Come on, Suns......

Let's pick it up in the second half! JD, take a shot!

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Fun Michael Redd factoid #1: Scored a career-high 57 points against the Utah Jazz November 11, 2006.

Discuss amongst yourselves as we wait to see Steve Nash dissect this Cavs team.

PHOENIX — Michael Redd will officially make his Phoenix Suns debut tonight against the Cleveland Cavaliers, head coach Alvin Gentry said in his pregame press meeting. While Gentry has no limits...

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Cleveland Cavaliers 101, Phoenix Suns 90 The post-LeBron apocalypse Cleveland Cavaliers aren’t looking too shabby in the beginning of a new era. Led by No. 1 overall pick Kyrie Irving, the Cavs...

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The Phoenix Suns and their fans will get a first look at shooting guard Michael Redd on Thursday night when the Suns host the Cleveland Cavaliers (game preview). Redd will likely play early in the game and according to head coach Alvin Gentry, could eventually start for the Suns.

"We'll stick him in and see what's going to happen. Obviously it's going to be something that he builds up. He's not going to come in and play 25-30 minutes tonight," Gentry said. "There's always a place if you can create your own shot on a team."

There's been speculation and some assumption that Redd's minutes would come at the expense of shooting guard Shannon Brown. Gentry said, however, that it's veteran Grant Hill who will have his minutes cut.

Phoenix Suns Vs. Cleveland Cavaliers: TV Schedule, Lineups And Michael Redd's Debut - SB Nation Arizona
"To me, Grant Hill is playing too many minutes," Gentry said. "We've got to try to find some relief for him in some way. I think it does take away from his offensive game when he has to work so hard defensively and he's out there for 34 minutes."

Hill is averaging 27 minutes per game but played 33 against the Lakers on Tuesday.

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