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The Phoenix Suns Story

This is a discarded library book that has all "the markings associated with a library book." The story told is that of the Phoenix Suns. Well at least through the 1996 season. Seems hard to do in 32 pages. Still, it's a cheap addition to your Suns library. $5 and it's in the mail.

Charles Barkley Magazine Lot

Four magazines here featuring the Round Mound of Rebound on the cover. You get 1 Sports Illustrated, 2 Beckett Magazines, and 1 Tuff Stuff. One of the Becketts features Dr. J contesting a jumper from the Chuckster. Find out who wins for just $12.50 after shipping.

Suns Women's Cycling Jersey

I'm mildly surprised this is even a thing. Isn't this playing to a very small (pun intended) audience? Either way, if you are female diehard Suns fan (size small) who loves cycling, or if you know such a person, this is yours for about $50.

Pat Burke Game Worn Jersey

Likely among the rarer game used jerseys you'll find up for sale. Burke spent two of his three NBA seasons with the Suns, averaging about 3 points and 2 rebounds in 8 minutes. $185 after shipping and the jersey is yours, but the seller will hear offers, so scoop it up for half that.

Mark West Game Worn Shorts

For half the price and twice the star power, you can get close and personal with former Suns center Mark West. These game worn shorts are yours for about $85 dollars after shipping, but again, the seller will hear offers. West spent 17 seasons in the NBA with 7 different teams. He started every game for the 1992-93 team that advanced to the NBA Finals. For his career he averaged 5.7 points and 4.9 rebounds.

Amar'e Stoudemire Christmas Ornament

Another Christmas ornament up for bid. This one is of an Amar'e Stoudemire jersey. It also comes with its own purple, satin covered box. Weird. But it's only $7.50, so get after it.

DJ Quik Autographed Suns Hat

Another strange item. If however, you are a fan of basketball and hip hop, oh and have $500 burning a hole in your pocket, this could be the perfect item for you.

Cedric Ceballos Headliners Figure

It's used. It's also six bucks. And now it's on its way to your desk.

Vintage Alvan Adams Poster

This would look fantastic on the wall of any man cave. I do agree though that the price is a little high. Make an offer and pick it up for less than the $52 asking price.

Vintage Suns Sweater

Soften your image with this gem. 45 bucks after shipping, but you can make an offer.

The Suns opened the season with a loud bang and closed the first week with a loud thud. In between, we saw the highs of Jeff Hornacek’s team beating the San Antonio Spurs and the lows of losing...

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President of Basketball Operations Lon Babby talks to Arizona Sports’ Bickley and Marotta about the start of the season.

Isaiah Thomas wants to "kill Sacramento." But is he the best option in a crowded Phoenix backcourt?

Sacramento's up next for your Phoenix Suns. It's the first game against the Kings for Isaiah Thomas since his trade to Phoenix, and in August he gave us this gem when asked about his former employer:

"I tell everybody I love Sacramento," he said recently. "I always will love Sacramento, but when we play them I'm going to kill Sacramento."

"Kill Sacramento" should absolutely be the name of a band. Or at least your fantasy basketball team.

If nothing else, it's the goal for Friday. Following a back to back with the Lakers and Grizzlies, the Suns get a day of rest before welcoming the Kings to Phoenix. So who of the backcourt triple threat fares best after a day off?

The shooting percentage numbers for Goran Dragic are nearly identical with a day off compared to playing games in consecutive days. Whether it's the second game of a back to back or a day in between contests, The Dragon connects on about 46% of his shots. Behind the arc his numbers are 36% with no rest, 37% with a day off. But what of the opponent?

The numbers from Dragic may surprise you. He shoots particularly poorly behind the arc against Sacramento. His 27% three point shooting percentage for his career is his third worst among all NBA teams, ahead of just San Antonio and Toronto. It's not a small sample size either. He's appeared in 21 games against Sacramento and hoisted up 55 triples, connecting on just 15. His 42% field goal percentage against the Kings is worse than his performances against 25 other teams.

Field goal percentage numbers for Eric Bledsoe with a little bit of rest don't change too dramatically. With no rest he's shooting about 44% from the field. With a day off, he's good for about 45%. However his three point numbers drop off significantly the more time he spends off the court. With no rest he shoots about 39% behind the arc. A day off and that number drops to 33%. Two days off and the numbers plummet to 23%. Bledsoe's field goal percentage against the Kings is middle of the road. He shoots 44% against Sacramento, his 15th favorite opponent.

That brings us to the new acquisition, Mr. Thomas. Obviously, he's not yet had the opportunity to put up any numbers against his old squad. Let's hope they are of the video game variety. Nevertheless, a little time off does wonders for IT's three point numbers. While his field goal percentage stays at about 44%, a day of rest and his three point percentage spikes from 30% to 37%. Two days off and the number rises even further to 41%.

You know what all those numbers mean? They mean you should bank on Thomas to make good on his threat to "kill Sacramento."

"I want to beat those guys," Thomas said last night. "That's a pretty good team over there. Obviously I want to play well. I want to shot those guys they made a mistake, but at the same time it's about winning. It's about doing what's best."

Of the 4-1 Kings, Thomas wouldn't go into any more praise than he had to. When asked about their hot start, he replied: "What are we, five games in? That's all I can say. It's five games."

If I know you like I think I do, you spend most of your extra income on Suns Swag. And I can't really blame you for that. But if you don't live in Arizona and you've got a couple extra bucks left over, check out the one day fantasy basketball leagues they have going on over at Fan Duel. And I mean "a couple" quite literally. It's $2 to play. But wait!

Here are the specific rules. They include this: "In order to deposit money to play paid entry games you must be able to represent and warrant that you are not a resident of any of the following states: Arizona, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana or Washington."

If you're like me, your favorite team plays in one of those states. If you live in one of those states you should check out the site anyway, they've got a lot fun, free games that won't cause Johnny Law to show up on your doorstep. And if you reside in the state of Washington, we are doing you a favor anyway. You were probably going to draft Hersey Hawkins and David Wingate.

Had a great dinner with @Goran_Dragic @zoran_dragic @MarcGasol @Nick_Calathes15 #catchingup #alwaysgoodtimes #sushi — Beno Udrih (@BenoUdrih1) November 6, 2014 NBA rule: If...

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