A Collection Of Random (Mostly Suns) Thoughts

Hi friends. Did you realize that Family Matters is technically a spin-off of Perfect Strangers? Pretty interesting stuff, right?

Oh also the Suns tip-off the preseason in 5 days. Seriously, 5 freaking days. It feels like just yesterday I was drinking an uncomfortable amount of whisky in downtown Phoenix following the Suns Game 6 loss to the hated Lakers in the Western Conference Finals.

Since my writing attentions having been focused over on SB Nation Arizona of late you may have forgotten just how aggressively awesome I am. Well here I am to force you to remember - trust me, it'll be just as uncomfortable for you as it will be for me.

I don't really have anything specifically clever to write (I'm not Wil or Alex) so you know what I'll do? Just dump a bunch of random thoughts on you. You know you're going to read it.

Think of this as an open thread - comment on what I said, insult my mother, or talk about whatever you want. I miss all you crazy kids.

  • How great does the new Jared Dudley look? Good lord that dude lost some weight. Check out this and then this tiny guy. I feel like I've spent an uncomfortable amount of time looking and commenting on Jared Dudley's body in the last few days. Seems like he's ripe to trade.
  • Considering how common the number 20 is, you'd figure the Suns would have had a couple good dudes wear that number in their history. Yet now we've got Garret Siler in the thing on the heels of Jarron Collins last year. Other notables? Rumeal Robinson, Marko Milic, Jumaine Jones, and Corky Calhouon. The only decent guy was Maurice Lucas. I should explain that I've been doing an all-time numbers for Arizona sports post over at SBN AZ so forgive me for offering up a lot of mental focus on numbers.
  • Anyone see Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps? It was pretty much exactly what I expected. Like with The Expendables, if you went into the thing expecting absolutely nothing but a few cheap LOLZ and nostalgia you probably won't be disappointed. The one thing that bummed me out was the Bud Fox cameo. It seemed like they didn't even tell Charlie Sheen what he was showing up for, they were just like hey Chaz, just show up and be yourself. Also Shia LeBeouf sucks. 
  • I'm really starting to buy into Hedo Turkoglu. I watched a number of the Turkey games during the World Championships and I just love the way he plays - he's got a smooth yet deliberate style and seemed to be a hell of a leader on a team that finished second in one of the largest international basketball tournaments. The guy just seems to have a real presence about him. Yes I know that's a crap description. I've decided to write off his time in Toronto because hey, would you really have wanted to play with a completely checked out Chris Bosh and a guy named Andrea?
  • I told Seth Pollack that the Terry Fox 30 for 30 would be boring. And I was right. In fact, the last 5 have pretty much been complete pieces of crap, the other 4 being Unmatched about Chris Evert and Martina Navratilova, House of Steinbrenner (just what the world needed, an hour long propaganda piece on the Yankees), One Night In Vegas (this was absolutely unwatchable), and Little Big Men (snooze fest). Personally I'm looking forward to the ones about SMU Football, Yugoslavian basketball, and former Oklahoma running back Marcus Dupree. Those will be sweet.
  • To answer Wil's question from his Josh Childress post. Yes. Yes he is. Childress averaged 11 points and almost 6 rebounds in his first 4 years in the league and now has 2 years of being a stud in Greece under his belt. I'm expecting large things from Mr. Childress both for this year and the future (you know, after he slides in J-Rich's spot in the starting lineup next year).
  • I have literally found it physically difficult to watch any of the NBATV training camp coverage of either the Knicks or the Lakers. Guess this proves my overwhelming bitterness is still alive and well.
  • Anyone like any of the new fall TV shows? Now that Lost is over I've been searching hard for a new drama to get behind. Legal shows and any sort of crime drama infuriate me so I've been hanging my hat on The Event and My Generation (which has endeared itself to me for using clips of Josh Childress playing at Stanford and passing him off as one of the characters during the pilot episode). Any other ideas for me? Anyone suggests that lawyer abortion with Jerry O'Connell and Jim Belushi and I'm firing you from the site.
  • I'm starting to hope Matt Janning makes the roster so I can have someone to kick around now that Taylor Griffin is gone. I miss that bald piece of terrible basketball player more than you can know. 
  • Certainly you're with me in wishing that the second Dwayne Jones era is as glorious as the first.

Think happy Hedo thoughts:

I'll be here all week.

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