Boston Celtics free agent guard Ray Allen has interest in signing with the Phoenix Suns, and the front office that includes his former agent, Lon Babby, will chase after the 37-year-old, Yahoo!...

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"I hear they treat old people well in Phoenix..."

Reports from Yahoo!'s Adrian Wojnarowski (basically the most IN guy in all of NBA chatter) reports this afternoon that the Phoenix Suns are most definitely super-interested in picking up Boston Celtics free agent Ray Allen.

Ray Allen is 37. What the.

From his Article:

The Phoenix Suns have surfaced as serious contenders to sign Boston Celtics free agent Ray Allen, league sources told Yahoo! Sports.

Allen, 37, is willing to explore offers beyond Boston. The Suns - regardless of whether they re-sign free-agent point guard Steve Nash - interest Allen, sources said.

What does this even mean?

We'll have more on this as we get the info - but for now I personally am bewildered.

The post-Kerr Suns front office has been very tight-lipped in their first couple years here in Phoenix and for the life of me I can't put my finger on quite anything they've got brewing. In light of everything everything we've heard recently, this is the conversation I imagine is going on in Suns GM Lance Blanks' head right now.

"So we're trying to get more talent, and get younger... wait no, we want a BIG in the draft! Yeah that's it... wait no, we want a wing because who knows if Grant Hill will be back and to his old BAMF form... *mutter ... NO we are moving on because Steve Nash is most definitely way out of here... PSYCHE! We want Nash so we've got to bring in more talent... hmmm. I'm the man! Yeah! ... yeah. RAY ALLEN. BOOM. I'm a genius."

What is your initial reaction?

Do you want to see the Suns throw money at 37 year old Ray Allen?

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If you haven't been keeping up with Steve Nash's latest video projects with the NOC - you're missing out. The NOC is a YouTube channel described as such:

The NOC is an entertainment channel about the personalities and lives of athletes. We bring you the world's most famous sports stars saying and doing the unexpected each week. Check out new athlete lifestyle, music, and comedy content daily, and help us build a revolution in sports.

So to dry your sweaty palms of anticipation for tonight's NBA draft, the NOC and Nash were kind enough to release a new parody video this morning. Watch and enjoy!

Jump it to see the other Steve Nash NOC vids you might have missed out on so far.

Nash, Camera, Action!

If you haven't been following - you're not in bad shape, you've only missed 2 previous shorts with the promise of more to come!

His first NOC video - a spin on "Paranormal Activity"

The Second video was a parody on "Spiderman".

Phoenix has officially thrown qualifying offers to reserve center Robin Lopez and point guard Aaron Brooks, effectively making the duo restricted free agents, the Suns announced Thursday. The team...

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Draft day 2012 is finally upon us. On this day one team will draft a franchise superstar, many others will select quality building blocks and some will pick busts. With the No. 13 overall selection...

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