Suns' Pietrus Picks Up Option; Agent Expects Draft-Day Trade

(Agent Bill) McCandless said he and Pietrus are aware of the possibility of a Suns trade to better balance their roster.

"I'll be surprised if Lon (Babby, Suns president of basketball operations) doesn't make a couple deals on draft day or later," McCandless said. "If you have a surplus in one position and a need in another, guess what?"

Congrats, Trix!!

Congratulations to the Dallas Mavericks and their fans for beating the Miami Heat and winning the 2011 NBA Finals. We can only imagine the thrill (because the Suns are the oldest NBA franchise never to win an NBA title so all we have is our imagination and vicarious living through others). 

There's a gazillion different angles to discuss on the day after Game 6. LeBron James choking and the entire debate about his place in history. The "stars vs. team" battle and how that played out between the Heat and Mavericks. Jason Terry backing up his big mouth. The massive amount of payroll Mark Cuban has taken on over the years to get his team here. And of course, the joy Shawn Marion is feeling right about now.

The one thing I keep coming back to though, is the divergent paths taken by Dirk Nowitzki and Steve Nash since the two parted ways in 2004.

Dirk is an NBA Champion today while Nash has spent the entire postseason traveling with his new girlfriend and taking in the sites from Jamaica to Vancouver to Miami to Boston. While Steve is surely having fun playing Find Waldo, there's little doubt where he would rather be right now -- nursing a hangover after a night of celebrating an NBA Title. 

So what happened? Where did things go wrong for Steve when they finally went right for his buddy Dirk? 

Here's a few ideas to vote on, but by all means do what you do and leave some insightful comments.

Why does Dirk Nowitzki have a ring and Steve Nash doesn't?

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Worst 13th Picks in NBA History

Mr. Scott Howard gives us a list of a bunch of guys you've never heard of. In other words, the floor for the 13th pick is in the basement while the ceiling is Kobe Bryant. #CrapShoot

As Mark Cuban and Dirk Nowitzki celebrate deliriously, it’s time for us to face the unfortunate fact that it could be some time before we see another NBA game. Come July 1, the NBA will lock...

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LAS VEGAS - NOVEMBER 26:  Markieff Morris (L) #21 and his twin brother Marcus Morris #22 of the Kansas Jayhawks appear on the bench late in the team's 98-41 victory over the Ohio Bobcats during the third round of the Las Vegas Invitational at The Orleans Arena November 26 2010 in Las Vegas Nevada.  (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Monday's workout in Phoenix rocks pretty darn hard. We're talking 6 guys facing off, 5 of whom directly figure into the Suns draft range at #13.

Want a shiny new PG prospect who can shoot like crazy and sell tickets? Enter Jimmer Fredette.

Want a real bonafide defensive stopper on the wing who can swallow up the other team's best scorer? Heeere's Chris Singleton.

Want an Al Harrington type who can play either forward position and score in a variety of ways? Take Marcus Morris.

Or how 'bout a tougher version of Channing Frye, who can hit the 3 AND defend the post? You got Marcus' brother Markieff.

Maybe you'd rather a totally raw, athletically gifted power forward who still needs to learn the game of basketball? Then Tristan Thompson might just be your man.


Let's take a look at the matchups.

At point guard, young Jimmer Fredette faces off against rising Iman Shumpert. We all know the stories about Jimmer for the past year, including a big fan of his in Eutychus right here on this blog. If he works out as a legit NBA player, Jimmer could put the butts in the seats long after Steve Nash rides into the sunset. But Jimmer will have his hands full with Iman Shumpert. Shumpert showed great abilities at the NBA draft combine and has making the rounds in workouts so far. He's a 6'6" combo guard who played point at Georgia Tech.

(Kemba Walker was originally slated to face Jimmer, but he turned down the offer due to nagging injury)

Another pairing has 6'9" swingman Marcus Morris (similar to Al Harrington) facing defensive dynamo-to-be Chris Singleton. Both guys figure to play their careers swinging between positions, Morris between PF and SF and Singleton between SF and SG. Both are probably best suited to SF.

The final pairing is the biggest and most interesting. The Suns are desperately in need of a new Power Forward, and the two who figure to be most available at the 13 spot are battling each other on Monday in Phoenix - 6'9" Markieff Morris against 6'9" Tristan Thompson.

Interestingly, Thompson profiles much like the Suns' own prospect Gani Lawal. Their pre-draft strengths and weaknesses mirror each other - slightly short, long arms to compensate, high motor, great on rebounding, second-bounces and putbacks, few go-to moves, plays more like a center than a forward on offense.

Also interestingly, word leaked on Sunday that Thompson was starting to pull out of workouts with late-lottery teams, hinting he had a promise in his back pocket from someone. Yet, within the same hour he himself tweeted "what's up, phoenix?" Ah, the amount of disinformation at this time of year... 

Thompson will body up against Markieff Morris who blossomed in his brother's shadow at Kansas, finishing his career as a guy works hard under the basket on defense and stretches the floor all the way to the 3-point line on offense. He is physically ready for the NBA but has probably already shown his entire skillset, whereas Thompson and Lawal are relative mounds of clay ready to be molded.

None of the forwards attending Monday's workout are taller than 6'9", which is why they are slotted for mid-round I guess. And their talent level is not off the charts.

Highest boom/bust potential? Fredette and Thompson.

Safest picks, though their ceilings are lower? the Morris twins.

Research these guys at and, amongst other well-known sites. What I find crazy, less than 2 weeks before the draft, is how dramatically different each site's MOCK DRAFT is. I mean, Shumpert is projected at #22 on one site and #54 on another. Thompson is projected at #6 on one site, #13 on the other. And so on...

Can't wait to hear what someone with the Suns has to say after this big workout. Word will leak, I assume. Somehow, some way. I sure wish I could be a fly on that gym wall.

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