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Welcome to the sixth piece of the 2010-11 Phoenix Suns Player Evaluations. We here at Bright Side of the Sun have assembled somewhat of an All-Star cast of writers to put together alternative views on the players, front office, and coaches. Your favorite and least favorite Suns will no doubt get plenty of attention, and the compliments or criticism they deserve.

You guys are like my family.  We laugh together, we fight, we celebrate, we share good times and bad times and sometimes we all have to get away from each other and take a short break... but you and I, we always come back.  Being such a tight nitted family of fanatics and sports perusers alike that we are - I will hold back no secrets...

My favorite number is 12.

So by default - I have to root for and support any Suns player sporting the number 12.  This time around the number is dressed neatly on the back of one lovable, huggable, easy to love - easy to hate French crepe named Mickael Pietrus

Join me (or bear with me) as we take a short look at the short season that 'Peaches' had with the Suns after being traded along with Vince Carter and Marcin Gortat mid-season for Jason Richardson, Hedo Turkoglu and the enigmatic Earl Clark.

The Elephant in the Room

Let's get this out of the way first.   As things go round in the NBA as a business - Mickael Pietrus has a player option for the 2011/12 season.   What does that mean?  That means the team can't cut him like they will inevitably do with the dead weight that is Vince Carter.   In all reality, Pietrus will be back next year as a member of the Phoenix Suns - it would be stupid for him not to pick up his player option especially after such a personally unspectacular year playing ball. In fact - I have it on authority from one of my good sources... that Pietrus will do just that. 

Now I know there are a whole slew of folks ready to jump on my boy Pietrus... Towards the end of the year his inability to curb his emotion in certain (and limited) situations somehow earned him a spot in Alvin Gentry's dog house - that, coupled with a possibly significant quadricep tendon-strain injury knocked Pietrus out of the rotation and landed him a soft-chair seat on the bench for the remainder of the season.

Here are my arguments as to why we can look forward to watching Phoenix Suns #12 in 2011/12. 

Playing Time Say What?

So I know you all have been avidly following these player evaluation pieces, so when I reference them they should be fresh in your minds.  You remember the two pro and con peices on Josh Childress?  Yeah, both of them agreed that Josh Childress didn't quite play enough time last season to be adequately evaluated and that his ultimate judgement should be taken with a grain of salt.  

Well guess what.  Josh Childress played a total of 894 minutes last year for the Suns.  Peitrus?  A whopping 689 minutes.

Can you honestly say that we can fairly evaluate what Pietrus can do for this team?  Especially since he was traded for the first time in his career... and mid-season no-less?   I like what Pietrus had to say about that when the Suns season was regretfully over,

"I like it here," Pietrus said. "It was just different for me. I had to adjust during a short period of time. I'd never been traded. Training camp will help so the coaches can get to know me as a player, and I can get to know my teammates. It's not easy to get to know a player when you're chasing the eighth (playoff) spot. Next season, I'll have time to be part of the family."

If we're going to give Josh Childress the slack of a 'wait and see' judgement I think Pietrus deserves one even more for the fact that he wasn't here for training camp and especially since just like Childress, Pietrus was a key impact player for us at times when he did see the court for playing time.

Impacto Man

Pietrus?  Yeah he can defend.  He's got long arms.  He can elevate and block shots.

He can elevate and absolutely disturb shots.

 He can get in your face and get physical.


He can drain threes.. and brick them sometimes.  He can dunk.  He can fast-break.  He can post-up.  He can cut and slash.  

The fact is - Pietrus is an energy player whose consistency is absolutely variable.  That's the downside - but guess what?  With Jared Dudley making the move to possibly locking up a starting position, the bench needs a player who can come in and impact the game right away with hustle defense and heart stabbing three's.  I think Pietrus can be that guy.  

The Final Verdict

Did he have an off year?  I think he absolutely did - he was traded mid-season, shot under 40% from the field for the first time in his career, never completely learned the Suns Offense or Defense and then got injured right when he was starting to see consistent minutes.   It was an off year indeed.


I'm giving Mickael Pietrus a school grade of an Incomplete.   I want to see what Pietrus can do with a full training camp under his belt and with a defined role coming off the bench.  Maybe it frustrates a lot of us when he's jacking up rediculous fade-away threes... but guess what, that's what he does and sometimes he can't miss (Hombre en Fuego), and other-times he can't hit even the rim.  But that's what you get when you have a streaky role player who can impact the game, either he's on and he's all over the place defending and making shots - or he's all over the place taking poor shots and getting down on himself defensively.  That's what winning team's need - impact players coming off the bench.

Plus - he's one of the funniest guys the Suns have ever had come through the organization.  I may have extrememly  disliked Boris Diaw for his flaws - but I'm willing to give this Frenchman a chance.  Will you?



We’ve discussed many of the general reasons why the Phoenix Suns’ season ended in mid-April, and today we will take a deeper look with the help of advanced stats. Offense not elite...

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After a first round that was more intriguing than could be expected with only one sweep and the #1 seed in the West going down, the NBA Playoffs roll into the second round today as the Grizzlies, fresh off their upset of the Spurs, face the Thunder in Oklahoma City.

In the Eastern Conference semifinals, the defending conference champion Celtics take on the Heat, a team that staged a ridiculous celebration as if they had already won a championship to announce two free agent signings last summer.


The trade for Kendrick Perkins should help the Thunder immensely in this series, as Perkins' vaunted low-post defense and toughness are just what is needed to counter the Grizzlies powerful front line of Zach Randolph and Marc Gasol.

On the other end of that trade, the Celtics are counting on Jeff Green to help defend LeBron James. This should be an intense, competitive series, but when it comes to the Celtics and Heat, I'm sure a large percentage of Suns fans feel this way.

Today's games:

Memphis at Oklahoma City, 10AM PDT, ABC.

Boston at Miami, 12:30PM PDT, ABC.


In this end of season edition of the ValleyoftheSuns podcast, Michael Schwartz and Mike Schmitz discuss what went wrong (and right) during the Phoenix Suns’ 2010-11 season before analyzing some...

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Oh Hakim, we hardly knew ye

Welcome to the fifth piece of the 2010-11 Phoenix Suns Player Evaluations. We here at Bright Side of the Sun have assembled somewhat of an All-Star cast of writers to put together alternative views on the players, front office, and coaches. Your favorite and least favorite Suns will no doubt get plenty of attention, and the compliments or criticism they deserve.

Kudos to Trevor for his vain attempt to convince you skinny, limited Hakim Warrick is worth keeping on this team. It must have been quite difficult.

Now I get the easy part of this pro/con game: Get rid of him as fast as possible!!!!!

Put him on a train, in a car, on a boat, in a plane, whatever it takes and make him disappear. We don't need him on this team! He doesn't even fit the mold, for chrissake. The Suns are building a non-athletic, overachieving, low-ceiling roster of hustlers and scrappers and Hak just doesn't fit in. He's the yang to Dudley's yin. All flash, no substance. Bring back Louuuuuuuuuu!

HIghlights, schmighlites! We don't need a flashy dunk or two each game for the highlight reel. We want hustle, diving, scrapping, scowling, flowing locks, missed putbacks, missed free throws, high foul rates and the occasional spectacular block. Oh wait, that last was a highlight valued at two points (saved, in this case). Scrap that. We don't even want no stinkin blocks! Just hard fouls!

(Dear Hakim, if you've read this far, please accept my apologies. I'm just following the spirit of the pro/con posting in this series of player evaluations. Your day to shine was yesterday. Now it's roasting time!)

Seriously though, let's discuss Hakim Warrick's shortcomings in more detail.

Unfortunately, I don't have access (and don't want to spend the money) on that SynergySports thingy for data-based backup. All I know is that Hakim Warrick is a turnstile on defense.

I mean seriously, the Suns are in big trouble when Hakim Warrick is on the floor. According to the free 82games.com, the Suns gave up 3 more points per 100 possessions when Hakim took off the warmups. But his incredible offense offset that right? WRONG! In those same minutes, the Suns scored 2 less points per 100 possessions. Ugh!

(point of reference: the Suns averaged about 96 possessions a game last season, so these numbers are roughly 'per game' numbers)

Every single on/off court comparison went negative with Hakim on the floor except free-throw shooting. But free throws don't help when you're not scoring more overall points with them in the mix.

Overall, the Suns were a winning team withOUT Hak on the floor (plus 1.3 pts/100 possessions), and a losing team with him (-4.4 pts/100 possessions).

That's a 5.7 point swing in the wrong direction, and that spells BAD. (at least Lou was only a net -1 the season before, when the Suns had a better supporting cast and won 54 games. Oh wait, scratch that supporting cast crap. It was ALL LOU!)

Get rid of this guy. Put him on the first bus out of town. 

But how? they ask. How can we get rid of him when he's making so much money? Sarver is such a douche he overpaid for the worst player in the NBA!

Maybe a little hyperbole there. Hakim is not actually overpaid for 10 and 4 on 20 minutes. The Suns are only committed to 8 million over the next 2 seasons (a third season is a team option). Lots of teams can use a guy who can annually provide 10 and 4 over 20 minutes.

Familiarity breeds contempt. We know Hakim is maddeningly inconsistent, but his career numbers indicate the opposite. Every single season, he's produced the same okay numbers on light minutes. 


Every season, he's done the same thing. Only his actual minutes have fluctuated between 1400 (career low this past season) and 2000.

Quite amazing for such an inconsistent player, you know?

So maybe someone will take Hakim. Certainly 3 other teams did so in the past (Milwaukee, Chicago and Phoenix), after Memphis kept him around for his rookie contract.

Make him disappear, Suns! And bring back the Louuuuuinator so the Suns can suck a little bit less!


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