We didn't retire the number 3 after Starbury?

24 Phoenix Suns 25th Anniversary Coca-Cola Bottles

These certainly aren't scare on eBay, but rarely will you find so many available for purchase at once. Up for bid is a case of Phoenix Suns 25th anniversary Coca-Cola bottles, unopened. Each bottle is emblazoned with the signature of Jerry Colangelo. Shipping is going to run you twenty bucks, and bidding starts at fifteen, although you can end the auction early with a fifty dollar bill via buy it now. You can finally do something for somebody else as well. All proceeds go to benefit the Verde Valley Sanctuary, for abused women and children.

Amar'e Stoudemire Locker Giveaway

The Phoenix Suns are good with the stadium giveaways that are a little different than the norm. Up for bid here is a replica Amar'e Stoudemire locker from the 2006-07 season. STAT's was the first given out that season, followed by Shawn Marion, Raja Bell, Boris Diaw and Steve Nash. It looks like a stand is included, capable of displaying all five lockers, so you had better just go find all five. Free shipping, so for 14 bucks it's all yours.

Phoenix Suns 35th Anniversary Ring of Honor Medallions

I see these all the time, but often there's a medallion or two missing. This is a collection of Phoenix Suns 35th Anniversary medallions, complete with a display case. Again, these are not particularly rare, but certainly a must have for the collector of Phoenix Suns memorabilia. I've got some insider information for you. This has actually been posted on eBay multiple times, and has yet to sell. Shipping is free, so you may be able to grab these for the minimum bid of thirty bucks. You can also take the guesswork out and just pick it up for the buy it now price of $45.

Kevin Johnson Shoe Display

This could be cool if you can get it to work. The item is an advertisement featuring former Suns guard Kevin Johnson. It actually features a 24 second shot clock that lights up. The seller seems to think it's a pretty easy fix to get this piece up and running again. If so, it could make a nice, inexpensive addition to the man cave once basketball season rolls back around. You can take a gamble on this vintage advertisement for about twenty five bucks after shipping.

Phoenix Suns Blood Drop Bobblehead

I'll bet you don't have this bobblehead in your collection. This is "Ubie," who sadly was forced to wear the jersey of Stephon Marbury. With the bloody bobblehead, you get a blank certificate, so if you're a real dirt bag, you can tell people that you obtained Ubie after giving blood. Like the medallions, this is something that seems to always be available, or at least reposted, on eBay. Hop on it now and you can have Ubie next to your Amar'e Stoudemire locker for about twenty bucks. If you take the buy it now route, then you're looking at about $35 after shipping.

The Phoenix Suns two years ago became one of the few NBA teams ever to pair two brothers, and now they plan to become the only team in NBA history to put TWO brother tandems together at once with Zoran Dragic and Goran Dragic.

The Phoenix Suns love their brother tandems, don't they?

After starting the trend with Van Arsdales together back in the 1970s, the Suns have been a brother haven in recent years. First it was cool to grab one of two NBA-playing brothers: Robin Lopez, Luke Zeller, Jarron Collins, Taylor Griffin, Markieff Morris, Miles Plumlee... all in the past five seasons!

Then less than two years ago the Suns went the full monty and paired Marcus Morris with Markieff on the same team. The results have been positive over time, with Markieff blossoming into a sixth man of the year candidate while Marcus was highly productive in his own right, just under 10 points and 4 rebounds in 20 minutes per night.

Now, the Suns are working hard to bring 25-year old Zoran Dragic to the Suns to play with his All-NBA older brother Goran, a tandem not really given much credence until this year's World Cup.

Zoran played very well next to Goran as the second-best player on a team that went further than expected - to the final 8 in the world. Zoki, as he is called, put up 12.9 points (43% on threes), 4 rebounds and 1.8 assists per game in the tournament. The 6'5" shooting guard makes his name on tough, spirited defense more than anything though, helping the Slovenians succeed despite having a very limited front court after the retirement and injury of their best big men.

Zoran (Zoki) hasn't really been considered a pure NBA prospect until this past year. He played for Houston's summer league team in 2012, but did not play much and returned to Europe without an NBA offer.

But now he's gotten interest from at least seven NBA teams. Marc Stein of ESPN says it's really only three in the running - the Kings, Pacers and Suns - and now multiple reports out of Slovenia indicate that Zoki is leaning heavily toward the Suns offer.

And now there's this tweet this morning.Zoran-tweet

Our own followers broke this story on Bright Side - first Jogi via email to me yesterday, and then supported by Drumbeat and kajketi as they saw more reports coming out in Slovenia that it really is going to happen. I would post the links they shared, including a video of Goran saying there's a good chance Zoran is coming over, but there's often been translation issues and you guys won't click the links anyway.

Jogi emailed me yesterday that a trusted source said this would happen, but we didn't report it because it was only one source.

Then Drumbeat shared a couple more links last night. Goran and the Suns will reportedly share Zoki's buyout ($600,000 by the Suns, $150,000 by Goran) from his Euro team so he can come over to the NBA without coming up with that money himself.

Goran talked earlier this offseason that he misses his brother, that they often only get to Skype occasionally, because they played in different countries.

Now, they will reportedly be able to see each other every single day.

My big question for media day to any non-Morris, non-Dragic: So, who wants to be the 5th man in that lineup? Do you think any of them will even notice you out there?

I believe it was Leiland Tanner, AKA Eutychus who used to do these back in the day, but since he has restricted himself to rare cameo appearances I stole his Kool-Aid and made like a jealous ex, stalking all your favorite Suns' social media pages to find out what they've been up to over the past four months.

Oh blessed thee, glorious social media. You're a window to the souls of everyone who uses thee, you're the tarot cards for every story in which we struggle to fill the blanks. You complete us.

As we near the dawn of training camp, allow me to put on my stalker cap (replete with a Groucho Marks fake glasses, nose and mustache combo) and share with you all the glorious findings of your Phoenix Suns and their respective summer vacations. Read on.

Goran Dragic

Everyone's favorite dragon has had quite the busy summer, as usual for him. Of course he's balling it up with the always dapper Slovenian national team:

Slovenian national basketball team. @zoran_dragic @Edo_Muric @JakaBlazic @kzs_si @JakaKlobucar @ #junaki pic.twitter.com/AUYVoYSMMO

— Goran Dragic (@Goran_Dragic) September 1, 2014

That's Gogi doing the James Bond pose at the bar, back center. The Slovenians had a good run during the FIBA World Cup but were upended by the Americans yesterday.

Of course the classiest of Slovenians get the classiest sponsorships:

Thanks to my sponsor #BMWMakoma for a great wedding ride #RollsRoyce pic.twitter.com/udu3Td6M7K

— Goran Dragic (@Goran_Dragic) August 26, 2014

He managed to find time to catch up with his former Bench Mob backcourt mate:

Brazilian national team in Ljubljana !!! What a great guys !!! @TheBlurBarbosa pic.twitter.com/sX1GLrU0EJ

— Goran Dragic (@Goran_Dragic) August 23, 2014

And his topless former mentor:

3 generations of PGs: @SteveNash @Goran_Dragic and selfie's author Matic Rebec pic.twitter.com/18qKj3I6Ev

— Luka Bassin (@LukaBassin) July 24, 2014

A damn fine summer for the Dragon by the looks of it.

Tyler Ennis

The Suns' rookie point guard has yet to officially begin his NBA career, but is already getting started at giving back to his hometown community in Toronto, eh.

Excited to announce that I have started my own AAU program in Toronto. Tyler Ennis Team Jordan Brand!

— Tyler Ennis (@tdot_ennis) September 4, 2014

Hey the last time the Suns there drafted a point guard from Canada it didn't work out to bad, donchaknow? He also got to throw out the first pitch for a Blue Jays game, oh you betcha!

Thanks to Brampton's @tdot_ennis of the @Suns for throwing out tonight's first pitch! pic.twitter.com/K1d7GRI2X9

— Blue Jays-Official (@BlueJays) August 25, 2014

And he just turned 20 years old, for Pete's sake.

Birthday in an hour... #20

— Tyler Ennis (@tdot_ennis) August 24, 2014

Archie Goodwin

The Mongoose also just turned 20 years old..

Such a blessing to see 20 years. Thanks for all the Birthday Wishes. Much appreciated !! #BURR http://t.co/8AJ6asWYlk

— Archie Goodwin (@A1Laflare10) August 17, 2014

And we all know growing boys love their grub:

Somebody cooking breakfast or no

— Archie Goodwin (@A1Laflare10) August 7, 2014

These young kids never go anywhere without their backpacks. Not even to Summer League.

RT @NBA: Check out Archie Goodwin's @suns-inspired backpack (via nba snapchat) #NBASummer pic.twitter.com/t609x8cmXW

— Archie Goodwin (@A1Laflare10) July 16, 2014

Saying goodbye must be a tough part of this business, especially for the young guns.

I'm Really going to miss @Channing_Frye next year but I am still very happy for him

— Archie Goodwin (@A1Laflare10) July 7, 2014

But just cause the boy is young doesn't mean he can't give some sage advice:

Don't let these women trick you. 9.975/10 the don't look like they do on IG

— Archie Goodwin (@A1Laflare10) June 5, 2014

He also has some legit work ethic, busting it on the court during rookie workouts.

Wait, @A1Laflare10 ran 28 court lengths in 3 minutes today? I'm exhausted just reading about that.

— Jacob Padilla (@JacobPadilla_) May 31, 2014

Plus he gets bonus points for giving my boy Omaha a RT.

The Mo Bros

Our favorite twins recently embarked on what I can only assume was a vigilante crime-fighting expedition:

Late night run.. #FOE pic.twitter.com/rFcOhjB0Au

— Marcus Morris (@MookMorris2) September 8, 2014

They allowed ESPN voters to pick their next tattoo, given the choice between dogs, Grandma, and FOE.

YOU GUYS. @Keefmorris & @MookMorris2 are LETTING US PICK THEIR NEXT TATTOO. (!!!!!!!) Place your votes!! #FanSourced pic.twitter.com/FnwGD5K8po

— ESPN The Magazine (@ESPNMag) August 26, 2014

I don't know if the polls have closed and frankly I don't care. I'm still hurt that my write-in candidate -- a tattoo of me making a weird face -- received no consideration.my_face.0.jpgWho says no to a mug like this?

Anyway, the twins also held a back-to-school backpack giveaway in their hometown of Philadelphia.

How R the @Suns giving back this off season? @Keefmorris @MookMorris2 host #FOE Backpack Giveaway in their hometown! pic.twitter.com/GxgUDWuFpF

— Suns Community (@SunsCommunity) August 15, 2014

Mook is looking forward to making the playoffs and getting freaky...

This is how I'm gonna be when we make the playoffs next year!!!! lil guy to funny #teamfoe https://t.co/mYoEt0QS3L

— Marcus Morris (@MookMorris2) June 26, 2014

For the most part it looks like they were all business this offseason, sweating it out in Phoenix and getting ready for the season. And Twitter confirms all over again that these twins might as well be of the Siamese variety. Never separated.

FOExTSM = greatness pic.twitter.com/8glatb4WYX

— Marcus Morris (@MookMorris2) August 29, 2014

Miles Plumlee

The Plumster did some outreach work in China...

Basketball clinic w/ the Shanghai vocational school for the deaf. These kids are truly amazing and… http://t.co/fLDsU6VryH

— Miles Plumlee (@milesplumlee13) August 14, 2014

Apparently walked out on a Dave Attell show, and got called out for it...

That awkward moment when Dave Attell calls you and your brother out for leaving the comedy… http://t.co/DvraYzLeVT

— Miles Plumlee (@milesplumlee13) August 8, 2014

Took some time to troll Archie on Instagram...

And appeared in the background of an episode of Parks and Recreation. Oh that Miles...

Watching @parksandrecnbc and spotted a certain @Suns center in the background... @milesplumlee13 #multitalented pic.twitter.com/DLtZL3hclU

— Daniel Chelgren (@DanChelgren) July 14, 2014

Anthony Tolliver

The A-Train had a rather poignant take on the Atlanta ownership fallout...

Donald Sterling has NBA owners snitching on themselves! Trying to cash out like he did! #idontblameyou #sterlingspunishmentwas2billion$

— Anthony Tolliver (@ATolliver44) September 7, 2014

Has had some difficultly adapting to the idiosyncrasies of the desert...

I wash both my cars today and it's pouring... In the desert smh

— Anthony Tolliver (@ATolliver44) September 7, 2014

Joined Al McCoy to speak at Central High School...

.@ATolliver44 speaks 2 students @ Central HS "Set goals & set them high because it's possible 2 achieve those goals." pic.twitter.com/rMp30P7wUa

— Suns Community (@SunsCommunity) September 5, 2014

Had a practical problem while still in Charlotte...

I need someone that lives near uptown Charlotte that can rebound for me! Ill be here for like 3 more weeks!

— Anthony Tolliver (@ATolliver44) August 3, 2014

And apparently has a custom-made Suns onesie (Sunsie?) for his son, which is pretty damn adorable.

Phoenix Suns Anthony Tolliver @ATolliver44 has some fun with his son during a basketball camp in Springfield. pic.twitter.com/zOeQ5UiHCc

— Nathan Papes (@NPapes) July 22, 2014

Isaiah Thomas

The other new Sun had some fun back home in Washington with the fam...

They havin fun... pic.twitter.com/3dc7rpzCfy

— Isaiah Thomas (@Isaiah_Thomas2) September 7, 2014

Did some working out with Floyd Mayweather...

Just got done running 5miles with the champ @FloydMayweather #TMT #LateNightEarlyMornings

— Isaiah Thomas (@Isaiah_Thomas2) September 3, 2014

Gave out 500 backpacks in Tacoma, WA...

#Tacoma Come support my 4th annual backpack giveaway Today 1-4pm @ Titlow Park... pic.twitter.com/Vpu5q2i8uv

— Isaiah Thomas (@Isaiah_Thomas2) August 30, 2014

Attended a Midnight Madness game in Seattle with Chris Paul, but was forced to sit out with his bum wrist...

Coach @Isaiah_Thomas2 and @Cp3 at last night's midnight madness game @seattleproam | VIDEO: http://t.co/pm0LtB59SB pic.twitter.com/gK9yWrVRKW

— Ballislife.com (@Ballislife) August 24, 2014

Worked on establishing his roots in Phoenix...

Any GREAT barbers out here in phx?? You see I didn't say GOOD I need a GREAT barber

— Isaiah Thomas (@Isaiah_Thomas2) September 10, 2014

Waxed nostalgic on fellow Huskie Brandon Roy...

Thinking about how Cold Brandon Roy was... If he didn't get injured he woulda went down as 1 of the best SGs to ever play the game #HomeTeam

— Isaiah Thomas (@Isaiah_Thomas2) August 19, 2014

Gave away another 300 backpacks in Phoenix...

Backpack giveaway & School Supply drive today!! pic.twitter.com/zGrsxl6VFF

— Isaiah Thomas (@Isaiah_Thomas2) August 13, 2014

Held his basketball camp in Sacramento, which surely must have been bittersweet...

Love! RT @Kings_6thMan: Loyalty Equals Love. @Isaiah_Thomas2 will always b a part of our Kings Family! #ForeverPurpIe pic.twitter.com/QYjOBWVba3

— Isaiah Thomas (@Isaiah_Thomas2) July 28, 2014

If you're not fond of Isaiah Thomas, I can only assume that your soul is filled with dookie. Just my personal opinion.

Eric Bledsoe


T.J. Warren

The Suns rookie continued to prove through his tweets that he isn't exactly the loquacious type...

To tell the truth I only kick it with a few people, if that.

— TJ Warren (@TonyWarrenJr) August 31, 2014

Watch the snakes, cause they watching you

— TJ Warren (@TonyWarrenJr) August 20, 2014

You need attention but it can’t be from me

— TJ Warren (@TonyWarrenJr) July 25, 2014

While also living up to his reputation as a workaholic...

Gym Gym Gym Gym Gym Gym

— TJ Warren (@TonyWarrenJr) August 13, 2014

And finding the time to challenge Elfrid Payton with this trick shot...

Whats up @elfrid, I'm challenging you to beat this trick shot https://t.co/XYJ460M9yr #hoopsrookie

— TJ Warren (@TonyWarrenJr) August 3, 2014

Who says the dude doesn't have range? Even better, he seems quick to embrace his new employer.

Draft hat still on

— TJ Warren (@TonyWarrenJr) June 27, 2014

Phoenix is amazing!

— TJ Warren (@TonyWarrenJr) June 29, 2014

That about wraps it up ... tune in next week to find out what I found after rummaging through the garbage cans out front of these guys' houses. You wouldn't believe what these guys just throw out!

Also, a quick memo to Gerald Green, Alex Len and Shavlik Randolph: Start tweeting dudes! Bunch of commies...

The Phoenix Suns are reportedly interested in signing Goran Dragic’s younger brother Zoran after his strong showing in the FIBA World Cup. Zoran is a 25-year-old guard that is projected to play...

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The Suns will hold training camp in Flagstaff leading into the 2014-15 season and cap the trip up north by hosting a public scrimmage at noon on Saturday, Oct. 4. The scrimmage will close out a...

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