While Markieff Morris is the most-mentioned Suns player for trade speculation, the factors of contract value, veteran role fit and performance might make P.J. Tucker and Mirza Teletovic two of the most-sought Suns players in potential trades.


Suns interim head coach Earl Watson was a young Memphis point guard when he saw the NBA change while facing the Suns.


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More Cousins, more Curry, more DeAndre Jordan, more... Aaron Gordon?



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We discuss the Royal Rumble. It's kind of scattered, so tune in!

We discuss some NFL double standards in regards to Cam Newton.

Perfect cartoon from the pen of @RobTornoe pic.twitter.com/V7zX0jVoUG

— Darren Rovell (@darrenrovell) February 4, 2016

If you haven't listened to CM Punk's interview on his issues with the WWE ... well, you should listen to it.

We make a few more wrestling references as this podcast goes. You should try and make a game of it and count them all!

We talk Brian's article on "the box score All-Stars."

Marc Spears article on DeMarcus Cousins' views on the All-Star game.

Should Brian do a weekly column on the site? Patrick and I say yes! Tell him in the comments if you think he should.

My post on DeAndre Jordan's free throw shooting and how it's a classic example of a behavioral psychology quirk.

We discuss Jeff Hornacek's firing.

A list of the Sun's transactions last season, which took a decent squad and turned them horrible.

Coaches don't usually win fights with star players. Right now, Byron Scott's treatment of his young stars is baffling in regards to keeping his job.

Dave and Arturo's post on coach efficiency in the NBA.

Brian sent along an interesting article on DeMarcus Cousins and usage.

I've explained my issues with the Usage stat more than a few times.

Great Reddit post on Aaron Gordon, who has been one of Brian's favorites for a while now.

We compare our show to "Sports Night", specifically an episode where Dan doesn't want to know the results of a baseball game ... as a sports anchor. Brian is our Dan the past two weeks.

As if Warriors fans need more reasons to be cocky, there's a reasonable shot they could pick up Kevin Durant this offseason.

Shout Outs

Thanks to twitch.tv/nerdnumbers chatroom members for the live show! Above_the_Gods and Xiano51, thanks so much!

Brian shouts of Steph Curry, who ended up with eleven three-pointers in an away game!

Brian also shouts of Fatal_Conceit for the great post on Aaron Gordon.

I shout out this great comic (keep this is mind this upcoming Superbowl Sunday)

shhh pic.twitter.com/d6qlGbbvbL

— Adam Ellis (@moby_dickhead) February 3, 2016

The Suns’ continuing turnover problems helped Houston too often in the Rockets’ 111-105 victory Thursday night at Talking Stick Resort Arena.


Tonight’s game: Suns (14-36) at Rockets (26-25)


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