For now, Jared Dudley clowning with Kyle Lowry in the Impact tournament is the closest we'll get to Suns basketball.

No surprise here. After NBA labor talks hit a major roadblock last week and made no reported progress this week, the league will announce today the postponement of the first two weeks of training camps and preseason games, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports.

{Update 09/23/11 11:00AM PDT: One week of preseason games (October 9-15), a total of 43 games, were cancelled and training camps are postponed "indefinitely", as per The New York Times.}

This doesn't necessarily mean that the regular season, scheduled to start on November 1, won't begin on time but commissioner David Stern assumed the role of Mr. Obvious by saying, "the calendar is not our friend."

While the official word (read: the posturing of Stern and NBPA President Derek Fisher) is all doom and gloom and that the sides are still far from a settlement, there are rumblings that there is progress being made under the surface and out of the limelight. ESPN's Ric Bucher tweeted last night that:

@RicBucher: For all the gloom the postponement of training camp inspired, amazing no. of NBA industry peeps are convinced a full season will happen.

Clippers center and all-around unique human being Chris Kaman chipped in with this:

@ChrisKaman: So I heard from the inside that we might actually have a full season still and some low key meetings r going on right now!

What to believe? It's hard to know right now, and probably best to take both the "sky is falling" posturing (never mind that the sky actually is falling) and the unsupported optimism with a grain of salt. The deadline for settlement that was just missed is a minor one. No reason for panic. In negotiations like this, things don't get done until the absolute last minute, and we're not there yet.

Let's see what Keef can do.  (AP Photo/Julio Cortez)

The Lockout happened and the traditional Summer League was canceled, but that hasn't stopped new NBA players like Josh Selby or Jimmer Fredette and Kemba Walker from playing in leagues and exhibition games of their own. In fact, even veterans like Carmelo Anthony, LeBron James, Kevin Durant and our own Jared Dudley and Hakim Warrick have been instrumental in organizing and playing in games all across the country.

Hakim Warrick has helped organize what will be an exhibition game this Sunday the 25th where Warrick, a Philadelphia native, along with a team comprised of fellow NBA Philly-natives is slated to take on Team Melo. Team Melo is a star-studded team thrown together by Carmelo Anthony boasting Chris Paul, Kevin Durant (Who will show up for the game late due to a previous engagement) LeBron James and others on the roster. Headlining the Philly team is Sacramento Kings guard Tyreke Evans, Warrick and um... Kyle Lowry? Yeah, the game looks like it might be a laugher... Unless there is some truth to the rumors that Warrick has Kobe Bryant (also a Philly native) coming in as a surprise.

Besides all that - the biggest take-away here for Suns fans is that the Morris twins are a big part of team Philly - that means we will actually get to watch our 1st round draft pick Markieff Morris play in an actual game against legitimate NBA talent. I'm excited about that and you should be too.

The game will be broadcast LIVE on this Sunday at 3:00 pm Arizona time (6 EST)

Who wins?

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I was thinking, everything that is amazing has it's own theme song.

Bonanza had a theme song. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air had a theme song.  Sesame Street has a theme song.   M.A.S.H, Mario Bros, Klondike Bars, MMA Fighters, Monday Night Football, Sailor Moon... anyways you get the point.

Follow this logic. 

Everything amazing has a theme song.

Bright Side of the Sun is amazing.

Therefore: Bright Side of the Sun MUST have a theme song.

I'm going to make it,  BUT I NEED YOUR HELP!  Jump it fools, and see how.

Consider the following not so much a #humblebrag, but more of an assurance that the theme song won't be too painful on your ear lobes -

I can sing (I was once cast as Joseph in a production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat).


I can play the guitar and have played professionally (for money, I think that's what that means).


Hip hop is my forte - I'm currently working on a mixtape set to release before Christmas. Here's a sample of a track called "Drone" from that mixtape.

Drone Sample LEILAND -

I'm versatile and can do just about anything though - I even could sing in Spanish if needed...  So here's where you guys come in.   I'm going to list a few questions and I want ALL OF YOU, YES, EVEN YOU Mr. Long-time reader who has never commented ever before, to answer them in the comment section below.  I'm going to take all of your input into consideration.

  1. What genre should the BSotS Theme song be? (Hip hop, Country Western, Fusion, Rock, Dubstep, Death Metal, Cowbell-Only, etc...)
  2. What things (People, places, sayings, etc.) should be included in the lyrics? (if lyrics are needed and you don't all choose an instrumental theme song)
  3. What tone should the theme song reflect? (Bright and happy, mellow and chillaxilated, Bangin' and serious, Dark and emotional, crisp and fast-flowing, Melodic and grungy, Rebecca Black-esque, etc.  If it helps you in choosing a tone, just list a band or an artist who you think the tone should sound like)
  4. How long do you want your theme song to be? (a minute long = 1 verse, 2-4 minutes = full song with a chorus and errrything, EPIC 3 Disc Box-Set)
  5. What else? (write anything else that comes to your mind pertaining to the song)

So there's your assignment - Everyone who comments should have a post that looks similar to this(Don't copy me, this is just an example).

Great Idea... I can't wait post the song to my Facebook wall for all my friends to see

1.  Rap

2. Make sure you mention how much we hate the Blazersedge... on and give a shout-out to Wil!

3. Crisp and fast-flowing... like Tech N9Ne or Twista... but only your whiter version of them.

4. I think 2-3 minutes is great, make sure the chorus is tight yo, something catchy that incorporates Steve Nash

5. Please make it downloadable so I can put that bad-boy in my IPod and bench press to your sexy voice Euty!

Once You've left a comment like that - then carry on and comment as normal. 

Alright fools - help me out and let's get the brainstorming rolling!


If you have music production skills or swim in the sea of online collaboration like I do and you want to help - let me know what you can do and hit me up at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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Mercury Vs. Lynx in Western Conf Finals, Sunday

This will be the only home game of this series which starts Thursday on ESPN 2 at 6:00p.m. The home game is Sunday at 2pm and could be the very last competitive basketball at USAC for a long, long time (unless the Merc win and advance to the Finals).

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