Really, is there any doubt at all that 18-year-old Archie Goodwin, the 29th overall pick that Suns loved so much they spent an extra $800k to move up one spot so they could grab him before someone else may have, will become the best player in the NBA?


It's a given.

Pencil Sharpie him in for his first All-Star game in 2015 and the Hall of Fame in 2038. I mean, did you see his game on Tuesday night?

Of course you did.

His coach, however, is being a bit more cautious than we are. Hornacek said this about Goodwin's development timeline:

"We always talk about these young guys, how far away, he's going to contribute right away for us. In that respect he's now. If you're talking about trying to be an All-Star or something like that, you hope any rookie comes in and maybe five or six years they get to that level."

[emphasis added because Coach Hornacek does not speak in bold font]

I mean, we are talking about a kid who works hard and "wants to be great" and "tries to do what the coaches are asking" and "if he continues to do that he's going to be a GREAT PLAYER IN THIS LEAGUE."

[emphasis added because Coach Hornacek does not speak in all caps font.]

Unfortunately, at least one of his teammates appears to be a bit jealous. P.J. Tucker, who had a decent (but not Goodwinian) little game himself with 18 points on 7-10 shooting, dissed on one of Archie's dunks:

"He was good today. He walked on that last one. I don't know how they didn't call that. It was nasty but he took off from the three-point line with one dribble. I could call that one from the bench! It was nasty though. He played good. I liked it."

Really, PJ? Really?

Let's got to the animated gif and see if Goodwin walked or if he got the (deserved) superstar treatment.


Fortunately, Coach Jeff has his star player's back, "You see (Goodwin's) talent and skill level where you can get him out on the break. He takes one or two dribbles from half court and he's dunking the ball. That's pretty good."

Pretty good? Jeff, you really don't need to be so modest. Archie is humble enough to not let your praise go to his head.

In other boring non-Goodwin news:

-- Hornacek on Arinze Onuaku: "He's done a great job. He takes up space in there. If he gets a fingertip on the ball he gets the rebound...You start looking at his per minute rebounds he's way up there. You need that."

Guys, I know some of you are excited about this guy but to me this is a typical Summer League thing. At best, he might make the roster and be a deep bench guy...and I wouldn't put money on that.

-- Hornacek on Goodwin some more: "He's driven to be one of the best."

-- Hornacek on having "too many" point guards: "If you have three, six-foot point guards maybe that's a problem but when you've got guys with decent size you can play two guys together."

-- P.J. Tucker on why he's still playing: "You get out there and you just want to keep playing. I love playing basketball so once you get out there you just keep it going."

-- P.J. continues: "I feel like I almost owe it to them to try and win."

-- More P.J. on his Summer League future: "I'm leaving it open right now, depending on how I feel. I'm here so I might as well be playing."

- Also, P.J. said: "Just do stuff I don't necessarily do in the season just to get better at my game."

-- Diante Garrett still feels like he's part of the Suns but: "When I'm on the court I know that there's a whole lot of eyes watching so I've got to be ready for it, whoever."


The Suns have their first three-game winning streak since late February and are three-games over .500 for the first time since...a long, long time. This fact was not lost on Kendall Marshall who walked through the tight hall outside the Suns locker room at the Thomas & Mack Center giving fist bumps to anyone with a hand and proclaiming his joy at the greatest team success he's seen as a professional basketball player which came in large part to the impressive stylings for 18-year-old Archie Goodwin. Sweet irony.

As a result of this unprecedented glory (it sure feels unprecedented), the Suns hold the third seed heading into the inaugural Summer League tournament. They are behind only Golden State (#1) and Chicago (#2).

Here's how the league explains this whole shebang.

Teams seeded 11-22 will compete on Wednesday, with the winners of those contests advancing in the tournament to play Thursday against teams seeded 1-10, who earned a first-round "bye." Teams on losing Wednesday and Thursday will play on Friday. The single elimination tournament resumes on Saturday with a champion being crowned on July 22.

Seeding for the tournament was determined by won-loss records. Ties were broken using quarter-points and then point differential to determine the seedings.

With a "bye" on Wednesday, the Suns await the winner of the Atlanta/Portland game and play Thursday at 5pm.

If the Suns lose that game, they play their final match on Friday at 7:30pm.

If the Suns win on Thursday, they next play on Saturday at 3pm.

If they win on Saturday, they would play their sixth summer league game on Sunday at 3pm and if they win that, the championship game is Monday at 6pm.

My guess is that there's not going to be a lot of teams, other than the mighty D-league Selects who are playing harder than anyone else out here, who really want to play a sixth and seventh game on Sunday and Monday. Those Saturday matchups could turn into EPIC TANK FESTS.

Here's the full remaining schedule:



Making an impact is easy in the NBA for someone with talent. Being consistent is another sort of deal. Archie Goodwin has seen the ups and downs of being talented but he’s lacking the...

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The Suns once again started off slow with a stagnant looking offense and little success moving the ball. Kendall Marshall didn't look sharp as he couldn't get the offense in rhythm, and Marcus Morris couldn't hit a shot to save his life.

Fortunately, Archie Goodwin got the memo to come out more aggressive as he almost single-handedly kept the Suns in the game. He came out attacking the basket and shooting efficiently from three nailing both attempts from beyond the arc, starting with 10 points off 4/4 shooting in the first 6 minutes of the first quarter.

For the Grizzlies, it was Tony Wroten who came to play as he also made some aggressive moves to the basket and hit a couple shots beyond the arc.

Goodwin finally began to cool off a bit in the closing minutes of the first half though, still being aggressive but only shooting 3/6 from the free-throw line and missing his first field goal with about 50 seconds left in the quarter.

Phoenix struggled to find anyone other than Goodwin to put the ball in the basket as the Suns once again trailed after the first quarter 26-19.

The Suns second unit of Diante Garrett, Dionte Christmas, Chris Babb, Alex Oriakhi, and Arinze Onuaku began the second quarter, and the Suns again initially struggled to find a go-to player on offense, and continued making mistakes based on slow, or poor rotations on defense as well.

Still, the second unit was able to hang in there and not give up any ground, thanks to some sloppy play by the Grizzlies that resulted in a ton of transition points for the Suns. Not only that, the Suns were able to get to the line repeatedly, even when they couldn't get a good shot. This helped the Suns to slowly narrow the gap eventually take the lead off of three Chris Babb three-pointers and even an Alex Oriakhi fast break dunk.

The Suns were able to finish off the first half with the lead; up 50-47 at the end of the second quarter.

To start the third quarter, the Suns came out once again with the starting unit of Kendall Marshall, Archie Goodwin, P.J. Tucker, Marcus Morris, and Markieff Morris. This time Goodwin started off making plays defensively by breaking up a pass right off the bat, leading to a fast break layup by Marshall.

Marcus Morris also finally got on the board by hitting two free throws and scoring on a fast break dunk off a Marshall steal and look-ahead pass, and P.J. Tucker hit a couple post up jumpers to get the Suns off to a much better start as a whole unit.

Jack Cooley finally started making his mark for Memphis after being held to just 2/10 shooting in the first half, by getting inside for a few rebounds a dunk, and a nice post up jumper with and and-one as well. Still, the Suns were able to extend the lead with a much more evenly distributed offensive attack and some nice passes by Marshall in transition.

The Suns were definitely winning the in the fast break category as well, 13-2 through the third quarter, not including a multitude of free throw attempts as well.

Phoenix held serve and expanded the lead to 74-65 going into the final quarter.

Once again, it was mostly the Summer League equivalent of the Suns' second unit to begin the 4th quarter: Garrett, Christmas, Babb, Tucker, and Onuaku.

The game went back and forth a bit through the duration of the game, but once again it was all hands on deck for the Suns as Phoenix continued a fairly balanced offense overall.

P.J. Tucker maintained his impressive play to start the fourth by immediately getting to the line, hitting another jumper, and an easy lay-up to add another six points and bring his total to 18.

Diante Garrett racked up 12 assists thanks to a lot of transition plays and also some nice dishes while driving.

Onuaku continued to get his hands on some tough rebounds, and also score a little inside as well. He secured his first double-double of Summer League about midway through the fourth quarter.

Suns hung on to beat the Grizzlies 100-88 and go 3-0 in Summer league.

Archie Goodwin led the Suns, and all scorers with led all scorers with 22 points. Donte Greene led the Memphis Grizzlies with 18 points. Arinze Onuaku led in rebounds with 12 to go with his 13 points as well...Get this guy a jersey.


Archie Goodwin is very talented.

Arinze Onuaku is clearly winning the big man roster battle with Oriakhi.

Chris Babb can shoot....but probably won't make the roster

Kendall Marshall is improving his game...baby steps folks!


P.J. Tucker is pretty good (duh)

Our own Seth Pollack is live on the scene and will post a follow up with some video and quotes from after the game, and his take on things in the morning.

In addition, the Suns will now enter the Summer League Seeding Bracket in one of the top spots...more on that once it is announced.

Suns Win!!! Suns Win!!!


When: Tonight 5:30pm PST/8:30 EST

Where: Las Vegas

Watch: Live on NBA Summer League Broadband ($14.99)

Last night's win against Minnesota came down to the wire after the Suns had been down by around 20 points for most of the game. However, the Suns battled hard down the stretch with some key defensive stops and some nice shooting by the Markieff and Marcus Morris, as well as Kendall Marshall.

Tonight, the Suns will take on the Memphis Grizzlies who have thus far been led by the all-around game of Jack Cooley, a PF from Notre Dame who has posted an avg of 14 pts and 8 rebounds in his two games thus far, going 11/20 from the field overall. He will be a challenge to guard for the Suns bigger PF's like Oriakhi and Onuaku since Cooley has range out beyond the three-point line, so I expect to see Marcus or Markieff get the assignment to guard him most of the time.

In addition to Cooley, the Suns will have to deal with Tony Wroten at guard, who can be an explosive mismatch for opponents...when he's on. He lit up the Bulls on Saturday for 17 pts on 4/9 shooting as well as dishing 4 assists and grabbing 6 boards; but on Sunday against the Cavs he scored only 7 pts on 1/14 shooting in 36 minutes of play.

Other Grizzlies players tonight will include Matt Howard, Vander Blue, Donte Greene, Willie Reed, Janis Timma, Lawrence Bowers, and Gerald Robinson.

As for the Suns, the big question is whether we will see much of veterans P.J. Tucker or Markieff Morris, or will they give other players like Dionte Christmas, Alex Oriakhi, and Arinze Onuaku a longer look instead. I still expect the Suns to give Kendall Marshall and Marcus Morris plenty of burn to help bring them along, but Hornacek may begin adjusting the rosters a little more now.

Will the Suns get off to a faster start tonight? Will Archie Goodwin bounce back from a disappointing showing against the Timberwolves? Can the Suns remain undefeated heading into the seeded games beginning tomorrow? Will Markieff ever post somebody up?

We'll get the answers to these questions and more very shortly. Be sure to stay and join the fun right here during the game as we complain, cheer, cry, bemoan, and cheer some more!

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