This guy has done some great impressions of NBA players, and this one really rings true for Phoenix Suns fans.

That stroke!

Shawn Marion (@matrix31) be like… FT: @famouslos32

— B.A. (@BdotAdot5) July 24, 2015

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What is success? What determines success at the NBA level? Does passing an expectation set by an objective third party make a team successful? Can it be possible for a team to succeed while losing...

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The Phoenix Suns have not had a shooter this pure with this much elevation on his shot in a very long time. Booker, still just 18 years old, managed to average 15 points per game in Summer League on a Suns team loaded with scoring talent.

I'm sure we will spend some quality time this summer breaking down just what Booker showed this summer, and why he could be the best draft pick since 2011 (or why not).

Comparing Booker to T.J. Warren's first summer league and Archie Goodwin's first summer league is a bit unfair, in several ways. But let's do it anyways.


T.J. Warren averaged 17.8 points last year on 54% shooting, along with 4.8 rebounds per game and 0.2 assists. That's 0.2 assists, in case you missed it. He was a second-team...

Coming into this season, Phoenix Suns head coach Jeff Hornacek has yet another guard on his roster that he will have to find minutes for. First round pick Devin Booker starred in the NBA Summer...

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It's an awful pic, I know. But so far, it's the best we have to go on.

Initially tweeted by Andrew Lind as part of a collage of all the new jerseys, one of them looks awfully like it could be a new alternate Suns jersey.

A look at every new NBA alternate, pride, stretch, hardwood classic, and officials' uniforms, @UniWatch @PhilHecken:

— Andrew Lind (@AndrewMLind) July 23, 2015

Here's a bit of a blow-up - grainy as all get-out - of one that might be a Suns alt.


You can't see the team letters, but it COULD be PHX. The letters are black-on-black, which has become popular in recent years on ball caps. As you know, the Suns twitter account has been using 'WeArePHX' all summer as a teaser to next year's slogan, so PHX might be highlighted on an alt jersey as part of the slogan.

Andrew Lind agrees.

@DaveKingNBA the number font alone is a great indicator. Also, colors used and a faint PHX outline.

— Andrew Lind (@AndrewMLind) July 23, 2015

Wish we had better pics. Could be any team's jersey, really.

But if it's a Suns alt, that's pretty cool!

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