Elston Turner has been a hot head coaching candidate the past three years, interviewing with at least four teams during that time, including the Suns in 2008 when they eventually hired Terry...

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Phoenix Suns hire Elston Turner as new defensive assistant coach

Suns finally make their selection for "defensive coordinator" with the hiring of former Rockets and Kings assistant Elston Turner.

It shouldn't be too hard for him to bring about a little improvement for the Suns on that end of the floor.


The NBA Lockout is all the rage but it's never too soon for the 2011 NBA Rookie Class to get over-hyped. Regardless of how bad this class is considered, one of them will win Rookie of the Year for the 2011-12 NBA season (assuming there is a season). Favorites to win are the obvious top picks like Kyrie Irving and Derrick Williams but according to ESPN's Kevin Pelton, Markieff Morris should at least be considered a dark horse.

The thinking from Pelton is that Markieff (aka Keef) is more NBA ready and will be an efficient scorer. It's worth noting that Pelton is an NBA stat geek so measuring value based on efficiency comes naturally to him. The rest of the basketball world, however, will stick to flashy points and rebounding totals which makes Morris an unlikely pick (Pelton did list him as a dark horse for a reason).

Las Vegas odds makers are skeptical as well but at least Markieff is on the list of possible Rookie of the Year possibilities. His odds are 18/1 compared to 15/1 for Marcus Morris and 9/2 for the favorite, Derrick Williams. 

If you believe in Markieff, you at least can put your money where your mouth is.

Source: NBA: Projecting rookie stat lines for Kyrie Irving, Jimmer Fredette, Kemba Walker and other top picks - ESPN


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Jim Gray, the interviewer who tossed Lebron James softball questions during the infamous "The Decision" broadcast last summer, says he has no regrets at all about doing the one-hour ESPN special in which Lebron decided to "take his talents".....well everyone knows what happened that night. In fact, everyone remembers where they were that night. I was at a steakhouse that had happy hour all day, every day in San Antonio. I booed a little. I'm getting off track.

In Gray's only interview to date about "The Decision", he joined the Dan Patrick Show to candidly answer some questions about that infamous broadcast. One interesting thing he mentions is that the idea for the one-hour spectacle was originally his idea.

Read a transcript of Jim Gray's interview here, and join me after the jump for a couple questions of my own.

Mr. Gray, did you really think that the one-hour live broadcast was primarily just a way to "explain it all to the fans at one time where he is deciding to go?" If anything, this was a media event that was all about Lebron. 

Mr. Gray, are you really surprised at the fact that there was "so much" criticism in the wake of the TV special? I certainly wasn't too surprised by the jersey burning. I'd do the same thing if Jared Dudley left the Suns

What think ye of Jim Gray's LebronLove, Bright Siders?

The sports world will be glued to downtown Phoenix the next two days, but for once it has nothing to do with the Suns. That’s because the city will be hosting its second All-Star Game in less...

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