Steve Nash was on the Dan Patrick Show Thursday morning and also made an appearance on the B.S. Report with Bill Simmons. Steve didn't say anything we hadn't heard before, but sometimes those of us too close to the situation take for granted that everyone has heard all this before.

It's also good to hear it all in one place and while I'm not the biggest Simmons fan, he's a fantastic interviewer and the conversation is very good. Check it out.

B.S. Report: Steve Nash - The Triangle Blog - Grantland
Steve Nash swings by to discuss Phoenix's improbable playoff run, being in so many trade rumors, the current point guard boon, how the lockout-shortened schedule has affected him, Mike D'Antoni's legacy (and whether it worked), his favorite Suns team, Dirk's first title, the time he played pickup hoops in a Scottsdale health club and got his butt kicked, and why Lionel Messi is the greatest athlete on God's green earth.

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Steve Nash's back is starting to fail him and the results are both predictable and expected. We also discuss observations from the NCAA West Regionals in Phoenix, Boris Diaw on the Spurs, the Lakers drama, and of course, update the playoff standings.

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Lance Blanks has been sent to China to check on Aaron Brooks. The Guandong Tiger is averaging 21.9 points, 4.7 assists and 1.9 steals a game. He is currently playing in the CBA championship against Stephon Marbury's club, the Beijing Ducks.

So what is the story behind the visit? Blanks is saying a lot of kind things, which could lead one to believe the Suns are hoping for the 27 year old point guard to return to the desert. Said Blanks: "The trip is more about a relationship that we have with someone who has worn a Suns' uniform. Aaron is a part of the Suns family, so we thought it was important to take the time to see him in China."

Hm. I think that's a little over the top. This sounds a little more truthful to me:

"Going over to China will give us a chance to sit down with Aaron and see where his head is, in terms of his experience in China and his future ..."

Check out the full article and decide for yourself:

Suns GM Headed to China to Visit Brooks

And if you missed it, Alex Laugan wrote a nice piece on the intricacies of a potential Brooks return and or trade.

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What's that in his eyes?  Fire?  Passion? The reflection of a unicorn? Maybe it's determination.  Keep an eye on those Wolves.  Mandatory Credit: Sam Sharpe-US PRESSWIRE

Well ... we all knew this stretch of games would be tough. But the bad start to the season has the Suns in a tight spot where every game really does matter. We started yesterday 1.5 games back of the 9th ... er 8th ... er 7th spot, and with the loss to the Clips last night we slid to two full games back.

But the good news is that both Utah and Denver lost last night. That continues to give the Suns hope that they can still catch up if they can somehow end their current funky skid and remember how they were playing just a week or so ago. Putting the fate of your playoff appearance in the hands of other teams is not the most enjoyable way to make the playoffs -- we all know that from experience.

Updated Western Conference Standings Via


Key Games Thursday, March 28:

- Denver Nuggets (9) LOST to the Toronto Raptors, 96-105

Nuggets at Raptors recap: Denver falls flat in fourth, lose in Toronto

There is a saying by mothers out there that goes, "If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all."

Well, the Nuggets lose to the Raptors 105-96 and get outscored from the 1:46 mark in the 3rd quarter to the game's end 26-11. The Nuggets missed 15 straight shots in the fourth quarter and lose again in embarrassing fashion to a team that is supposed to be inferior, on paper.

Very good news for the Suns - the Denver Nuggets are our first target to surpass.

- Minnesota Timberwolves (11) BEAT Charlotte Bobcats, 88-83

A Post-Feral, Nearly-Domesticated Report Card. Bobcats 3/28

I have to admit that I had misgivings about this game and whether we had enough healthy bodies to be competitive with the Bobcats. They have a lousy record, but are not mincemeat as they proved tonight. Once they get a bit more talent and a few years of experience, they can be serious competition for anyone! Somehow another spectacular game from the best power forward in the NBA this year, coupled with a point guard had a really solid game, a reserve forward who had a good game, and not much else was enough tonight. Let's hope Beas and Pek and Barea can give us some minutes here soon, the Misfit Toys are looking worse for the wear....

Keep an eye on the T-Wolves ... that Kevin Love is a bad man.

- Utah Jazz (7) LOST to the Boston Celtics, 82-94

Jazz Vs. Celtics Post Game Thread: Utah falls 82-94, and Kevin Garnett is still kinda mean

Anyway, Jazz were up by one, then the Ghosts of Boston Garden got all influential, and before you knew it the Jazz were down. And down big. Our boys fought back, but missed free throws and missed opportunities only succeeded in frustrating our players and fans -- and did not help the Jazz leave town with a win.

Kevin Garnett is a _________ Please fill in the blank/s in the comment section ...

- San Antonio Spurs (2) BEAT the Sacramento Kings, 117-112

Eff the Spurs. They still roll.

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(SB Nation Arizona, Ernie Pomim) Many folks have begun to speculate what Phoenix Suns point guard Steve Nash's next move will be in his professional basketball career, to keep on keeping on or to hang 'em up as one of the legends to play the game. Nash joined the Dan Patrick Show recently to discuss such matters, as well as all the trade deadline rumors. Make the jump to see for yourself.

Nash noted that despite all the hooplah that surrounded him at the deadline, this offseason could be more eventful, but would like to stick around if possible:

"I could be back for sure," Nash said, "but that will be more interesting than the trade deadline."

Nash noted the importance of the Suns to improve the pieces around him to become a contender once again. He also mentioned he hasn't talked to Dirk Nowitzki about going to Dallas but he'd certainly listen if the Miami Heat called.

Nash seems to think the Suns are trying to get better:

Per Paul Coro on Twitter:

Nash on Dan Patrick: "I am not going to come back to the Suns... if they're not looking to upgrade the roster seriously & I think they are."

— Paul Coro (@paulcoro) March 29, 2012

It certainly looks like Phoenix will have some work to do if they want to woo Nash enough to remain with the Suns as the aging guard wants the taste of winning back on his lips before he hangs them up for good. Hopefully they can give him that.

[Note by Seth Pollack, 03/29/12 2:15 PM MST ]

The full quotes and link to the audio: blogs - Coro's Orange Slices - PaulCoro - Nash: won't stay if Suns don't 'upgrade' roster

"I definitely do want to win," Nash told Patrick. "I'm not going to come back to the Suns if there isn't an improvement, if they're not ambitious and they're not looking to upgrade the roster seriously. And I think they are. They'll have a lot of flexibility in free agency. They'll also have been standing pat in many ways so they could do some things this summer. I think they'll become a definite possiblity for me. I do want to win. I do want to consider all my options."

Listen to Patrick's entire interview of Nash here.

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