I don't usually post rumors on here, but this one is intriguing and comes from an unlikely source who is not in the business of making stuff up.


Jon Bloom as a Suns broadcaster for KTAR, doing the postgame radio show and regular stints as a sub for the afternoon guys as well as features with Suns digital.

Bloom is not in the business of posting rumors, so this one caught my eye. In followup with Bloom, he is skeptical that a deal will get done but confirms that a person close to the situation is pushing for it. There is no indication that the source is a decision maker and I have been told by a league source that nothing is cooking there at all between the teams. This means that the idea has not gone as far as the Suns entertaining it.

The Suns have not indicated any interest in trading for Bledsoe, according to several media reports and my own investigation. The Suns would like to keep Bledsoe and agree to a contract in the coming days or weeks. They really like the 3-guard rotation of Bledsoe, Goran Dragic and Isaiah Thomas to keep them fresh and always give Hornacek two at his disposal.

I will tell you that the Suns own front office has said that they produce "a thousand ideas a day" during the summer, one of which turned out to be last summer's Bledsoe trade engineered by the Suns Assistant GM Trevor Buckstein.

All I'm saying is that it's very likely someone in the Laker front office is pushing for Bledsoe as Bloom says, but that it's just one of a thousand ideas they have bandied about to get a star.

Don't hold your breath, and don't scream at your monitor. This one's not cooking in any way, shape or form at this time.

Just wait till something actually breaks before investing any kind emotion into it. You will hear a lot of rumors, but almost none of them will come true.

There was a game on the schedule today for the Suns, but they didn't really show up to play it. Their 5th game in 7 days was too much, especially considering the spate of injuries they faced.

"Yeah, that was a tough ending," Summer League coach Mike Longabardi said after the terrible final game. "It was really disappointing because we ran a really good play to start the game and Alec Brown got a three.

"And then his shoulder went out."

That's really the best summary of the game. No need to go further on the analysis. But hey, I'm here, so I'll continue with the recap anyway.

Alec Brown got his shoulder separated when he dove for a ball on the very next possession after hitting a clean three pointer on the Suns first possession.

Brown was the last real big man on the Suns roster. Alex Oriahki was traded right before games started, then Alex Len broke his finger. Finally, Miles Plumlee was given the game off after being named (along with his brother Mason, but not Luke) to the Select Team All-Stars to help work out the USA players ahead of the World Championships.

Without any bigs left, the Suns got blasted once Dallas figured out they could drive to the hoop on every possession. By the time it was over, Dallas had 58 points in the paint to the Suns' 20. U.G.L.Y. and had 14 fast break points to the Suns' 4. This was just a real bad day, with the Suns shooting just 30.8% from the field.

"Today was bad because [6'8", 210 pound T.J. Warren] had to play the 5 (center)," Longabardi said after the game. "And he's never gonna be a 5. But prior to this, he flourished in transition and executed in the half-court so I thought there were some good signs from him. He's proven he can score."

6'5" Dionte Christmas played the PF position most of the game.

"It's hard because we couldn't put those guys in position to be successful," Longabardi said of the rotation. "It's one of those throw-em-away games."

So let's look at the week of Summer League as a whole.

"I thought we were competitive...other than today," Longabardi said. "I thought our guys showed some good flash and promise. I think Seth Curry helped himself. Just today was unfortunate [for everyone]."

When I asked if anyone, besides Seth Curry stepped up this week among the non-roster guys, Longabardi said that many of them would be able to continue their careers somewhere.

"I don't know if they are NBA players," he said. "But they can find a job playing somewhere. I believe that."


Here are my game notes. Read them if you're a masochist.

First quarter

  • Alec Brown started well, hitting a 3, then hurt his shoulder on a foul under the Dallas basket
  • Archie was aggressive, but missed his shots
  • Very sloppy play
  • good drive by Ennis to the hoop but missed the layup, cleaned up by Harris
  • Elias Harris playing well, making shots and being tough
  • T.J. Buckets made a couple of buckets from outside
  • Suns reduced to having Warren defend the post. Ruh Roh.
  • And, Dallas figured that out
  • Suns missed three straight good shots on one possession. Ugh.

Second Quarter

  • Guy between quarters trying to make a 3 for a prize was taller than either of the point guards at the end of the quarter (David Stockton vs. Yuki Togashi) and he still came up "a little short".
  • The Suns somehow kept the lead despite not playing well at all.
  • T.J. Warren has some good moves around the basket but he is making wrong ones so far. Dallas guessing right much of the time.
  • Yuki Togashi with the drive to the rim, no contest from Suns. That should not happen.
  • Archie had a nice drive, but then got beat off the dribble by Ricky Ledo. That should not happen.
  • These guys are ready to go home after a week here.
  • Christmas has some nice drive but doesn't try to finish even though the lane is open. Needs to finish.
  • Christmas driving to the hoop, trying to make stuff happen, gets fouled on way up.
  • Ledo yells about Christmas "He's outta control!". Christmas back: "So are you!"
  • Suns had only 12 points in this second quarter. Blech.

Third Quarter

  • Suns come out taking three straight long jumpers, missed all of them
  • Really moving slow now. Obviously already on the plane.
  • Dallas is playing with a lot of aggression here, wanting to finish off the Suns. Almost there, too.
  • Now the Suns are getting run off the court
  • At the end of the quarter, in which the Suns got outscored 28-11 (following a 21-12 second quarter), David Stockton got the drive all the way to the hoop and missed worse than a dude from the crowd would have. Ugh.

Fourth Quarter

  • Christmas is really trying to implore these guys to stay focused and play right. They aren't listening.
  • It's just playing out the string now. All the Suns are either playing poorly or injured.
  • Goodwin decided it was time to duck his head and drive today. Getting lots of time kissing the floor. Hasn't even tried on D though. Not even a little bit. He got targeted ad toasted on back door cuts all day long.
  • Tyler Ennis decided he wasn't really an NBA basketball player. Awful today.
  • T.J. Warren was not effective either.
  • In the end, Dallas got a bit asshole-ish and the Suns just took it.
The Phoenix Suns played disinterested and lackadaisical in their 88-62 loss to the Dallas Mavericks in their Summer League finale. With the loss, the Suns leave Las Vegas with a 2-3 record.  ...

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Let's get this, just to leave on a good note.

Lots of people are resting today, though. Plumlee won't play for Suns as he is resting for next week's practices as part of the USA Select team that warms up the World Championship USA team this year.

Other than that, everyone seems to be shooting around as expected.

Phoenix Suns center Miles Plumlee will be included on the USA Basketball Select Team that will work out with and against the men’s national squad as it prepares for the 2014 World Cup in...

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