The Philadelphia 76ers have lost 26 straight games, yet they still don't have the worst record in the league.

Hello Bright Side of the Sun. I'm Jacob. Some of you blog veterans may remember when I used to write for this site back in the day. Well, I'm back!

Things have died down a bit in my life with a couple of the closer-to-home basketball seasons coming to a close, so I'm going to make an effort to dive back into the Bright Side. I haven't been able to read or comment much, but I have manged to keep up with the Suns and I'm definitely in playoff beard mode.

I watched Wednesday's game against the Wizards, and all I can say is that it is good to have Eric Bledsoe back out there next to Goran Dragic. A couple of weeks ago playoff dreams appeared to be nothing but a pipedream after falling out of the top eight, but now the boys are right back in the fight and all the way back to seventh place after dispatching the New York Knicks.

However, this column isn't about the Suns, or the playoffs. In fact, it's meant to make you feel good about getting to watch this Suns team this season even if they miss out on the postseason. Because at least we're not Philadelphia fans.

On Thursday night, the 76ers made history by losing their 26th straight game. Twenty-six. In a row. Consecutively. That is impressive. Philadelphia shocked people by coming out of the gates and winning despite running out the worst on-paper roster in the league. However, that didn't last long and - unlike with the Suns - we were all right about the 76ers.

Just look at this:


So. much. blood.

Philadelphia is 1-29 in their last 30 games. Let's break that down by the numbers so we can truly appreciate how awful the '6ers have been.

During that stretch, Philadelphia is -455. That is -15.2 PER GAME. 20 of the 30 losses were by double digits. Cut it off at 20 and it includes eight games. Raise the bar to 30, and we are left with three. Take one more step up to 40, and we have two.

Yes, the 76ers lost back-to-back games by 43 and 45 points, in case you had forgotten.

During that middle of that stretch, they lost 10 consecutive games by double digits.

Their only win? A one-point game against the 23-48 Boston Celtics.

Tanking is perhaps an overused term, but in this case that is exactly what the 76ers are doing. 22 different players have suited up for Philadelphia this season including: Lorenzo Brown, Brandon Davies, Dewayne Dedmon, James Nunnally, Henry Sims, Hollis Thompson, Jarvis Varnado, Casper Ware and Elliot Williams (all first or second year players who you've probably never heard of unless you're a big college basketball fan) and James Anderson, Darius Johnson-Odom, Eric Maynor, Darius Morris and Daniel Orton (drafted guys who haven't worked out). That doesn't even include Jason Richardson and Nerlens Noel, neither of which have actually suited up this year.

Oh, and perhaps the most damning piece of evidence is that they picked up Byron Mullens.

Their roster is a revolving door of D-League players and draft busts. I'm all for giving these guys a shot in the NBA - and some of them could very well turn out to be good finds - but this is ridiculous. Look at their recent box scores; there are only two real NBA players in their rotation (Michael Carter-Williams and Thaddeus Young - side note: I feel so bad for Thad, he deserves better).

The 76ers don't even have to bother with holding out star players with "injuries" because they don't have anybody worth sitting down. They are truly the masters of tanking.

Four months ago, many believed the Suns were on the same level as the 76ers, which is just insane in hindsight.

However, even as embarrassing as the 76ers have been, they're STILL not the worst team in the NBA. No, that distinction belongs to the Milwaukee Bucks, who were originally built to compete for a playoff spot this season (ha).

The 76ers are 15-57, yet the Bucks still have a one game lead at 14-58 in the race for the worst record. They've suffered a ton of injuries, and the roster isn't exactly loaded with talent, but I'm still not quite sure how they've managed to be this bad.

Philadelphia and Milwaukee are the two worst teams in the league, and it's not even remotely close. Milwaukee has the lead for now, but while Philadelphia has lost 26 straight, the Bucks have hit a hot streak and have picked up five wins in their last 20 games. The fight for the worst record should be just as vicious - albeit a bit more pathetic - as the race for the final playoff spots in the West.

Thankfully, Suns fans will be keeping their eyes on the latter. Praise Ryan McDonough, praise Jeff Hornacek and praise Goran Dragic and company for spurring this rise from the ashes that Phoenixes are known for. Because as much fun as it is dreaming about getting Andrew Wiggins, Jabari Parker or Joel Embiid in a Suns uniform, it is infinitely more fun rooting for the guys already sporting the purple and orange as they win games and look good in the process.

PHOENIX — The Phoenix Suns (44-29) shot, ran and dunked their way to a 112-88 victory on Friday night over the defensively uninterested New York Knicks (30-43). The win gave the Suns their...

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Goran Dragic led off the night with 18 points in the first quarter, and the Phoenix Suns beat the New York Knicks by 24 points to strengthen their hold on the 8th seed.

The game started off with a fire-breathing dragon leading the Phoenix Suns and progressed to the entire team blasting the New York Knicks in the second quarter (28-14 scoring advantage).

The first half was punctuated by a fan hitting the vaunted half-court shot to win $77,777 dollars, It got even better when he was mobbed by the Suns players at midcourt during the timeout. He was hip-checked by Gerald Green, dapped by Eric Bledsoe and patted on the back by Morris and just about every guy on the bench. Great, great scene.

After that, the Suns blew out the Knicks and it wasn't even close.

The Suns built a 22-point lead by halftime lead that felt bigger than it was, proving it by jumping up by 32 by mid-fourth, giving the Suns and their fans the kind of 'take care of business' game they really needed to have.

Goran Dragic had 20 points in 17 first-half minutes, while Markieff Morris had 14 and 6 and Eric Bledsoe had 8, 4 and 4 in 18 minutes apiece. And that was just at halftime.

Dragic got yet another battle scar, needing stiches to stop the bleeding from his eye, but he came back to score another 12 points in the second half before it was a blowout.

Our old Amare Stoudemire looked studly for a while, putting up 8 and 6 in his 17 first-half minutes but the Knicks just weren't feeling it as a team.

The second half was even more of a blowout, as the Suns stretched the lead to 32 much like they'd led on Wednesday night by 25 at the same point. Clearly, the Suns would let off the gas at some point, but when? And how close would the Knicks be able to get?

On Wednesday night, the Wizards got all the way back to 3 points from 25.

The Knicks didn't show any real signs of life between the early fourth and late third, and by then it was too late to make it a game.

The Suns lead at the end of three was still 22 points despite a 13-4 Knicks run with their starters.

The Knicks run continued in the early 4th, cutting the lead to 17, but then it petered out after that as Bledsoe made a three and Dragic got three points the other way (layup-and-one).

Miles Plumlee got a double-double, Bledsoe nearly had a triple-double and Goran Dragic had 30 points before the Suns pulled away for good. While the team wasn't able to turn it back on in Washington until the final minutes, they turned this one into a laugher in the mid-fourth to make all four quarters a sound beating.

Former Suns Shannon Brown entered the game for the Knicks after the Suns pushed the lead back to 27. The Suns countered with Archie Goodwin. Both teams played their deep, deep bench to finish the game. Alex Len, Shavlik Randolph, Dionte Christmas and Ish Smith joined Archie for the final minutes.

Time: 7 p.m. MST TV: FSA The Phoenix Suns are getting hot just as the playoff race is heating up in the Western Conference.  The team has won five straight and seven of their last eight games to put...

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Recapping the Western Conference action in the Suns chase for the playoffs

Hey look - something went the Suns way last night!  That's pretty exciting stuff.

One of the things I usually point to when trying not to get crazy about individual NBA games is the fact that there are so damn many of them (82 to be exact) .  You've got to mete out your crazy and focus only on "should win" or blown games.  This is in stark contrast to a sport like the NFL where your insanity is concentrated into just 16 weeks.

Well now that we're in the final 10 games of the Suns season that's all out the window.  Each one of the remaining games matters - a lot.  So be all crazy, get all panicky and jittery, and definitely wear that one shirt that the Suns always win when you're wearing it (you know the shirt).  Put on your red shoes and dance the blues.

Thursday March 27th Key Western Conference Results:

Portland Trail Blazers 100 Atlanta Hawks 85 (Recap) - The big news for Portland last night was the return of LaMarcus Aldridge after a 7 game absence.  With their All-Star big back in the fold the Blazers basically cruised to victory over a Hawks team that is seeing its grasp on the 8th seed in the East fall by the wayside.  Aldridge led the way for Portland with 25/16 game while the Hawks were Hawky.  The Hawks should consider themselves lucky that the Suns are playing the Knicks tonight and are still generous enough to try to help them out in their race to be a human sacrifice to the Pacers.

Los Angeles Clippers 109 Dallas Mavericks 103 (Recap) -  Yesterday my one sentence preview of this game said that the best thing that happened for the Suns was the Clips losing to the Pelicans and Chris Paul having a historically bad game - as per usual I was proven correct.  It definitely got a little hairy in the 4th quarter when the Mavericks opened up a 10 point lead but the Clippers rallied and hung a 3rd loss on Dallas this season.  Chris Paul captained the Clippers attack with 31 points and 9 assists while a Kia Spokesman and DeAndre Jordan were good first mates as they provided double-doubles.  Vince Carter shot 9/13 (4/5 from three) on his way to 23 points as he looked to continue our long standing one-way feud.

Current Western Conference Standings:

1.San Antonio
55 16 .775 - 10-0 WON 15
2. Oklahoma City
52 19 .732 3
6-4 LOST 1
3. LA Clippers
51 22 .699 5 8-2 WON 1
4. Houston 49 22 .690 6 7-3 WON 5
5. Portland
46 27 .625 10 4-6 WON 1
6. Golden State
44 27 .620 11 7-3 LOST 1
7. Memphis
43 28 .606 12 8-2 WON 3
43 29 .597 12.5
7-3 WON 5
- Dallas
43 30 .597 13 6-4 LOST 1

Friday March 28th Western Conference Games of Significance:

Knicks @ Suns - If you can figure out the New York Knicks then you've got a leg up on me.  They have won 9 of their last 11 games after having lost their previous 7.  The only impressive win in that 9 of 11 was a home win over the Pacers as they spent the rest of the time feasting on their sub-mediocre Eastern Conference cohorts.  Oh and they are just 3 days removed from losing to the Lakers by 24982 (OK it was 31 but you can't say it didn't feel like 24982).  Regardless of how weird the Knicks season is going they've still got one of the best scorers in the NBA in Carmelo Anthony and he can pop off at any time.  In personal news I agreed to attend this game with Bryan Gibberman - even with a free ticket I'm not sure what I was thinking.  Wish me luck.

Trail Blazers @ Bulls - After last night the Blazers are probably feeling pretty good about themselves - they got LaMarcus Aldridge back AND they didn't lose.  The Bulls however are the basketball version of your mother-in-law and thrive on making you feel worse about yourself.  Joakim Noah & Co. - please crush any good feelings the Blazers may have.

Grizzlies @ Warriors -  This is one of the many "no-lose" scenario games that exist on the schedule.  Considering how tight everything is and the fact that I think Memphis is just flat out better - I'd say maybe hope for a Golden State loss here?  Reasonable minds could disagree and I'd expect many of you will.

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