Locker Room Confidential: Spurs leave PHX, but also leave note

United Airways Center, PHX

The dejected Spurs left UAC yesterday down 2-0, but they did not leave the UAC visitor's locker room as clean as they found it.  Under normal circumstances, that alone is no shocker, at least not in the NBA where Dwayne Wade's divorce battle wages on.  What shocks this reporter is the nature of what was left behind, which shows enormous chinks in the Spurs psychological armor.

Aside from the ordinary piles of dirty towels and the leftover messages from Pop on the white board ("Let's run 'em out of the gym!" "The ball finds energy!"), there was a single card with a girlish note slipped in.  Thanks to our sources at UAC, the Bright Side of the Sun has been able to get original copies of this card and the note. 

This is the worldwide exclusive reveal of what was written, apparently during halftime, by some of the Spurs star players, after the jump.


While much of the series analysis rightly centers on the players on each of the teams and their exploits, perhaps the biggest story of the series is really about the players who are not playing - not playing for the Spurs, that is.  Specifically, a year later, the big trade of RJ for Bruce Bowen, Kurt Thomas and Fabricio Oberto effectively neutered the dirtiest team in the NBA, making them mere mortals in the playoffs.  Of course, no one could see it in the regular season, where dirty just isn't a big factor in games.  However, in the postseason, dirty is clearly at a premium and the Spurs appear to be in short supply.   

As evidence, we reveal the following documents found in the UAC visitor's locker room after Game 2.  Remember, you read it here first!




Would the Spurs have a better chance giving Matt Bonner's minutes to Bruce Bowen out of retirement? How about giving Dejuan Blair's minutes to a re-acquired Kurt Thomas? Was the RJ trade a total disaster?

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