The Suns have officially added Earl Barron and Casey Prather to their training camp roster, and they also announced the inclusion of former Memphis Tigers guard Joe Jackson and Maquette Golden Eagles...

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We're back. As usual, we bring you unnecessary and mindless drivel that you are absolutely required to listen to. Come hear what we think about Eric Bledsoe's new contract, predictions for some Suns players and lots of strange tangents.

In what's sure to be the best news of this last week for Suns fans everywhere, Scott Howard, Bryan Gibberman and I are back due to popular demand our insatiable desire to be heard.

First, I must discuss the true reasons for our hiatus over the last few weeks. There have been many rumors being spread about why there hasn't been a new episode since August 3:

"Did the CIA need Scott to return to his life of espionage?" Nope.

"Did Gibberman get arrested for trying to egg James Dolan's house?" Not yet.

"Did Sreekar move to Serbia to live in the dumpster next to Bogdan Bogdanovi?'s house?" Well...

The Bright Side After Dark team has decided to clear the air.

The real reason for the void we've sadly left in your ears is a nasty contract dispute with site manager Dave King. After a lengthy negotiation process (even though we haven't talked to him since April), all sides have finally arrived at an amicable agreement. The details of the new deal will remain undisclosed but let's just say we're about $70 million richer (shoutout to LeBron James for telling Dave to "break bread" #klutch).

The following is our prepared statement on the new deal from an official Bright Side of the Sun press release:

"Dave and Bright Side of the Sun have shown confidence in us, and Bright Side After Dark is looking to take that responsibility and help our blog get better from last year and position ourselves to win internet points. It's why we came back to Bright Side of the Sun. All summer, we knew that we really would be most comfortable coming back to Bright Side of the Sun because of the great readers, writers and trolls. We are very happy it was able to work out this way."

Oh, right, there's a new podcast episode too. In the eighth installment of Bright Side After Dark, we talk about the Return of the Bledi and discuss his brand new deal. We also share our three-of-a-kind thoughts on the Suns roster, including some player predictions and fun media day questions.

Gibby shares a lesson about gambling, I humbly accept acclaim for my role in Bledsoe's return, and Scott neglects to mention Taylor Griffin AT ALL. We also spend way too much time talking about the Philadelphia 76ers for some reason. Probably more time than Sam Hinkie spent putting that roster together.

Listen here:

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Alex Hathaway What do you think of the Zoran pick up? Is he just here to to make sure Goran comes back next summer? Also do you think he will actually play with our loaded back court? Jeff passed...

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This is our Summer Workout series, where we hit on one significant improvement that each Suns player could have worked out over the summer. We opened with suggestions for Miles Plumlee, Alex...

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Having this motorcycle or gnome on your desk can only boost morale at work.

Phoenix Suns Model Motorcycle

Undoubtedly these can be had very easily, and I'm sure they were mass produced for every team in the Association, but it's entirely possible it has never crossed your radar. Well now it has, and it's something you want. This one will run you 18 to 20 bucks, but I'm sure if you did a little research you could find it for a bit cheaper. If you're ready for the impulse buy though, act fast, this auction ends early Saturday. For the collectors, the bike does come with the original box. Nerd.

Phoenix Suns Gnome

Phoenix-<a class=

And what would look best on your desk next to your new Phoenix Suns model motorcycle? A creepy looking gnome clad in Suns gear doing his best Superman impression of course! These are popular giveaways at baseball games, I'm an Angels season ticket holder and we've received three this season alone. My girlfriend is especially creeped out by the Jered Weaver gnome, the ace pitcher not being easy to look at to begin with. This one is a pretty good deal, and can be had after shipping for about 13 bucks. The seller lists 5 for sale, so fear not, there will be one waiting on you, ready to haunt your dreams.

Dan Majerle Starline Poster

This was a bit of a selfish addition to Suns Swag this week. I had this same poster on my wall growing up, along with many of the other Starline posters. There are a lot of posters on eBay not worth your dollar. It may be a reprint or a much smaller version of an original. This is  the real thing though, and would make a perfect addition to any man cave. A smoking deal here, Thunder Dan can be on your wall for just 9 bucks after shipping. The seller has a warehouse full of posters, so find 5 you like and they'll cut you a deal.

Jason Kidd Game Worn Wristband

Your opportunity to own Jason Kidd sweat. You're welcome. The seller writes that Jason Kidd gave him this wristband went exiting through the tunnel at a Suns home game. A completely plausible story, though you should know that this item comes with no documentation verifying its authenticity. If you've got $40 burning a hole in your pocket though, this can be an interesting addition to your Suns collection.

Vintage "My Three Point Suns" Shirt

Deal of the week, and a perfect addition to your wardrobe. $13 dollars and you own this Whataburger giveaway. No stains, no holes, size large. Pay tribute to the "Voice of the Suns," Al McCoy with this shirt featuring his cartoon likeness. The longest tenured announcer in the NBA has missed just one game since 1972. That's worth 13 bucks right? It's at least a better buy than that player tshirt purchase you regret. It's cool, we all have one. No worry about this shirt becoming outdated. Al will be calling games long after you're dead and in the ground. Shazam!

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