Between visiting Tim Duncan and facing teammate Tyson Chandler, Suns center Alex Len is getting top input to improve.


Win a chance for a pair of lower-bowl tickets to a Suns game this year!

The Phoenix Suns season is about to start, which means it's time to start our giveaways, raffles and contests. Bright Side plans to organize several contests throughout the season. Some of them are free to you, some require a bit of investment.

The first contest is simple.

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For those outside Arizona who can't use the tickets

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Option #1: The Bright Side Phoenix design

This is Kat's personal design, made just for Bright Side fans but good for anyone passing by. The shirt is pure genius, using the Bright Side Phoenix logo to share a lot of the fun sayings we've used over the years.

(note: we fixed the spelling on guards, for those wondering)


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suns out

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Buy now for a game in November!

I'm going to give out the tickets for a game in November, so you need to buy a shirt now, get it, take a picture of yourself in it, and post it on Bright Side in the comments section somewhere. Or email it to me. I'll keep everyone updated on who I've got on the list, so you can make sure I know who you are.

Buy more than 1 design, get more than 1 chance at the tickets!

Here's the best part: buy more than 1 design, get more than 1 chance at the tickets! Buy a shirt for more than just yourself (like, a friend, a neighbor, an offspring, a spouse) and get more than 1 chance at the tickets!

Depending on how many shirts are sold, I may come up with more than one set of tickets, but that's only if there's a lot of sales. For me to make enough commissions to buy a pair of lower-bowl tickets, we'd have to sell a few dozen of these suckers. The more you buy, the more chances you have to win!

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Neal Walk is an underappreciated "early icon" of the Suns in the eyes of Jerry Colangelo, who drafted and coache dhim.


The former Suns player in the late 1960's and early 70's passed away on Sunday.

Neal Walk, who played with the Phoenix Suns from 1969-1974, and played ten seasons in the NBA in total, passed way at the age of 67 on Sunday.

Sad news, as former Suns forward Neal Walk (1969-74) passed away tonight. Our thoughts are with his family. #RIPNeal

— #WeArePHX (@Suns) October 5, 2015

Walk played center for Phoenix in his years with the team, and many have taken to social media to remember his life and career.

#RIP @Suns

— isabel (@_iszyy) October 5, 2015

Lost a great man last night #NealWalk #RestInPeace #BigFella #NBAFrat

— Cedric Ceballos (@cedceballos) October 5, 2015

RIP to Neal Walk-the man could ball

— Jack-Jack (@DatDudeCUTCH) October 5, 2015

Rip Neal Walk #Suns #NBA

— Greatness Awaits (@King_Hinton5) October 5, 2015

R.I.P. Neal Walk. One of the first @Suns I remember watching as a little boy. Under appreciated but such a solid big man #PhoenixSuns #NBA

— Roger Pamachena (@rogerrocket480) October 5, 2015

Plenty of Florida Gators fans also posted to celebrate his career, as Walk attended UF before being drafted to Phoenix in 1969.

Sorry to hear of the passing of Neal Walk, a Gator Basketball legend.

— ClayCountyGatorClub (@ClayCntyGators) October 5, 2015

Dang, RIP Neal Walk. The first truly great UF basketball player. Gone way too soon

— Jonathan Arnholz (@JArnholz) October 5, 2015

Rest in peace, Neal Walk. The greatest forgotten Gator.

— Alligator Army (@AlligatorArmy) October 5, 2015

For more on Walk's career and his passing, click here.

Devin Booker is the NBA's youngest player but he has not played or carried himself like it so far for the Suns.


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