Suns 'New' Pick and Roll - NBA Playbook

Suns 'New' Pick and Roll - NBA Playbook

After 3 preseason games, Sebastian Pruiti breaks down all of the early pick-n-rolls with Nash and various roll men (Lopez and Lawal, for the most part).

Frankly, 3 preseason games is too early to tell anything for sure. For now, Nash is looking harder for the 3-point kickout off the pick, rather than the roll man.

This is llkely true - that Nash will more often kick to an open 3 off the pick than in prior years - but not to extent we're seeing in preseason.

Also instructive is how much slower the pick-n-roll develops with Lopez vs. Stoudemire. Lopez just doesn't dive as fast as Amare did, so Nash has to hold the ball longer. Lopez will likely improve as the season wears on, but never to Amare's levels.

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