The Bright Side took on the other SB Nation Blogs in the best simulation of the real thing that we could muster. It wasn't easy.

You saw the Mock lottery unfold yesterday and by now you know the Suns ended up with a couple of new players. What you don't know is HOW that happened, and how many attempts to trade for this and that were rebuffed. Here you go.

For the second year in a row, the SB Nation Blogger Mock Draft was a whirlwind. The editor from each team's blog took over the role of their NBA team's General Manager with their staff taking on roles of scouts and Asst. GMs. In Bright Side's case, I had about 14 Asst. GMs who all provided some level of input throughout the draft. Thanks everyone!

This is the closest any of us is going to get to the real thing. We all know our own team extremely well, but only tangentially about everyone else's.

I was Ryan McDonough in this format, but a very poor version of him. While McD was able to convince Indiana (post-draft, mind you) to include extra assets in a deal for Luis Scola last summer, I had a hard time convincing rival GMs that Markieff Morris is an actual NBA player. Still, the trade offers flowed back and forth. From the opening bell, my phone buzzed from incoming email like morse code on a broken record.

After the draft ended, I wondered if GM Ryan McDonough could verify that draft time is crazy.

"Theres a lot coming at you," McDonough told me last Friday of Draft night. "The misconception might be that you just cross guys off the board and the phone doesn't ring.

"But the phone is ringing constantly and other teams are calling about trading picks or players for a pick, so you really have to be flexible and have an idea of not only what other teams have draft wise this year and going forward but also the players on their roster."

True that. I consider myself pretty knowledgeable about other teams' assets but I quickly found out that my perception of other team's assets was very, very different than theirs. And vice versa. My role players were their garbage. Their role players were my garbage.

The top 5

Let's just get this out of the way. There was no getting into the Top 5 in this draft. None. Remember these are hardcore fans of their own team. They cover their team all day every day. They are not going to toss out their chance at a future star like rolling dice in Vegas.

Every one of those GMs decided quickly that the talent at the top of the draft is better than any package of lesser talent anyone wanted to offer for it. Not even teams in the 6-10 range could sniff the top 5.

The draft began on Tuesday, but Cleveland claimed Joel Embiid on Monday afternoon. No trade discussions. The pick was made. (more on "the Embiid effect" later)

Embiid. Then Jabari Parker, then Andrew Wiggins, then Dante Exum (slight surprise), then Julius Randle to Orlando. All touted as future stars.

The 6-10 picks

The staff and I had a general mindset going into the draft:

  1. Do something interesting, but...
  2. Don't trade Goran Dragic
  3. Don't break the CBA rules (ie. Channing Frye, Eric Bledsoe and P.J. Tucker could not be traded)
  4. Don't take three players with 14, 18 and 27
  5. Do something interesting

Before the draft started, I tried to acquire Kevin Love. Swear to the highest being I can swear to. But I was unceremoniously shot down by the editor. Without Dragic or Bledsoe in the package, the best I could offer was a package headlined by Markieff Morris, the #14 pick this year and Top-5 protected Lakers pick next year. Other pieces were offered as well, including players and picks like 18 and 27. I might have even offered the Gorilla's kitchen sink. Still no dice.

So I needed something better than Morris or the 14 or Laker pick. I tried to acquire a pick in the 5-9 range to use THAT pick to parlay for Love along with the Laker pick and Morris. I needed that shiny diamond.

I had some conversation from the Lakers at #7 and Sacramento at #8 but soon learned why I didn't hear back from Boston.

No Love

After Utah ignored me to draft Dante Exum (by now, Andrew Wiggins, Jabari Parker, Joel Embiid and Julius Randle were taken as well), Kevin Love was traded to Boston for #6 (Aaron Gordon), #17 and some flotsam and jetsam that didn't even include Jared Sullinger. Minny's prize was Arizona F Aaron Gordon, who they felt was the second-best talent in the draft and the best individual talent offered for Love overall.

See that's the thing about trading for stars, especially Kevin Love and the top talent in this particular draft. It's not about adding more and more "stuff" to the gift basket. You don't get points for how hard it thumps the table when you drop it down. You get points for shiny 2-ounce diamond in the middle.

I was frustrated. The fact is the only players on your team that other bloggers know anything about are your very best starters and/or those who have spent oodles of time on national TV. My tradable assets fit neither category.

No one north of Lake Powell, east of Pinetop or west of Lake Havasu gives two shits about anyone on the Suns not named Goran Dragic or Eric Bledsoe. And since Bledsoe is untradeable in this mock draft format, all I had was Goran Dragic. The staff and I went round and round on Goran, and ultimately decided this wasn't the time or place to move on the Dragon. The Dragon was off the table.

The NBA is all about individual players, and Minny wanted Aaron Gordon.

"You try to prepare for every scenario," McDonough said about draft night. "Obviously its impossible to be 100% prepared. You have to be pretty flexible and active but there is a lot of intrigue and uncertainty."

So I regrouped. Noah Vonleh was still on the board and the Lakers had been rumored to want a PG. Smart was still on the board. I tried hard to grab either #7 or #8 to get F Noah Vonleh. If you can't have Love, then Noah was the next best thing out of this draft in my opinion. I like him better than Gordon and Exum and even Randle, making him the #4 overall talent in the Draft for me.

No Vonleh

Damn it to hell. The Lakers blogger felt the same about Vonleh that I did. No matter how hard I tried, how many combinations I offered, they wouldn't bite. Again, Vonleh's individual talents trumped my gift basket of lesser assets.

At that point, once Love AND the top 7 talents were off the board, the staff and I didn't see the value in trading up anymore.

All the best power forwards were suddenly gone in the first 7 picks. Left on the Top 10 board were Dario Saric, who I didn't want to draft, and a number of guards.

*Note: at this point, Saric was still "in" but I didn't want to draft him because I just...don't. He's got a rep as an a-hole and doesn't play D. He'd actually be a more viable pick to me as a trade asset like Mirotic/Chicago going forward than a player on the Suns team.

No trade-up after #7

The team and I decided sit where we were and let the draft board fall. In our opinion, none of the remaining talent was significantly better than someone who would fall to #14, so why give up a number of assets?

I was apparently channelling McDonough right there.

"We don't want to do it (trade up) just for the sake of doing it," he said on Friday. "And give up an asset and say, 'Aw, shoot . . . that guy we moved up to get would have been there at 14 anyway,' and we could have kept the pick or the player or what have you."

Boom-dizzle. Exactly, Ryan. Exactly.

I rescinded my offer for the 8th pick. Didn't matter, because Sacramento took a different deal anyway. They found a way to acquire Taj Gibson and the #16 pick for their #8 pick. To them, that was better than Keef and #14.

In a three-team trade with Philly and Sacramento, Chicago found their Derrick Rose insurance. The Bulls surrendered Gibson, Boozer, #16 and #19 for a lone asset: #10 overall. That's a lot for #10. Wow. Philly got #8 and #19 for giving up the #10 and eating tens of millions in bad contracts (Boozer, Jason Thompson, Jason Terry, Quincy Acy).

The principals in this trade: Sacramento gets 16 and Gibson; Philly gets Dario Saric, #16 and bad contracts; Chicago gets Marcus Smart and cap space to make a run at a free agent like Melo. Winners all around.

In this mock world, the Bulls plan to play Smart and Rose together, in what in retrospect looks like a brilliant move. Not only can they play together, but Smart can take over when Rose is out (or gone). And, the Bulls now have the cap room to sign a major free agent.

Sandwiched quietly in the middle there, Charlotte took Doug McDermott at #9. And Jacob wept.

Picks 11-13

"There is some benefit to seeing how it plays out in front of you," McDonough said of draft. "That way if you're laying back especially if you have multiple picks if you see a guy falling you can jump up and get him."

So, the top 10 are gone and the Suns still see many of their favorites sitting on the board. Nik Stauskas. Gary Harris. Elfrid Payton. Adreian Payne. That was our target four, with only three picks between us and the them.

We also liked Rodney Hood and James Young, but only Kris Habbas among us had him higher than any of the four above.

The next pick off the board was Zach LaVine, and we quickly realized at least three of our top prospects in the mid-first round were STILL ON THE BOARD. And yet, none of us were comfortable that any of those top four would last to 18.

At that point, we could have sat back and said to ourselves, let's take a Clint Capela there at 18. Or see who falls among our top guys, Hood and Young. Someone will. We could have sat tight.

But this is a g#dd*mn mock draft, and we're NOT just going to sit around and take our picks. In real life, I might have sat back at this point and waited. But not in a fake draft.

Movin on up!

We decided it was time to make a move. We wanted two of our top four players, not just one.

I contacted Minnesota, owners of the 13th pick, to see what it would take to swap 18 for 13. I offered a minor player to seal the deal, but Minny came back saying only a salary dump would entice them to trade down.

"If they offer you a veteran player for the pick," McDonough said. [I'm serious. He really said these things two days after I lived it in this mock draft.] "You need to have that guy evaluated and also how they fit onto your roster how that affects your salary structure, cap going forward and depth chart as well. You try to prepare for every scenario.

"Obviously its impossible to be 100% prepared. You have to be pretty flexible and active because there is a lot of intrigue and uncertainty."

I knew the Suns had just over $5 million in cap space, enough to absorb a player as the cost to move up. Minnesota offered Corey Brewer (exactly $5 million, for two years). I countered with other combinations. Minnesota declined.

I could have held firm, stayed at 18, said no thanks to eating $10 million for the right to draft a guy I really liked. But again, this is a mock draft. I wanted to make a trade.

I thought about McDonough eating $1 million last year to move up one spot from 30 to 29. I thought about Philly eating Boozer's and Thompson's huge contracts to move up two spots to draft Dario Saric (in the mock draft right here).

I thought about taking the risk and saying no, potentially just sitting at 18 stuck with a guy I didn't really want as much as our top four.

Then Tyler Ennis was taken at #12 by Orlando and I realized that we could have any two of our top four prospects if I could just move up.

I ran the trade by the group. There were dissenters at first, but ultimately we all agreed that absorbing Corey Brewer was worth it. He would fit into the Suns scheme in case P.J. Tucker left, could run the floor and make an occasional three-pointer while playing really good defense. There are worse $5 mil/yr players out there. And besides, I figured the real McDonough could re-package Brewer any time he wanted. He dumped Luis Scola last summer for assets, for chrissakes.

We took the trade, and were the proud owners of #13 and #14 with Stauskas, Harris, Payton and Payne all still on the board.

Offers on 14

Philly offered Thad Young. They wanted to get a third pick in the lottery. We turned it down.

Detroit offered their unprotected 2015 pick. But Detroit now has Stan Van Gundy, an underachieving squad and a home in the East. #14 in this draft was likely better than Detroit's 2015 pick, protection or not. We declined.

13 and 14

After going around a bit, we settled on two new Suns players:

  • Adriean Payne
  • Nik Stauskas

The cleanest combination at 13/14 was a power forward and a guard.

Bring the Payne!

There was little to no conversation about NOT taking Payne with one of the picks. He was a given.

I admit here and now that I'm a Payne homer. I know he's got limited upside and likely won't be more than 28 minute-per-game player in the NBA. And he's old at 23 already. I know all that.

But when I saw that story of him befriending that terminally sick little girl, when I heard his generosity and genuineness when being interviewed I said to myself "that's a Phoenix Suns player". A better person than player.

So, lambast me for it. I'm okay with that. But I will always bring the Payne. Always.

Nik vs. Gary vs. Elfrid

This was quite the toss-up and could have gone either way. Ultimately, we went with the highest rated guard of the three, and that was Stauskas. Mocks have him going as high as #8 (Charlotte) and as low as #14 (Suns).

We took the highest rated player.

Here's the blurb I wrote for SB Nation:

Being that the Suns still want to run along the thin line of contending and building, we've decided to draft a ready-to-go player in PF Adreian Payne and a young player with high potential in SG Nick Stauskas.

Payne will fit like a glove on the Suns as a stretch four who can fill in at PF and C. And, he fills a need position since Channing Frye and Markieff Morris are both free agents by 2015.

Nick Stauskas was really high on our board. Some of us think he will be better than anyone taken after the 7th pick. He can be the tertiary playmaker in small lineups with Dragic/Bledsoe, and also acts as insurance at the SG position in case Bledsoe or Dragic leave in the next year.

A summer league lineup of Ish Smith, Archie Goodwin, Nick Stauskas, Adreian Payne and Alex Len will "bring the payne" next month in Vegas!

The door is now open for the Suns to move out of the 27th slot. Our "youth" pool is full. Make your offers.

Lottery Summary

I would have liked to have acquired a big name player like Kevin Love for the Suns top two picks, but it just didn't happen. I would have like Noah Vonleh or any of the Top 7, but it didn't happen.

Maybe I suck as a GM. Or maybe it's just a little bit harder than we all think to get a trade done. For every winner (Celtics got Love) there has to be a loser. Maybe Gordon will pan out, maybe he won't. But that package wasn't nearly as good as the haul they gave up for Garnett seven years earlier. Maybe Marcus Smart will be the savior in Chicago, or maybe Chicago will miss Taj Gibson more than they think.

It's a tough call, but in the end the Suns have three new players - Stauskas, Payne and Brewer - without giving anything up but a little cap space.

And the 27th pick is still to come.

Sreekar, Scott Howard and Bryan Gibberman discuss the Kevin Love rumors, what the Suns should do with their three first round draft picks and the stupidity of not wanting LeBron James on your team.

Well we did it.  The podcast nobody asked for is finally here.  If you're a loyal Twitter follower of Bryan Gibberman, Scott Howard, or Sreekar [last name redacted] then you probably saw this coming.  If you're not on Twitter - then we apologize in advance for what is almost certainly the worst surprise of your evening/morning.  

If you click the button to play this thing you'll find us covering all the hot topics - how we came up with this brilliant idea (spoiler alert - Goldberg from The Mighty Ducks is heavily involved), the Suns draft, Kevin Love trade rumors, Iman Shumpert, Channing Frye, and we pay heed to King James I of America.  

There are puns, rants, smiles and possibly even cheap hard candy. As summits go it isn't exactly the Yalta Conference but we had a little fun with it.   

So if you like smart ass snark monsters who are pretty good at stepping all over each other - then this is the podcast for you.  Welcome to Bright Side......After Dark.  

Listen here:

The Phoenix Suns have made calls to other teams inquiring about the availability of their point guards, according to ESPN Draft Insider Chad Ford. That’s obviously more surprising than the...

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After countless trades and 20 of the first round picks changing teams we have arrived at draft day.

The trade activity in this year's community mock draft was insane. Less then an hour into the process, the Cleveland Cavaliers traded Kyrie Irving to the Orlando Magic for #4 and #12. With Kyrie's future situation for Cleveland in doubt, the Cavs was ready to move him in order to rebuild with 3 picks in the top 12. The Magic got the point guard they wanted and is clearly looking to win now.

If you thought that was a blockbuster, Kevin Love moved quickly as well. He was sent to the Los Angeles Clippers for Blake Griffin and #28. The Timberwolves, still looking to win now, were never going to get a better offer than this for Love. They had to accept.

Moving on, Klay Thompson was traded, but as you can see, not to the Timberwolves for Love. Instead, Thompson, along with Harrison Barnes and Marreese Speights were sent to the Charlotte Hornets for Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Gerald Henderson, and #9. The Warriors were clearly not ready to sign the soon to be restricted free agent Thompson, and the allure of moving not only into the first round, but the top 10 of the draft was too much to resist.

If you're looking for minor moves then you have come to the wrong place. A move involving 5 players between the Los Angeles Clippers and Memphis Grizzlies was centered around a swap of DeAndre Jordan and Marc Gasol. The addition of JJ Redick was too much for the Grizzlies to pass up on despite the fantastic play of Gasol the past few seasons.

In a couple of minor moves, the Celtics acquired Nik Pekovic and Shabazz Muhammad, but more importantly got rid of Jeff Green's contract along with last year's first round pick Kelly Olynyk and #17. The Oklahoma City Thunder were not pleased with the development of Jeremy Lamb, and instead looked to another highly touted shooting guard Ben McLemore. Lamb and #21 were sent to the Kings for McLemore. The Clippers swapped scorers with the Timberwolves in sending Jamal Crawford and #22 to the Timberwolves for Kevin Martin and #28.

Another one of the highly rumored trade pieces Aaron Afflalo moved. Afflalo, Jameer Nelson, and Kyle O' Quinn were sent to the Chicago Bulls for Carlos Boozer and #16. The Bulls now have a lineup looking to challenge for the Eastern Conference title while the Magic pick up another draft pick and the cap relief Boozer will bring in 2015.

The Clippers picked up a much needed backup big, as Jared Sullinger moved to the Clippers for Reggie Bullock and #28. The Phoenix Suns moved up in the draft, sending Marcus Morris, #14, and #18 to the Boston Celtics for Vitor Faverani and #6.

In a three way roster blow up, the Boston Celtics received David West, the Brooklyn Nets received Roy Hibbert, Chris Copeland and #18, and the Indiana Pacers received Brook Lopez Brandon Bass, and Keith Bogans.

The Phoenix Suns decided to blow up their bench and that #6 pick they received earlier in exchange for a superstar. The Suns sent Gerald Green, Markieff Morris, Ish Smith, Dionte Christmas, Alex Len, and #6 to the Portland Trailblazers for LaMarcus Aldridge and Will Barton. With Aldridge becoming an FA in 2015, the amount of bench talent and two top 6 picks was too much to pass up for the Trailblazers.

Another rumored name on the move was traded and this time it was Rajon Rondo. Rondo was dealt to the Detroit Pistons for Brandon Jennings and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope. The Celtics also included #28.

In another three way deal, Jrue Holiday Austin Rivers, Luke Babbitt, and the rights to Pierre Jackson were on the way to LA for the Lakers. The Miami Heat would receive the shot blocking of Jeff Withey and dime dishing of Kendall Marshall, while the New Orleans Pelicans got the expiring contract of Steve Nash, Marshon Brooks, the rights to James Ennis, and the #7 pick from LA.

In what might have been the most intriguing trade of the process, the Trailblazers continued to wipe out their 54 win team by sending Damian Lillard, Dorell Wright, Joel Freeland, and Victor Claver to the Denver Nuggers for Ty Lawson, Timofey Mozgov, and #11. The Blazers have now dealt their 2 All-Stars from last season while acquiring lottery picks.

In a trade to perhaps revitalize his career, Deron Williams was on the way to Houston. The Nets traded Williams, Marquis Teague, and #18 for Jeremy Lin, Omer Asik, Pat Beverley, and #25.

As if the Trailblazers hadn't moved enough off their roster, they continued. This time it was Wesley Matthews and Thomas Robinson on their way to the Golden State Warriors for Gerald Henderson, Nemanja Nedovic, and #9. Obviously, the allure of this draft was too much for Portland to not take part in.

KCP moved again, this time to Utah with #14 in exchange for Alec Burks and #23.

The Spurs apparently were not satisfied with the postseason form of Marco Belinelli, as along with pick #30, he moved to the Charlotte Hornets for Brendan Haywood and #24.

Jamal Crawford hopefully didn't buy a house yet in Minnesota, as he was moved to Atlanta for Lou Williams and #15.

The Trailblazers, now sitting with three picks in the top 11 of the draft, apparently were not satisfied with the rebuild, as they moved Ty Lawson, CJ McCollum, and #11 to the Indiana Pacers for Paul George and CJ Watson. The Pacers and Trailblazers have now both in a quite nuclear fashion, blown up their contending teams for a new look.

Eric Gordon and his 65 year old knees were sent to the Sacramento Kings in exchange for the cap filler of Jason Terry, Derrick Williams and Travis Outlaw. The teams also swapped picks, as the Pelicans received pick #21 from the Kings while the Kings got back #26.

While Kevin Love and Chris Paul were starting to feel each other out on the court, the Clippers had other ideas. They moved Love and Willie Green to the Trailblazers for Markieff Morris, Timofey Mozgov, Gerald Henderson, and #6. So to recap the recap, the Trailblazers dealt their stars for lottery picks, and then dealt those lottery picks for other stars. I tell ya what, there's nothing quite like the community mock draft!

Two more minor moves happened, as the Pacers improved their bench by acquiring Danny Green, Tiago Splitter, and #24 from the Spurs. In exchange, the Spurs received Luis Scola, Solomon Hill, Donald Sloan, Ian Mahinmi, and #11.

The Spurs would not be done yet, as they got themselves into a three team trade. In that three team trade, the Spurs would receive Gerald Green and #17, the Timberwolves would acquire Ian Mahinmi and #9, while the Trailblazers would receive JJ Barea, #11, and #15.

In the second instance of a superstar being acquired and being dealt again, the Suns sent LaMarcus Aldridge and Vitor Faverani to the Kings for Rudy Gay, Jeremy Lamb, #8, and #26.

The Pelicans elected to pick up an extra first rounder, sending Alexis Ajinca, #7, and #21 to the Phoenix Suns in exchange for #8, #26, and #27.

Wrapping it up, Monta Ellis is on his way to Portland, as the Trailblazers traded Alex Len and #15 to Dallas for the shooting guard. This puts the Mavericks into the first round.

A reminder of some of the rules and the additional ones that will take place today.

- The trade deadline is 6PM PST

Due to the likelihood of us having to cover for some selections and the ease to go through the comments to find the selections, we are going to be quite busy and will not have time to go through any more trades. I think it's fair to say that everyone has had enough time to get their deals in anyway. Please keep your trade discussions to the original post as this one will be saved for the draft.

- You will have 5 minutes to make your selection

To make this selection, you will put your selection in the HEADLINE of an original comment.

-The timer for the first pick starts exactly at 7PM

No commissioner speech or anything. It's go time. The timer for the next pick starts directly after the pick has been posted. With that in mind, it would be wise to keep yourself consistently updated with the new comments and use the handy Z key function.

- If you will not be here for your selection you can email me ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) a big board of who you rank at your draft position. Remember, rank the big board based on your position. If you are picking 26th, it does not matter if you rank Wiggins over Parker.

- If the selection is not made in 5 minutes and there is no big board the selection will be made by us. With all the trades that have happened, it's going to take us a minute or two to assess a roster. Please be patient with us. We will be sure to notify you all when a team has run out of time via the comments and will make the selection when it is warranted.

- Keep up with the Draft in the Comments

- I plan on updating the post pick by pick, but please do not solely rely on this. This once again ties back to keeping up with the comments.

- All of the teams that have a big board sent will be labeled as such in the post to avoid confusion

That does it for all the rules and such. I want to thank Geoff and Sreekar for helping me out with this process and all of you for making this as active as possible. Here is the draft order.

1. Cleveland Cavaliers- Andrew Wiggins, SG, Kansas

2. Milwaukee Bucks- Jabari Parker, SF, Duke

3. Philadelphia 76ers- Dante Exum, PG, Australia

4. Cleveland Cavailers (via Orlando) - Joel Embiid, C, Kansas

5. Utah Jazz- Noah Vonleh, PF, Indiana

6. Los Angeles Clippers (from POR via PHX and BOS)- Aaron Gordon, SF, Arizona

7. Phoenix Suns (via NO from LAL)- Marcus Smart, PG, Oklahoma State

8. New Orleans Pelicans (via PHX from SAC)- Nik Stauskas, SG, Michigan

9. Minnesota Timberwolves (via POR from GSW and Charlotte)- Julius Randle, PF, Kentucky

10. Philadelphia 76ers- Doug McDermott, SF, Creighton

11. Portland Trailblazers (via SAS from IND,POR, and DEN)- Elfrid Payton, PG, Louisiana

12. Cleveland Cavaliers (via Orlando)- Gary Harris, SG, Michigan State

13. Minnesota Timberwolves- Kyle Anderson, PF, UCLA

14. Utah Jazz (via BOS from PHX)- Zach LaVine, PG, UCLA

15. Dallas Mavericks (via POR from MIN and ATL)- Rodney Hood, SG, Duke

16. Orlando Magic (via CHI)- Clint Capela, PF, Switzerland

17. San Antonio Spurs (via MIN from BOS)- Dario Saric, PF, Croatia

18. Houston Rockets (from BKN via BOS and PHX) - Jusuf Nurkic, C, Bosnia

19. Chicago Bulls- Adreian Payne, PF, Michigan State

20. Toronto Raptors- KJ McDaniels, SF, Clemson

21. Phoenix Suns (via NO from SAC and OKC)- TJ Warren, SF, North Carolina State

22. Minnesota Timberwolves (from LAC via MEM)- Tyler Ennis, PG, Syracuse

23. Boston Celtics (via Utah)- James Young, SF, Kentucky

24. Indiana Pacers (via SAS from CHA)- Jarnell Stokes, PF, Tennessee

25. Brooklyn Nets (via HOU)- DeAndre Daniels, SF, UConn

26. New Orleans Pelicans (via PHX from SAC. NO, LAL, and MIA)- Cleanthony Early, SF, Wichita State

27. New Orleans Pelicans (via PHX)- Damien Inglis, SF, France

28. Detroit Pistons (from BOS via LAC, MIN and LAC)- PJ Hairston, SG, North Carolina

29. Oklahoma City Thunder- Glenn Robinson III, SF, Michigan

30. Charlotte Hornets (via SAS)- Cory Jefferson, PF, Baylor

Channing Frye has indeed decided to opt out of his contract, Paul Coro and Yahoo! Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski confirmed on Monday. The 6-foot-11 forward’s decision leaves $6.8 million on...

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