"We may not have the best team, but we do have the 'most handsome' team"

Hey guys!

So this morning, Slovenia held a press conference at the airport, before boarding a plane to Turkey. Nothing that special was said, but still wanted to translate a couple of quotes, if anyone's interested, and also link to a picture gallery for all you Goran stalke..i mean, fans.

The story headline is an actual quote from today's press conference. It was said to lighten up the mood of course, but still, going to the Worlds with the attitude that they are not the best is not a great sign in my opinion. Frankly, it looks like they are deliberatly lowering expectations of the fans. Relax guys, we all saw, or read about your preparation games. Our perception of the quality of play can only go up (loved that animation movie by the way).


Jaka Lakovic: "Me, being a captain of the team, does not add any extra pressure to my game. I had important role in the past, so i'm used to it. I know many expect us to come back with a medal and that's understandable, but the question is, is it realistic? The team will be pleased with the top 8 spot. We have a good and confident team."

Primoz Brezec: "We're ready. We got some challenges before us. The first one will be the game against Tunisia. We watched their game against France and they are not a bad team. The game against USA will not be that important to us, we need to focus on other teams. Our goal is a 2nd place in the group."

Bostjan Nachbar: "I can't promise any wins, but i can promise a right attitude. I am happy we will once again have a home support in attendance (note from Blaz: about 3000 Slovenian fans are expected to make the trip). That makes playing that more pleasureable and we are grateful."

There were couple of more quotes, but nothing spectacular, and since i can't find a quote from Goran, i know you guys don't care for anything else :).

Here is the link to the gallery (Goran looks smooth). Scroll down for the pics:




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