed 15  vs Minnesota    7:00pm 8-2 16-8
 Fri 17  @ Dallas    7:30pm    
 Sun 19  @ Oklahoma City    5:00pm    
 Mon 20  @ San Antonio    6:30pm    
 Thu 23  vs Miami    8:30pm    
 Sun 26  @ LA Clippers    1:00pm    
 Wed 29  vs Philadelphia    7:00pm    
 Fri 31  vs Detroit    7:00pm    
January Opponent Time    
 Sun 02  @ Sacramento    7:00pm 5-3 21-11
 Wed 05  vs LA Lakers    8:30pm    
 Fri 07  vs New York    8:30pm    
 Sun 09  vs Cleveland    6:00pm    
 Tue 11  @ Denver    7:00pm    
 Wed 12  vs New Jersey    7:00pm    
 Fri 14  vs Portland    8:30pm 4-2 25-13
 Mon 17  @ New York    11:00am    
 Wed 19  @ Cleveland    5:00pm    
 Fri 21  @ Washington    6:00pm    
 Sat 22  @ Detroit    5:30pm    
 Mon 24  @ Philadelphia    5:00pm    
 Wed 26  vs Charlotte    7:00pm    
 Fri 28  vs Boston    8:30pm    
 Sun 30  vs New Orleans    6:00pm    
February Opponent Time    
 Wed 02  vs Milwaukee    7:00pm    
 Fri 04  vs Oklahoma City    7:00pm 8-2 33-15
 Mon 07  @ Golden State    8:30pm    
 Thu 10  vs Golden State    7:00pm    
 Fri 11  @ Utah    8:30pm    
 Sun 13  vs Sacramento    6:00pm    
 Tue 15  vs Utah    7:00pm    
 Thu 17  vs Dallas    8:30pm    
 Wed 23  vs Atlanta    7:00pm 5-2 38-17
 Fri 25  @ Toronto    5:00pm    
 Sun 27  @ Indiana    10:00am    
 Mon 28  @ New Jersey    5:00pm    
March Opponent Time    
 Wed 02  @ Boston    5:30pm    
 Fri 04  @ Milwaukee    6:30pm    
 Sun 06  @ Oklahoma City    5:00pm 3-3 41-20
 Tue 08  vs Houston    7:00pm    
 Thu 10  vs Denver    8:30pm    
 Sun 13  vs Orlando    12:30pm 2-1 43-21
 Mon 14  @ Houston    5:30pm    
 Wed 16  @ New Orleans    5:00pm    
 Fri 18  vs Golden State    7:00pm    
 Sun 20  @ LA Clippers    12:30pm    
 Tue 22  @ LA Lakers    7:30pm 3-2 46-23
 Wed 23  vs Toronto    7:00pm    
 Fri 25  vs New Orleans    7:00pm    
 Sun 27  vs Dallas    7:30pm    
 Tue 29  @ Sacramento    7:00pm    
 Wed 30  vs Oklahoma City    7:00pm    
April Opponent Time    
 Fri 01  vs LA Clippers    7:00pm 4-2 50-25
 Sun 03  @ San Antonio    10:00am    
 Tue 05  @ Chicago    5:00pm    
 Wed 06  @ Minnesota    5:00pm    
 Fri 08  @ New Orleans    5:00pm    
 Sun 10  @ Dallas    4:30pm    
 Mon 11  vs Minnesota    7:00pm    
 Wed 13  vs San Antonio    7:30pm 5-2 55-27


Can Hedo Defend the 4?

An Excellent breakdown and analysis (including fun pictures) by Michael and the boys at

Wuzzzup.  Here's a random meandering for you purple and orange summer site stalkers.

Let's play a little game if you're as bored as I am at work or as desperate as I am for Suns Basketball diggs - it's called Ex-Suns: Where are they Now?


Pick your favorite Ex-Sun and do some research.  In the comment section below let us all know Where they are now and why you chose the player you did.

I'll start it off.

I stumbled across this article about an hour ago that announced that former Phoenix Sun Casey Jacobsen is re-signing with his German team Brose Basket Bamburg in their BBL.


Eutychus... who cares?  

I know right?  Well I do.  Casey may not be a well remembered fan favorite for all - but he was definitely one of my favorites when the Suns drafted him back in 02'. I'm not saying he's my all-time favorite or anything crazy like that... He was in the news and it brought back some fond memories.  I have a tendency to root for the underdog - and that was Casey. His stats (as seen below) weren't/aren't eye popping, but his character is off the charts and he was a likable guy to root for - a Goran-like guy who you wanted to play well.


So things didn't pan out very well for him in the NBA so Casey has been back forth between here and Europe but he still plays. Besides being the underdog dude - another reason I was a fan is because when he played for the Suns he lived in my neighborhood and we actually went to church together, so I got to talk to him every once in a while and that is always fun.   I'll never forget one Sunday when he was having one of his babies blessed in church -  I rolled into the parking lot and saw Mercedes after BMW after Cadillac on huge custom rims and sleek paint jobs, and when I walked into the building I saw nearly the entire Suns team on the back row there to support Casey on a big day for his family.  It was really cool.

Besides all that - Casey is probably one of the better basketball player bloggers I can think of - check out his work at SLAM online.  

Here's an excerpt from a blog about gaurding MJ and LeBron - He's got good imagery and whatnot - but he did go to Stanford...


If you're still bored -  Here are some of his more memorable moments in the NBA

And just to see a little more what his personality is like check out this little feature he did with the Memphis Grizzlies.

  Alright, enough man-love for a mediocre Ex-NBA player - it's your turn.   Light it up in the comment section.

Did you even remember Casey Jacobsen played for the Suns?

  462 votes | Results

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