The sports world will be glued to downtown Phoenix the next two days, but for once it has nothing to do with the Suns. That’s because the city will be hosting its second All-Star Game in less...

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The tone of labor talks is this. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

"If the people raise a great howl against my barbarity and cruelty, I will answer that war is war, and not popularity seeking."

~William Tecumseh Sherman

As you have probably already noticed, is now an old-timer's page. All current player images and videos have been scrubbed from the site. Hey, I love the historical stuff but come on now. I don't need to see highlights of every draft and dunk contest of the 90s, and this has been the NBA's content.

In a tactical move in the league's war against the player's union, and NBATV will show no current players. And, this is good for who? How? Huh? It's not good for anybody, and it's part of a scorched earth policy being spearheaded by David Stern. Stern's tactics continue to become increasingly combative, as Dave D'Alessandro of The Star-Ledger explains here.

What are the owners attempting to accomplish with this?

According to NBA spokesman Mike Bass, quoted in the Wall Street Journal:

"We do not think it is appropriate to be using video and photography of our current players at this time," said NBA spokesman Mike Bass. People close to the NBA say that the league doesn't believe it should continue profiting off players by using their images online after locking them out over issues of compensation and revenue sharing.

Well, that sure sounds noble and generous of them, doesn't it? So then, what are they really up to?

The NBA's marketing work is almost as valuable as its players, and the owners know this. By refusing to market locked out players, the league expects to drive their value down. By showing all these old-timers instead, they are driving home the point to cheer for the jersey more than the guys who wear it. There will always be some new guy in that jersey, right?

Having been in countless debates and arguments in my life, this strikes me as a "going for the jugular" move. This is the owners telling the players, "we don't really need you; without our marketing and the salaries we pay you, whattaya got?"

This might prove to be a winner for the owners but, damn. I just hope no cities are burned down in the process.

Are you bored? Are you Sun deprived? If so, get up, go get some comfort food, sit-down, relax and watch these vids.

But first, hear my words.

I find it ridiculous that team websites can't even show pictures of their current players, yet they can still list the roster? What point is the NBA trying to make? Why don't they want us to see our players? Stupid sausageheads! Screw them!

As for myself, I am not a sausagehead. I may be a butthead, but I'm really just Beavis, a man of simple taste. I like food, soda, pizza, peace, happiness, fun, love, women and most importantly My Phoenix Suns (which if you haven't noticed kind of includes all of that). So listen up Stern you Notorious Windbag, stop sulking, get off your butt, go get ya bruddas and work out a deal!

Note: I lost some nice vids ever since the lock-out due to some copyright crap. I blame David Stern. Not sure if he's the reason why, but I'm going to assume it is anyway, because I want to.

With that said, keep in mind that as you watch this, you'll be watching some footage that David Stern doesn't want you to see nor remember until he is a richer man, so enjoy;)

Steve Nash to Jared Dudley Goal Celebration (Soccer).AVI (via MonsterCableProducts)

clean hands (via stevenash)

All Night Long (via stevenash)

Steve Nash Baron Davis Step Brothers Spoof for ibeatyou (via ibeatyouvids)

Some Raja Bell with a touch of Grant Hill:

You can never have enough Dudley:

Want some Frye with that?

Need more J-Rich?

Ok, that was Nashty:

I'm going to need some water:

Beat that!

That's all folks... or is it?




A Wages of Wins Journal analysis of salary to value concludes what most Phoenix Suns fans already know: Steve Nash, Marcin Gortat, Jared Dudley and Grant Hill were underpaid in comparison to...

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Yao Ming officially retired from the NBA today after an injury riddled final few seasons to a career that was cut short.  The 7'6" center was a highly touted first pick overall by the Houston Rockets in the 2002 NBA Draft.  Although Yao won a championship in the Chinese Basketball Association before coming to the NBA, many fans and analysts alike might argue that he was never able to live up to his immense potential to become the dominant force in America so many expected him to be.

Still, even though he was never able to lead his team to the NBA Finals, Yao still managed to compile some impressive stats and performances in his relatively short yet memorable career.  This prompted Yahoo Sports writer Adrian Wojnarowski to argue that Yao deserves to eventually receive an induction into the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame for both his contributions on the court, as well as the cultural and global impact he made on the sport.

Yao's body of work includes nine seasons with a career average of 19pts, 9.3rbs, and 1.9blks in 32:30 minutes of play.  He appeared in the playoffs four times with the Rockets, yet only made it out of the first round once in 2009 when they beat the Trail Blazers 4-2 and then lost to the Lakers 4-3 in the second round. Yao was named to the All-Star team a total of eight times in his nine seasons, but many would also refute the credibility of those numbers being that he received thousands of international votes from his Chinese fan base even when he was injured, or limited in his play.

Combining Yao's numerous achievements with all of his short-falls and injuries makes for a difficult overall assessment.  For all those who agree with Wojnarowski's opinion there are sure to be an equal if not greater amount of detractors of it as well. 


Source: Yahoo Sports

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