Sad, just sad. Going into this game I wasn't expecting a win, but I was expecting some fight. The Suns got off to a good start against a Denver team that really didn't care. They did everything right in the 1st quarter. They made shots, played defense, scrapped and hustled to take a 32-20 lead going into the 2nd. Then the bench came in and..., well they really didn't do anything. Whatever confidence and momentum the Suns had in that 1st quarter the bench just crushed it and dug a hole too deep to climb out of. Of course we've seen that many times this season. What was most disappointing is that the starters came back in and gave no effort at all after the Nuggets took a 10pt lead in the 2nd quarter. They waved the white flag before the 1st half even ended. 

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Very, very disappointing. This was an opportunity for them to get a win and gain some confidence. Against the Nuggets they could do that. This is a team that's about to lose their best player and begin a rebuilding process. This is a team that had lost to the Kings and Clippers by 20. This was a team that had given up on the season. They were dead...and the Suns gave them life.



  • Arron Afflalo was great. 31 points and 8 rebounds! He plays big and plays good defense. Wish he was our starting 2. 
  • Really impressed with Ty Lawson. He abused Dragic in every shape and form. Goran's game is way too mental. Until he learns how to remain confident under pressure he will NEVER become the player he has the potential to be. 
  • Finally a Sun! Josh Childress was alright, 5 and 5 in 25 minutes. He's energetic and hustles. I'm not yet sold on him though. I need to see him get consistent minutes before I can make a judgement.


I think it's safe to say that this team has hit rock bottom and I see no hope for them climbing back up because they have given me nothing to hope for. They don't fight. In less they suddenly turn this around and blow-out the Nets tomorrow they are a hopeless case. As fans all we can really do is stick together, suck it up and find ways to remain cheerful and have fun. True fans stick with their team through the hard times.

It will be interesting to see what the FO will do because something needs to happen. Whether it's a full rebuild I don't know, but I wouldn't be against it. This roster just isn't going to work. I'm looking forward to the trade deadline. I'm very curious to see what Blanks and Babby can pull off in their first year.  


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Nash is awesome!


"It was a tale of two quarters for the Suns. One good, and one not so good."
-The Brilliant, Concise Scott Williams


C: Robin Lopez ... Nene
PF: Channing Frye ... Kenyon Martin
SF: Josh Childress ... Carmelo Anthony
SG: Vince Carter ... Arron Afflalo
PG: Steve Nash ... Chauncey Billups

Denver Nuggets 132, Phoenix Suns 98 PHOENIX — While the Denver Nuggets inch closer and closer to landing a blockbuster deal that would send Carmelo Anthony to New Jersey, all the Phoenix Suns...

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This is going to be an interesting game. Both teams are struggling with confidence issues, trade talk/rumors... while losing to bottom feeders. Even the Nuggets(20-16) have lost to the Clippers and Kings only they got blown out. See were not the only ones that can't beat crappy teams! That makes you feel better, right? 

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My Thoughts

This is a game I feel the Suns can steal if they can just play with a little bit more confidence. In fact, maybe that's what it will come down to. I mean the Nuggets have really been struggling recently due to all the Carmelo drama and trade talk. We saw this coming though. For a while they have always been a highly emotional team that tend to give up when things go bad for them. Just ask Sir Charles-

They lost to the Sacramento Kings by 20 and there's no excuse for that...they're not concentrating. 


The Match-ups 


  • C. Billups vs S. Nash - He's lost a few steps, but Chauncey can still ball, yet got to go with Nash on this one. 
  • A. Afflalo vs V. Carter - Vince wins this one. However, Afflalo averages 12.1ppg and has got some good 3-pt range. Don't leave him open Carter. 
  • N. Hilario vs R. Lopez - Nene right now is a much better player. Lopez is coming off of a 15/6/3 game though. Very curious to see how this one goes. 
  • C. Anthony vs J. Dudley - No Grant Hill hurts yet Dudley is the next best defender we have. I'm assuming he'll be starting in Grant's place. Yet even Dudz athletic hands is not enough to stop Melo. 
  • S. Williams vs C. Frye - Got to give this one to Frye. Don't know much about Shelden, but he averages 6 and 5 in 18mpg. He seems like another Lou Amundson

The Bench

Harrington and Smith will come off the bench for Denver. We all know what those guys can do and I'm sure you all remember Gary Forbes and his 15 points on 5-8 shooting last outing? With no Hill I'm interested to see who will backup Dudley? I really want to see more Chilldress, but than again I feel we need that extra 3-pt threat in Pietrus instead. I expect to see more Warrick tonight-

 "I went back and looked at all the games where we’ve been successful and played pretty good, and he’s (Hakim Warrick) had pretty good numbers, so we’ve got to get him back in the rotation. As I said, (we need to) play some consistent minutes with people—not have it go up and down and fluctuate.- Gentry


Keys to the Game

Play defense, score the ball and win. Simple huh? Well, for the Suns that's asking a lot. Usually they either do one or the other, but rarely we see them do both at the same time. Also, don't let JR Smith get hot. This is a guy that can suck one night and play like a superstar the other. In the last outing he scored 30 points in a 138-133 Denver win. Just guard him and don't give him easy baskets early on, ok. They can't let unknowns like Gary Forbes and Sheldon Williams hurt them either. 


I expect this game to go down to the wire. Both teams are evenly matched and overall this should be an exciting one for all ya folks. It's kind of interesting that the Suns get to play Denver and the Nets in b2b's because as you know both teams are coming close to a deal that would send Carmelo Anthony to New Jersey. You'd expect those teams to not be that focused. I'd say this is a perfect opportunity for the them to get a couple wins, gain some momentum and get back on track. The Suns just need to concentrate and have fun.

I'll be honest, I haven't looked at the standings in a long time(I'm sure you know why), but I just did and realized that Phoenix isn't far from catching New Orleans(22-16) for that 6th seed. As bad as they've played they're still very much alive in the playoff race, so there's no reason to give up and call it a season right now.

However, if we continue to lose it may be time for the FO to really think about committing to a full rebuild meaning Nash and Hill get traded. Right now, I'm not quite ready to "Pull the Plug" on this Nash era. I say just give it a couple more weeks and see what happens. Maybe the Suns can steal some games and gain some confidence to get themselves in a good position for the playoffs? If not I wouldn't be against a full rebuild.  



Childress will start according to Paul Coro.

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