Expect to see this again, just maybe for fewer minutes.

Grant Hill represents everything the Phoenix Suns stand for. Or at least, what they want to represent on and off the basketball court.

He is classy, team-oriented, and willing to do whatever it takes to improve the team's chances of winning. Somehow, he has transmorgrified himself into a defensive stopper of sorts in the late stages of his career as a way to keep himself relevant despite an inability to consistently make open 3-point jump shots - a staple of the Nash-led Phoenix Suns.

In his postseason "Lunch with Lon" press conference last month, the Suns' head personnel honcho Lon Babby gave a strong indication that Grant Hill will be back with the Suns if he decides he's healthy enough to continue playing.

"I don't want to speak for him, but I can't imagine he'd want to play anywhere else ... I would be extremely disappointed if he played somewhere else."

Coming off two knee surgeries in the last 9 months and carrying the mantle of the second-oldest player in the NBA (40 years old next season), Grant Hill will not be breaking any banks this summer. Truly, he will just have to decide how big a role he wants to play in the NBA next season.

Speaking (earlier) of Steve Nash, the two of them have developed a kinship with the Suns that transcends the 48 minutes between whistles that all 14 players face. They were unrestricted free agents together in the summer of 2009, facing the prospect of continuing their Suns careers as the Wondertwins versus parting ways to "chase a ring" with another NBA franchise. In the end, they chose to return to the Suns and in retrospect it appears to have been a foregone conclusion.

Now three seasons, three trade deadlines and one lone playoff run later, they face free agency again. Once again, they have the option to return to the Suns as now-really-aging Wondertwins versus parting ways to chase a ring as a role player. Shawn Marion and Eddie House have done this, winning rings despite playing fewer minutes after leaving Phoenix. Boris Diaw might just do it this year as well.

But this time, neither player is as valuable to any other NBA franchise as they are to the Phoenix Suns. Neither is the top free agent at their position, and neither will garner a long-term, high-paying deal due to their age and injury history. Contenders will try to entice Nash with midlevel exception offers ($3-5 million) and Hill with bi-annual exception offers ($2 million). Only Dallas has the unique combination of money and contender possibilities this summer, but their top target is Deron Williams.

Alas, their choice in the sunset of their careers will come down to money/playing time/Wondertwin status on a might-be team versus peanuts/backup minutes/"role player" status on a winner.

Grant Hill, especially, is going to have to chose between a low-paying backup job on a contender versus a well-paid player-coach type of job with the transitioning Suns. He simply did not have a good statistical season in 2011-12 - offensively OR defensively. Despite our eyes and intuition that Grant Hill is a lockdown defender, his defensive numbers did not bear that out. Likely, that's because he always guarded the opponent's best offensive player. But still, "lockdown" is a relative term compared to the rest of the Suns players.

FG 3PT FT Rebounds Misc
G M M A Pct M A Pct M A Pct Off Def Tot Ast TO Stl Blk PF PPG
2011 - Grant Hill 49 28.1 4.1 9.2 44.6 0.3 1.1 26.4 1.7 2.2 76.1 0.6 2.9 3.5 2.2 1.3 0.8 0.6 1.8 10.2

Add on the two knee surgeries as bookends to the season, and no other NBA team can possibly feel confident about offering Hill more than the bi-annual exception he signed to join the Suns 5 years (and two contracts) ago.

Lon Babby, for one, feels confident about Grant Hill's decision. And Lon should know, since he was Hill's agent for his entire career before taking over the Suns.

Babby will overpay Hill for his contributions beyond the court as much as what a 40-year old can offer on it. The only real question is whether Hill will retire or not. But even then, he's likely to stay with the Suns in a front-office or coaching capacity. That's my gut feel.

In fact, possibly the best summer option is to bring back Grant Hill to tutor the next swingman-lockdown-defender-team-builder guy the Suns add to the team this summer either through the draft (Jeremy Lamb) or free agency (Nic Batum). Then Grant could truly hand off his cape as he fades into the valley sunset.

PHOENIX — Markieff Morris isn’t one to make excuses. Neither the fact of being a rookie nor having only a slim few weeks of training camp time were anything he could control, and looking...

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Lakers steamrolled.

The Philadelphia 76ers did what they needed to do on Monday night and took a game on the road against the Boston Celtics. It was close, 82-81, but they got it done and now that series will almost certainly go long which helps the younger and more athletic Philly team. The other game on the 2012 NBA Playoff Schedule was far less interesting.

The Oklahoma City Thunder stomped the Los Angeles Lakers in Game 1, 119-90. While it's always fun for some of us to see Kobe Bryant and his purple and gold crew get beat, the game itself wasn't all that compelling for NBA fans in general.

Here's the NBA Playoff schedule for Tuesday:

Indiana Pacers at Miami Heat at 7:00 p.m. ET / 4:00 p.m. PT on TNT

The Pacers, like the 76ers, have a very good chance of scoring an upset in this series. To do that, however, they need to win Game 2 and even the series heading back home. Chris Bosh didn't play the second half of Game 1 but the Pacers didn't adjust well to his absence. With Bosh out, probably for the series, they need to do a better job adjusting defensively to focus on LeBron James and Dwyane Wade. This should be a good game.

Los Angeles Clippers at San Antonio Spurs at 9:30 p.m. ET / 6:30 p.m. PT on TNT

For good reason, no one things the Clippers have chance in this series. The Spurs, however, have been off for over a week and will almost certainly be rusty early. The Clips only chance is to use their momentum and pounce early but they will still need a pretty big lead to hold off a second half run from the Spurs. This should be a good game if you are a fan of execution basketball.

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PHOENIX — Everybody knows the Phoenix Suns need to improve. But the question is with a bundle of cap space, a late lottery pick and no stars aside from a certain 38-year-old free-agent point...

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The PBWA is not the Pro Bowlers of Wyoming Association, as I first thought. PBWA stands for Professional Basketball Writers Association.

And no, I'm clearly not a member.

Nonetheless, Steve Nash won the Magic Johnson award for combining "excellence on the court with cooperation with the media and fans." The award, along with all that we know about Steve as highlighted in Jim C's piece today, accompanies 2007's J. Walter Kennedy Citizenship Award for "outstanding service and dedication to the community." Nash also has a star on the Canadian Walk of Fame.

While this award may seem as no big deal to many of us, keep in mind Nash beat out (among others), Manu Ginoboli of the San Antonio Spurs. Last year's winner of the award was Oklahoma City's Kevin Durant.

It is the small victories, my friends....

Nash, Rivers, Bucks' staff take home PBWA Honors

Nash is the winner of the Magic Johnson Award, given annually to recognize the player who best combines excellence on the court with co-operation with the media and fans. The Phoenix Suns guard was voted the winner over Kevin Love of the Minnesota Timberwolves, Manu Ginobili of the San Antonio Spurs and Chris Paul of the Los Angeles Lakers.

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