While we have a kick-ass writing staff here at BSotS, we have come to a point in the season that folks' real-life schedules are really getting in the way of covering mid week road games for the Suns.

Kris Habbas and I have the home games covered, but the roadies are up in the air. I know lots of you watch every minute of every game, even the road games on a weeknight, and it bothers me when we don't have good coverage on the site to give you a good place to go.

Ever wanted to see your name in big, bold italic font on the front page of BSotS?

Ever wanted your words to be read by hundreds, even thousands of Suns fans?

Well, your dream is about to come true!

We need help covering road games the rest of the season, especially those played on a weeknight.

Seth lives on the East Coast, so roadies are late for him. Jim Coughenour goes to night school, doesn't get home till 10pm during the week. Jacob is in college. Sean and Jason have full time jobs and family obligations. Kris has 15 other part-time jobs outside BSotS that take up nights the Suns aren't at home.

And me, I am too old to stay up so late every night unless I'm at the game itself. Plus, I've got a wife who gives me a dirty look if I'm buried in my computer while making her watch a Suns game too many nights in a row.

So who's with me?

We need you!

Who wants to sign up to write a preview, manage the gamethread and write a recap for a road game or two?


It's bad enough that not one Phoenix Suns player was invited to participate in All-Star weekend festivities. In fact, only one player on the current Suns roster has EVER been named to an All-Star team: 17th year backup center Jermaine O'Neal.

In two of the past three seasons, the Suns have not sent a single player to represent the team in any activity, this after 10 straight seasons of at least one invitation in some form.

The Suns current roster does boast 4 different 'Rising Stars' participants (Wesley Johnson, Markieff Morris, Michael Beasley, Luis Scola) in the last 5 years, selected for being one of the top first- or second-year players in the game that year.

Yet is it worse that none of the Suns' former players are All-Stars either? None of Steve Nash, Amare Stoudemire, Joe Johnson or Shawn Marion were picked for the big game or any peripheral event either.

Here is the history of Phoenix Suns players participating in All-Star weekend (current Suns' past attendance in parentheses).




All-Star: Steve Nash

Rookie/Soph Star: Markieff Morris



*Rookie/Soph Star: Wesley Johnson (Minnesota)


All-Star: Steve Nash, Amare Stoudemire

Skills Challenge: Steve Nash

3-Point Shootout: Channing Frye

*Rookie/Soph Star: Michael Beasley (Miami)


All-Star: Shaquille O'Neal, Amare Stoudemire

*Rookie/Soph Star: Michael Beasley (Miami), Luis Scola (Houston)


All-Star: Steve Nash, Amare Stoudemire

3-Point Shootout: Steve Nash

*Rookie/Soph Star: Luis Scola (Houston)


All-Star: Steve Nash, Amare Stoudemire, Shawn Marion

*All-Star: Jermaine O'Neal (Indiana)


All-Star: Steve Nash, Shawn Marion

*Rookie/Soph Star: Channing Frye (Knicks)

*All-Star: Jermaine O'Neal (Indiana)


All-Star: Steve Nash, Amare Stoudemire, Shawn Marion

Shooting Star: Shawn Marion

Skills Challenge: Steve Nash

Slam Dunk: Amare Stoudemire

Rookie/Soph Star: Amare Stoudemire

3-Point Shootout: Quentin Richardson, Joe Johnson

*All-Star: Jermaine O'Neal (Indiana)


Rookie/Soph Star: Amare Stoudemire

*All-Star: Jermaine O'Neal (Indiana)


All-Star: Stephon Marbury, Shawn Marion

Slam Dunk: Amare Stoudemire

*All-Star: Jermaine O'Neal (Indiana)


Rookie/Soph Star: Joe Johnson

*All-Star: Jermaine O'Neal (Indiana)


All-Star Game: Jason Kidd

Rookie/Soph Star: Shawn Marion


All-Star Game: Jason Kidd

Rookie/Soph Star: Shawn Marion


Suns fans who hate to see their former players in other uniforms just might not have to see Grant Hill in a Clipper uniform for much longer.

Hill signed a two-year deal with the Clippers last summer after not getting offered a contract by the Suns. But only the first year is guaranteed, and Hill has played only 14 games this season while fighting off two knee injuries.

When the Clippers played Orlando recently, Hill was asked by the Magic beat writer about his future.

Hill gave every indication to me [Brian Schmitz] that he'll retire after the season, his first with the Los Angeles Clippers and 18th in the NBA.

"I'm 40 - come on," he said.

Fittingly, cruelly, in his final season, Grant has had to overcome two knee surgeries, having played just 14 games for the Clippers.

He doesn't buy the notion that his body was preserved sitting out most of his seven seasons wearing Magic colors.

"Doesn't matter. Forty is still 40," he said.

After being labeled the "next Jordan" while Jordan was still Jordan (but regressing ever so slightly), Grant Hill became one of the best free agents in the history of free agency. He signed a huge deal with Orlando (with Lon Babby as his agent), but only played a small fraction of that time due to myriad injuries. He went recovered his game in Phoenix for 6 seasons (still with Babby as his agent), becoming part of the fabric of the franchise during his tenure in the Valley.

But Hill missed a lot of his final season with the Suns due to multiple knee issues and, at 39, projected to start missing even more time in subsequent seasons. The Suns allowed him to move on while they turned away from their pair of almost-40 stars to jumpstart their future.

If Hill doesn't go directly into politics after his retirement, I hope he stays in the NBA as a front-office executive.

"Whenever Grant retires, he will have a world of opportunities to consider," Lon Babby said of Hill. "If he wants to work with an NBA team, he would be an outstanding addition to any organization."

I will start the campaign right here, right now to get him signed to join the Phoenix Suns front office next season!

He can be a special assistant to Lon Babby, his agent for more than a dozen years in the NBA until Babby took over the Suns basketball operations in 2010. I'm sure it was tough for Babby to let Hill go this past summer.

Maybe this is their chance to work together again?

Start beating the drum!!

Grant for Vice President of Basketball Operations!


NBA teams, and the Phoenix Suns in particular, do a lot of charity work. The players spent time at Phoenix Childrens Hospital last fall, including donating money during a radio-thon hosted by KTAR/92.3/ArizonaSports, right before training camp.

The Suns organization is also active in the community, including adopting a local high school - a program called SunsCentral - to allow an inner-city school (Central High) to add teachers and support staff and cut the teacher-student ratio down significantly. The Suns are providing $500,000 over two years as just the start of the program.

Players do a lot of charity work too, including on their off-day in Memphis this week.

"For a lot of the players and coaches this was their first trip to St. Jude," wrote Marcus Watson, PR Coordinator at St. Jude, in an email, "And their first interaction with our patients and their families."



"The kids enjoyed getting to meet the Suns," Watson continued. "At St. Jude we try to make life for our patients as normal as possible and when the players come to the hospital it serves as a chance for our patients who might not get to leave the hospital due to their treatment a chance to experience moments that other children should get."


If Suns fans would like to help the kids of St. Jude, you should visit

The team will also be doing more during Hoops for St. Jude week which will be Feb. 24 - March 4.

The Phoenix Suns let a very winnable game slip through their fingers Wednesday night in New Orleans. They visibly ran out of gas down the stretch and succumbed to the Hornets 93-84. Though the Suns...

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