Ed. #3: Worst Suns Gear of All Time: "On Fire" Hat... Vote!

Thanks to everybody who voted on the last edition featuring the Barley Tie by Nike.  In case you missed it check it out.

This edition features a baseball cap that I have seen crop up on ebay with suspicious regularity.  Made by GCC (who?), I can only guess that some warehouse in LA had these stashed for well over ten years and can now hawk them to teenagers as "retro."  As if wearing purple and orange on your head doesn't draw enough attention, this hat uses the fire and flame motif on a white background.  In case you can't tell that those are flames on your head there is the basketball cliche "ON FIRE" stitched on the back in red/black '80s metal band font.  What goes best with a hat that has a flame design along the edge?  Purple air holes, thats what!  The bill is yet another color and reminds people who stand 1 foot or higher above you and can't see the other two Suns logos that this is a "SUNS." hat.  It's adjustable too, so you can grow an afro or just have an annoying piece of plastic dig into your skull.


This is the worst Suns hat ever made.  I can imagine this for sale at a gas station in 1997 next to NASCAR and pro wrestling items.  The only thing busier then the design is the sweat shop from where it was made.  But what do I know?  Vote below and by all means explain your vote if you disagree.

How would you rate this '90s Suns hat?

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